Carson City Truck Accident Lawyer

When a semi-truck, box truck or any other type of large big rig crashes into a smaller vehicle the results can be life changing.

If you find yourself injured in a Carson City truck accident due to the negligence of another you will need a personal injury attorney like Richard Harris on your side.

Injuries from this type of accident can be wide ranging.

The chance for serious injury is much higher with a large truck for obvious reasons.

The size and weight alone can leave behind serious damage to property and persons.

These are some of the deadliest accidents on the roads today.

Carson City, NV is a town of around 58,000 people.

Population is on the increase like in so many of the cities in Nevada.

It is also the state capital with a lot to offer both residents and tourists.

There are big box stores, restaurants and shops that all need products delivered.

Trucks are needed more than ever to keep the supply chain running smoothly.

There are some major intersections, roads and highways in Carson City that can get a lot of truck activity.

Sharing the road with an 18-wheeler often comes with an added safety risk and the chance of an accident.

Stay on the lookout for these large trucks, keep your distance and drive with caution.


Carson City Roads where truck accidents happen

  • I-580
  • US-50
  • US-395

These are some of the most dangerous highways where truck accidents with motor vehicles have occurred.

Some of these accidents involve multiple vehicles.

These roads have had some major injury accidents and fatalities over the years.

Busy intersections near the downtown area

  • Carson Street and Fairview Drive
  • Saliman Road and 5th Street
  • William Street and Stewart Street
  • William Street and Carson Street
  • Musser Street and Carson Street

Carson City is an independent city officially known as the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City.

It is the 6th largest city in Nevada and is approximately 30 miles south of Reno.

It has a lot of history and special events throughout the year.

Traffic can be busy at times and truck accidents are not that uncommon.



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injury from carson city nevada truck crash

Injuries in a Carson City Truck Accident

If in an accident with a semi-truck there will most likely be injury.

These are some common injury types that our law firm has seen in a Carson City truck accident.

Amputations are some of the worst things we see, along with fatalities.

  • Head Injury – There are a few ways the head can be injured in a truck accident. A concussion which is caused by the head shaking violently back and forth. The symptoms are wide ranging from nausea, headaches and trouble with memory and concentration. If the skull is fractured than their can be bleeding, swelling and bruising. A truck accident can cause the brain to hemorrhage. TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury can cause a lot of problems that may be long-term. If these head injuries are severe enough, they may cause brain damage. Long term care and medical attention may result. This may make it impossible to return to work. A person’s way of life may be permanently altered.
  • Burns – This happens with trucks accidents. A truck may be carrying flammable contents and an accident may cause the contents to catch on fire and possibly explode. Burns are extremely painful and horrifying. Burns often need surgery and time to heal. Burns are also at risk of infection which can make for an even longer and more complicated recovery.
  • Lacerations – Cuts and bruises may not seem so bad but they too run the risk of infection if not properly treated by a doctor. They may leave some permanent scarring. Surgery is needed in some of the lacerations. They are definitely painful and not anything to take lightly. These injuries can be from broken glass, metal or any of the many objects that a person may have in their vehicle that flies through the air during a crash. Truck accidents are some of the most violent accidents. A truck can literally run over a smaller vehicle in some accidents.
  • Spine Injuries – Having the spine injured in anyway is cause for serious concern. In best case scenarios the injury is only temporary. In too many cases though a spinal injury can turn into paralysis and loss of movement in parts of the body. The spinal cord is important to relay information to the brain and if there is damage to any part of the spine this can be affected. Rehab and other medical treatments may help but it can be a slow tedious process that may take years to fully recover if ever at all.
  • Broken Bones – This is a quite common injury in all motor vehicle accidents including large truck crashes. The breaks in a truck accident can be multiple bones. The impact to a bone in a crash if the pressure is too much for the bone to take will snap. Ouch! Arms, legs, ribs, wrists, ankles etc. may take the impact. When there is a broken rib there may be surgery, stiches, casts, pins, crutches, slings and a lot of time to heal. Rehabilitation will be needed after the healing. If a person has a job that requires physical labor they may be incapacitated for a while and miss work. This means lost wages.


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Our highly trained attorneys will help you get the compensation you deserve while you go through the healing process.

This can be an overwhelming time for you and emotions high.

We will handle the case and file the necessary paperwork with the insurance companies and lawyers that are needed.

All- State type insurance companies will most likely try and low ball a claim.

We will do our best to make sure you are not taken advantage of.

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Types of Semi-Truck Accidents in Carson City, NV

A Carson City truck accident can happen in a lot of different ways.

It is important to always allow a large truck extra space when sharing the road with them.

A large truck takes longer to brake and come to a stop than a regular vehicle.

They often need more time to complete their turns and lane changing as well.

  1. Jackknife – This occurs when a big rig is turning too fast or has to make a maneuver that makes the trailer swing sideways. If a truck driver slams their brakes on this can be the result. At this point the truck driver has lost control of the rig and an accident often with multiple cars can easily occur. Weather conditions can increase the risk for a jackknife accident. Fishtail is another term sometimes used describing the motion of the trailer attached. Hopefully this happens when there are no cars around but that is not always the case.
  2. Turning Wide – Turning either way can be more difficult for a trucker and create more risk. It does seem that the right turn tends to be a little tighter and the semi-truck will need more room to complete this turn. Vehicles need to be on the lookout for 18-wheelers making these turns because there is good chance of them ending up in their lane. If you are next to the truck or coming towards them lookout. Give them the room they need and avoid an accident.
  3. Rollover – If you have ever seen this happen than you know how terrifying this can be. There are many reasons for a rollover some of them include; driving too fast, turning to abruptly, driving reckless and driving DUI. When a trailer of a big rig rolls over there may be many vehicles involved. Sometimes there are other reasons that are not the fault of the truck driver. A tire blowout or high winds on the Interstate may attribute to this type of crash.

Driving safely and obeying the rules may not be enough to avoid an accident with a large truck.

If you find yourself in a crash with one of these big rigs call us. The Law Offices of Richard Harris are here for you 24/7.


============================= (Carson City also has some busy intersections with truck accidents.)