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Carson City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience.

Whether it’s a Harley Davidson or Honda a ride on a motorcycle can also be dangerous.

Carson City with a population of around 58,000 has its fair share of accidents.

Traffic can get busy in around town especially during rush hour and weekends where there are events and festivals.

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Busy Intersections in Carson City

  1. Carson Street and Musser Street
  2. Carson Street and W 5th Street
  3. Curry Street and W 5th Street
  4. Stewart Street and Musser Street
  5. Telegraph Street and Carson Street
  6. Saliman Road and William Street
  7. Saliman Road and E 5th Street

There are also some busy highways and interstates around Carson City like the I 580 and Highway 50 where accidents can happen and do.

Trucks, cars and motorcycles must be careful when driving in and around Carson City in order to avoid an accident.

Getting off and on these major streets can be dangerous and multiple vehicle accidents have happened.

If you ever find yourself in a Carson City motorcycle accident and are injured due to the negligence of another it is best to hire a personal injury attorney that specializes in these types of accidents.


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dangers of riding a motorcycle

​Personal Injury Law Carson City Nv

Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

Getting on a motorcycle comes with some risk.

Sharing the road with a motorcyclist can be more dangerous than a regular car.

A motorcycle is harder to see and can come out of no where when you least expect it.

In most accidents however it is the driver of the vehicles fault when an accident with a motorcyclist happens.

The results can be devastating since there is no steel frame to protect a rider when it does.

There is a statute of limitations in Nevada so be aware of that.

The weight and size of a car, truck or SUV can do some serious damage.

The reality is that injuries from a motorcycle accident tend to be more serious and fatalities are not uncommon.



 Reasons For a Motorcycle Accident

  • Lack of Experience – Riding a motorcycle can take many hours of training to do it safely. A motorcyclist needs to spend time on the road in order to become skilled. Understanding the bike and reacting to other vehicles in different situations on the road takes time. Hopefully an accident does not happen in these early days of riding but it is not uncommon when it does. Best to travel on less difficult streets when a beginner rider.
  • DUI – This is a real danger for a motorcyclist when an intoxicated driver of a 2- or 3-thousand-pound vehicle takes the road and is unaware of their surroundings. Motorcycle riders must always be on the lookout for other motorists. Drunk drivers can be very unpredictable. Many fatalities are the result of this issue and Carson City is no exception.
  • Busy Traffic – When traffic gets busy the chance for a motorcycle accident increases. Drivers in vehicles merging or changing lanes can be dangerous. Motorists are often not aware of the motorcyclist because of there smaller size. A motorcyclist should never lane split in traffic. This is just asking for trouble.
  • Left Turn – This is always a big danger when a motorcyclist takes that left turn across traffic. It can happen at an intersection or just a side street. A vehicle may be speeding or distracted and not see the rider cross traffic. Any time a motorcyclist crashes the chance for serious injury is there. This situation is also dangerous when a motorist takes a left turn.

Some of these crashes may be serious and need a trip to the ER.

A rider can be injured in many ways depending on what type of accident it is.

If thrown off their bike they can be run over by another vehicle.

The impact to a rider when they hit the hard pavement can have a lasting effect.

Injuries may take time to heal and medical visits may cost a person a lot of money.

If the motorcycle accident was caused by another the cost for pain and suffering, lost wages and damages should be paid by the person responsible, not you.

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This is why it is important to get a Carson City, NV personal injury motorcycle accident attorney in your corner.

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injury from carson city motorcycle crash

Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

  1. Broken Bones – This is a common injury. The pressure on a bone when it hits another vehicle or road can do a lot of damage. We see broken legs, arms, back, ribs, feet and hands in crashes. If a car goes over a bone, they can create a crushed bone which is even more troubling. With broken bones there is time in the hospital, healing and then rehabilitation that may go along with the injury. Surgery may be needed to make sure the bone is set properly. Pins may be needed which need to come out at a certain point adding to the recovery time.
  2. Head Injury – Hurting the head is always serious. It can be protected with the help of a quality motorcycle helmet. Hopefully the helmet saves the head from long term care. The difference between a helmet and no helmet could be life and death. Concussions, memory loss and headaches are all common symptoms after a head injury.
  3. Road Rash – Scraping your skin across the pavement after crashing a motorcycle sounds horrible. We all may have done it when we were young riding a bike or skate board but a motorcycle accident is much more serious. Wounds from this can lead to infection if not properly treated. The pain can be overwhelming with this type of injury and has the potential to leave permanent scarring.

Injuries from a wreck can really be painful.

Although a motorcycle accident may come with injuries there are some ways a rider can help lessen them.

There are even some tips that can help one to avoid an accident altogether.


5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

  1. Always Wear a Helmet – This is vital to a rider’s safety. It should not be just any helmet. It needs to be a high quality and US Department of Transportation approved. Helmets of quality will have a thick foam inner liner and weigh about three pounds. It should have a good fitting chin strap and face shield as well.
  2. Obey the Rules – In motorcycle accidents often the other person is at fault and there is no way to avoid it. Make sure that as a rider you are always going by the rules of the road and not adding to the odds of an accident. The safer a motorcyclist is driving the less of a chance they may find themselves in an accident situation.
  3. Dress for Success – A rider needs to wear protective clothing, jackets, pants, gloves, boots etc. This can be a big help if an accident happens. The results can be far less damaging if protective items are worn and a rider goes down. Think about the difference between crashing a motorcycle with jogging shoes and a t-shirt on compared to a thick padded leather jacket and Harley boots.
  4. Motorcycle Safety Check – Check the tires, brakes lights and all other parts of the bike before hitting the road for a ride in Carson City. Maintenance and safety checks can make all the difference. This should be a priority before starting a ride.
  5. Watch Out for Weather – Rain and wind can really make for a dangerous ride. Carson City is about 30 miles south of Reno so there can be ice and snow on the roads as well. Check the weather forecast before a road trip and stay safe.

Motorcycle accidents happen and they may leave a person in a tough situation.

Let the Law Offices of Richard Harris handle the legal side of things while you heal up and get your life back together.

Hopefully it is just a short-term situation but some accidents may be life changing.

At Richard Harris we will look over all the details of your case and put together the best strategic plan that will help you receive the money you deserve.