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A car accident can be caused due to the negligence of another driver not paying attention or for a wide range of other reasons.

If there is injury because of another’s carelessness than it is important that you have a personal injury attorney to look out for your rights.

In many of these cases there is compensation that you can receive that will pay for all the expenses, medical bills, lost wages and the pain and suffering that was due to the accident.

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Paradise has some of the busiest streets in all of Nevada.

A large portion of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip in in the town of Paradise.

Thousands of visitors and locals are all sharing the roads every day.

The number of distractions is overwhelming to the senses.

There is so much going on all around you that it is easy to see why there are so many accidents.

Not only is Las Vegas Boulevard busy with cars and pedestrians but places like the Harry Reid International Airport and the University of Nevada Las Vegas can also come with high traffic.

The Hotel and Casinos in Paradise like the Venetian, Mandalay Bay, New York, NY and the entire City Center is jam packed day and night.


Busy Roads of Paradise, NV 

With all the events going on in Paradise the roads can get risky.

Big crowds going to major events like the Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium, Runnin’ Rebels Basketball at the Thomas and Mack, Concerts at the Mandalay Event Center, and Vegas Golden Knights Hockey at T-Mobile can be chaotic before and after them.

Every night of the week there is some kind of major happening going on where traffic can make for a dangerous drive.

  • Las Vegas Boulevard and Russell Road
  • Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road
  • Paradise Road and Tropicana Avenue
  • Sunset Road and Eastern Avenue
  • Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane
  • Koval Lane and Flamingo Road
  • Maryland Parkway and Tropicana Avenue
  • Maryland Parkway and Flamingo Road

These are just some of the high traffic intersections where car accidents happen in Paradise.

It is always smart to stay on the safe side of driving and be aware of all the cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians around you in order to avoid an accident.


injured in paradise nv car crash

Injuries from a Car Accident

It is vital that if you are injured in an accident to seek medical attention. If there is any question get to a doctor or the ER immediately and get properly diagnosed and treated.

This will help to avoid complications later.

It will also be a benefit to have the injury documented in order to file a claim against the liable party.

Head Injury – A head injury can be devastating and leave a person with Traumatic Brain Injury. In mild cases there may be a concussion that will go away after a few days. In more serious accidents the brain may be damaged and the symptoms can linger for a while. In worst cases the brain may be permanently damaged. A person with a long-term head injury will have problems that will affect their work life and daily way of living.

Spine Injury – A back injury can affect the spinal column which can lead to permanent paralysis in most serious injuries. Anytime the spinal cord is injured is scary. The loss of movement and feeling is one of the worst injuries a person can have. When a car accident causes a spine injury the person may need long term care and medical attention. If the spine and head is severely injured a fatality can occur.

Chest and Ribs – This injury is common when a person is hit and the seatbelt comes into play. A hard impact can lead to hitting the steering wheel as well. Bruises and internal injuries can be hard to detect at first but may be damaging. There may be serious pain and suffering if the ribs are broken or cracked.

Neck – This will often come in the form of whiplash. When the neck is jerked forward and backward quickly the neck can get injured. This is a common injury when hit from behind and will need medical attention in order to heal properly. The neck can be painful if the tendons and muscles are ripped in an accident. The pain however may not be fully noticed for days after the accident.


paradise nv law firm wrongful death accident

Wrongful Death Cases

A car accident can affect a person in many ways.

Sadly nowadays we’ve seen these type of cases in Uber car accidents.

If you need help with an Uber accident call us today.

If the injury is minor it can heal up and you can get back to you daily routine in a short period of time.

Some accidents are life changing while loss of life can occur in the worst accidents.

If the accident is fatal and a loved one has died due to the negligence of another you have the right to file a wrongful death claim.

Surviving family members can be compensated for the damages left behind.

It is important that you have an attorney that is an expert in wrongful death cases.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris can help!

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car crash in paradise nv

3 Most Common Car Accidents

Rear End – A car accident where another vehicle hits you from behind is one of the most common accident types. Drivers looking around distracted is one of the ways an accident can occur. A driver slams on their brakes and the driver behind is caught off guard. This happens a lot on the strip.

Looking down at your phone talking, texting, or looking at maps for directions can cause this accident. When a vehicle follows too close behind and is tailgating a rear end accident can take place. All kinds of injuries can happen. Depending on the speed of the crash and size of vehicles involved will often determine the amount of damage. Whiplash is a common injury in a rear end crash.

Side Impact – Often called a T-bone accident because of the way a car hits the side of another car. Once again depending on how violent of an accident this is the results and injuries can vary. A high-speed accident hitting the passenger side with a person in the front seat can do major damage. Same goes for the driver if hit on the driver’s side.

Head On – These accidents are some of the worst. Getting hit head on can result in fatalities if it is at high speed. This deadly accident does not always involve other vehicles and a driver can hit all kinds of things in a crash like; an animal, tree, wall etc.


When the weather makes the roads hazardous a chance for a head on collision increases.

A car can lose control on an icy road when it hits the brakes and goes head on with another vehicle.

Even if you survive this accident, it can still bring some serious injuries with it.

TBI, broken bones and internal injuries are not uncommon in head on crashes.

With all these accidents there may be multiple vehicles involved and multiple injuries left behind.

It is important that you get to the emergency room or see a doctor immediately.

Because Paradise is a 24/7 town the roads are always active.

There may be those driving under the influence and definitely those distracted by the bright lights and excitement of the city.

Always drive cautiously and stay alert.

It is not always possible to avoid an accident no matter how perfect you may be driving. Accidents will still happen.


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