The majority of motor vehicle accidents are the result of poor decision making on one or both drivers’ sides, such as failing to yield/right of way, speeding and reckless or distracted driving. In some circumstances, accidents are caused at no fault of the drivers or pedestrians, but rather poor road conditions and obstacles caused by bad quality roads. This may lead to accidents resulting in injuries to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Rather than placing the blame and liability on those in charge of road upkeep and local government, insurance companies tend to try to place blame on the driver.

Bad Quality Roads and Poor Road Conditions

According to The American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE), Nevada’s roads were given a C rating on their infrastructure report, last updated in 2018. The report states that 90% of the state is considered rural, as well as that 80% of the land area is owned by the federal government. In Nevada, there are nearly 100,000 lane miles NDOT, with an overall average road condition of “fair” grade. The report addresses the ongoing initiatives and effort to improve Nevada’s infrastructure. In fact, the authorization of Fuel Revenue Indexing in Clark County, scheduled to continue for the next 5 years and goes through 2026, has allowed Nevada to address overdue needs for poor quality roads and bridges projects.

Accidents Caused by Bad Quality Roads

Poor quality roads and unpleasant conditions may lead to more than just a bumpy car ride. Potholes, uneven surfaces, cracks in concrete, exposed rebar and other unsafe road conditions may result in extra dangerous roads or driving conditions, and may ultimately result in additional accidents. Dangerous road conditions may result in flat or bursted tires, causing a vehicle to veer or swerve unexpectedly into another lane, or even worse, colliding with other vehicles on the road or highway. It may not seem all that dangerous, but uneven roads could result in a driver, or multiple drivers, losing control of their vehicle and leading to a motor vehicle accident in which any drivers, pedestrians or passengers involved could suffer from life-altering injuries.

Common Injuries

Unsafe road conditions and damaged roads may lead to serious injuries or fatalities, such as:

  • Brain injuries or head trauma
  • Neck or back injuries
  • Broken bones or spinal injuries
  • Internal injuries and bleeding

Not only will serious injuries caused by bad roads result in an unexpected trip to the hospital or emergency room, but it often can result in surgery, medical treatment and an extended hospital stay, all reeking havoc on your financial stability.

Other less life-altering accidents may result in more minor injuries, such as:

  • Neck or back pain
  • Headaches or a concussion
  • Tingling and loss of feeling in the extremities
  • Whiplash and spinal injuries resulting in lack of some mobility

Claims and Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused by Bad Roads

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident resulting from poor quality or dangerous road conditions, you may consider contacting the police after your accident. The officer responding to your call may complete an incident report regarding the factors in the accident and those involved. It is wise to bring the poor road conditions to their attention, if it was indeed something factoring in the accident, as they will want to take note of the problem and include it in their incident report. Also, take a video or photo of the poor conditions. These little details that may seem minor at the time of the accident may also help you later as you file a claim or desire to receive compensation.

Following a motor vehicle accident, any injured drivers or passengers may file a legal claim against those liable and responsible for condition causing, or factoring into, the car accident. There may be additional requirements for a claim against the government, as they may require more details or proof to claim damages. Timeframes for claims may differ depending on the severity of the injury or damage caused by an accident from poor road conditions.

Car accidents can be scary. We don’t want you to feel like you have to go through these trying times alone. Partnering with a personal injury professional will allow you to better understand what is needed for your claim and they can help you walk through the process, so you can meet the requirements and timeline for submitting documentation for potential compensation. If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, especially where bad road conditions and unsafe roads are a factor, we’re here for you.


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