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If you are ever injured in an accident with a moving truck please contact the Richard Harris Law Firm.

Our firm is well versed with all laws in Nevada and can help you seek out the damages you need to get back to normal.

As with most accidents, you did not ask for it but were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Because of that, there is no need for you to have to take on all of the financial responsibilities on your own.

Even if you have medical insurance you are still coming out of pocket with many costs.

Major medical insurance typically offered by your employer will pay the majority of your expenses but they often come with co-pays and deductibles in which you are responsible for paying.

Not only that, but loss of time from work (having to go to doctor appointments or not even being able to work due to an injury) are not paid by the insurance.

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moving truck accident injuries

Injuries Caused by Moving Trucks in Nevada

It should be no surprise that moving van and truck accidents are a common occurrence in Nevada when one realizes how low the barrier to entry is for driving a moving truck.

To get access to a moving vehicle, a person really just needs to meet the necessary requirements.

Typically, a person just needs a driver’s license and sufficient funds to pay the moving truck rental company (U-Haul, Ryder, Enterprise).

That’s it.

There usually is no training provided by the moving company which really sets the driver up for failure.

Of course then there are the companies that use big moving trucks like Allied, North American, International Van Lines, etc.


Common Injuries in Moving Truck Accidents

Broken bones – we see this all the time.

Head injury – even a minor head injury can be serious.

Amputation – a very sad and tragic outcome.

Neck and back – very common in all motor vehicle crashes.

Spine injuryseeking medical care is crucial after the crash.

Knee and foot – knee and foot/ankle injuries are no joke.

Chest pain – from air bags deployed or hitting steering wheel.


The driver has their license so they are accustomed to the rules of the road and how to operate a standard vehicle, but moving vans and trucks are much different.

They occupy much more space, are heavier with a load that can shift while driving and offer a much different depth perception to the driver.

The load that the truck is carrying differs and can make driving much different depending on if the truck is loaded or empty.

Having the extra weight can also make it difficult to stop in time.

Needless to say, how a person normally drives is much different then when they operate a vehicle designed for moving.

That, coupled with a lack of training and people being in a hurry to move their items is a recipe for disaster.

Because rental trucks are usually charged by the time used, drivers are incentivized to get to their destination as quickly as possible to avoid further costs.

Being in a rush only makes causing an accident more possible.

Imagine moving from the east coast to Las Vegas and moving all of your items on your own.

By the time a driver gets to southern Nevada they are exhausted and at a higher risk for causing an accident.



getting paid for your injuries after a truck crash

Compensation $ For Your Injuries

Every party responsible for the accident should be addressed in your case.

By no means should you have to come out of pocket for an injury that you did not cause.

Having to pay medical bills and compensating for missed work when it is unexpected often has people dipping into their savings account and other funds that were not intended for that purpose.

Having to go through the physical pain and inconvenience is bad enough without suffering financially.

An attorney from the Richard Harris Law Firm will work to get you everything that you are entitled to.

Although the specific costs vary for each injury and specific case there are some parameters that a skilled lawyer will work to get.

These may include some of the following:

  • If a long term injury, all costs associated with it. This would include any permanent disabilities that have been diagnosed
  • Actual hospital charges incurred. In addition, future hospital and medical bills will also be anticipated.  Most likely, you will need more treatments after the court has made their ruling and you should be compensated for that.
  • Physical pain and suffering. Being involved in any type of accident is draining.  The emotional distress you incur needs to be compensated.
  • Going back and forth the doctor costs money. It also takes time.
  • If you miss work because you have doctor appointments or because you are unable to perform the duties of your job due to an accident then you should seek that compensation. Again, you did not ask for the injury. Things happen and when they do you should not be made to suffer financially.



Richard Harris Law Firm Can Help

One would think that if you were involved in an accident and were injured that all of your out of pocket expenses would be payable without second thought.

That however is usually not the case.

Typically, a victim has to fight to get proper help and doing so on your own can be quite difficult.

Most people are not versed in Nevada law and do not know where to even start the process.

In addition, the opposing side (ie: moving truck company) likely has an on staff lawyer or one on retainer meaning that they have the hired guns and you do not.

This is another reason to hire an injury lawyer for your moving truck accident in Nevada.

Your moving truck accident attorney will see to it that you stay up to date on your legal rights.

Setting up an initial strategy session is of no cost to you and one of our professional legal staff members will review your specific case and let you know what the next steps are.


Moving Trucks Can Be Dangerous

Nevada and specifically the southern part of the state where the city of Las Vegas is located has been on the upswing in population trends since the 1990’s.

The population gain is not exactly due to people having more babies but can be attributed to the massive amount of transplants coming from other states.

In record numbers, people are leaving east coast cities where home prices are expensive and overall cost of living is higher.

High tax rates and costs don’t make it an easy place to live not to mention the long and cold winters, high density living spaces and extreme traffic.

Moving to the southwest part of the country has been a popular idea for many people and that of course includes southern Nevada.

Although, moving to Las Vegas or Henderson might be an easy choice, actually getting here with all of your belongings is a tougher task.

When people relocate they need to either hire a moving company to transport all of their belongings or rent a moving truck and bring out all of their stuff on their own.

Anyone that has their commercial drivers license or has ever operated machinery or a large vehicle knows that driving one is not the same as driving a sedan or small truck.

Many people do not have the experience or skill set to drive one of these heavier vehicles let alone in traffic and certainly not while traveling thousands of miles across the country during all types of weather situations.

When there are inexperienced drivers, the possibility of an accident or injury involving a moving truck goes up significantly.

An injury can occur to the passenger of the moving truck, another driver (or passenger) or even a pedestrian in the location. 

If an injury does occur, the victim may be able to seek damages not only from the driver of the moving vehicle but perhaps also from the moving company too.


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