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Carson City, Nevada Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The League of American Cyclists have bronze certified Carson City as a ‘Bike Friendly Community’.

Take a bike ride with family and friends on the streets of the historical capital district.

It is a unique town with many shops and restaurants.

Carson City is a place where biking is encouraged with paths specifically for a cyclist to enjoy.

Places like The Bike Smith, Blue Zone Sports and the Carson Tahoe Hotel are among the spots where you can purchase or rent a bike.

Getting in a bicycle accident can come with injury.

If it does happen and it is the fault of another a Carson City bike accident injury attorney may be needed.


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Carson City Road Cycling

The Kit Carson Trail is for those that enjoy cycling downtown.

With over 60 historical landmarks to see it is one of the most popular road trips.

Other trails actually go through neighborhoods where interaction with motorists may occur.

Any time a bike rider and a motor vehicle share the road the risk for an accident is always there.



Busy Intersections in Carson City

  • Carson Street and William Street
  • Musser Street and Stewart Street
  • 5th Street and Carson Street
  • W King Street and South Davidson Street
  • William Street and Saliman Road

A cyclist needs to be extra careful when travelling any of these roads in Carson City.

Whether it is in the downtown area or on a country road a bike rider is at high risk of an accident with a much larger and heavier vehicle.

A bike rider will most likely take the brunt of the injuries if colliding with a car or truck.

Injuries can be devastating and the possibility of medical care is high.

With not a whole lot of protection a bicyclist can have serious pain and suffering from an accident.

A trip to the emergency room and extended time to heal is a real possibility.


Bicyclist Protect Themselves in Carson City

  1. Bike Maintenance – By keeping the bike in good condition a bike rider can help reduce the risk of an accident. Always make sure the brakes are checked before taking to the streets. If there is anything loose on the bike tighten it. This includes the handle bars and the seat. Tires should be inflated at the proper level. Lights and reflectors need to be working especially if on a night ride.
  2. Protective Gear – Wearing clothing with some kind of padding may be able to lessen the severity of certain injuries from an accident. It is not fool proof in any way but it will give you a much better chance. A pair of gloves, clothing with reflecting material and of course the number one item a helmet should be worn at all times. Without any of these items the chance of injury will definitely be greater.
  3. Obey the Laws – Use the correct lane, don’t ride on the sidewalk and don’t run stop signs or red lights. Don’t speed and cut in and out of traffic either and add to the danger of riding a bike. Always ride with the traffic single file.
  4. Don’t Ride Distracted – Stay alert and limit distractions. It is important to listen to the sounds of the street as a rider. Listening to music and talking on the phone can be deadly on a bike.

Riding a bike is a great form of exercise.

Reducing your carbon footprint and being one with nature is wonderful but sharing the roads with other vehicles is the downside.

A cyclist should do everything they can in order to keep themselves out of danger.

With millions of bike riders on the roads, it is important to use these safety precautions.



Why Carson City Bicycle Accidents Happen

Bike accidents can happen anywhere.

Whether you are taking the cruiser out leisurely or commuting to work on a road bike there is always a chance for an accident.

With the increasing amount of bike riders sharing the streets in Carson City there is no wonder why the numbers are on the rise.

Intersections tend to be among the most dangerous spots where the opportunity is high.

Let’s take a look at some common reasons.

  1. Distracted Drivers – If you are in an accident due to the inattention of a driver call the Law Offices of Richard Harris. It happens all the time a driver not paying attention and collides with a bicycle rider and down they go. Injury can be minor but many are major and serious with medical attention being necessary. A driver on their phone looking at the map or talking is often the cause. Sometimes a driver is eating, drinking or just not paying proper attention. If this is the case than then you should not be responsible for damage and medical bills.
  2. Car Doors – It is another reason that an accident can easily occur. Imagine riding down the street and all of a sudden, a person throws open their car door not looking or noticing you coming. As a cyclist you must always be on guard at all times for this but you may be taken by surprise if it happens at the moment you approach. Much easier to avoid this if you see it coming 20 yards away. When it occurs the impact with glass breaking and the rider hitting the door and the ground can lead to serious injury.
  3. Speeding – Driving too fast is a major cause of all accidents including bike accidents. The speed limit is there for everyone to drive safely and when a motorist is racing through town bad things can happen. A bike rider is at high risk and injury can be severe if hit at high speeds. Many bicyclist fatalities are the result of speeding motorists crashing into them. The speeding driver can have a harder time reacting and controlling the vehicle.
  4. Running Red Lights / Stop Signs – This is incredibly dangerous at intersections. Always be on the lookout as a bike rider. Make sure that you check first before crossing the streets at intersections. As a rider there is no room for error and this could be the difference between life and death. Stop signs are equally as dangerous when a driver goes through a sign. Two-way stops are even more dangerous if a driver thinks that it is a 4-way stop.
  5. Unsafe Lane Changing – Many drivers change lanes and don’t even consider a bicyclist is sharing the road with them. Some cars have blind spots where they just can’t see a rider. A motorist may take a turn not seeing a cyclist in the bike lane. Anytime a rider and a vehicle collide the results can be life threatening. It is better for a cyclist to try and stay as far away from all the cars and trucks on the road and play it safe.


bicycle accident injury

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Injuries From a Carson City Bicycle Accident

Bicycle injuries are more common than one may think.

There are all types of injuries that a rider can sustain.

Anywhere from head to toe is at risk if a collision with a motorist happens.

The arms and legs will often take direct contact and depending on the speed and impact injuries can be serious.

If you are lucky, a cyclist can get hit by a vehicle and just get cuts and bruises and heal up quickly.

That is the best-case scenario.

However, there is a good chance that the injuries will be more serious and even deadly.

Fractures and dislocations are common types along with road rash.

If you are ever in a Carson City bicycle accident with a motorist it is important to seek medical care.

If you can get to a doctor, it is recommended to do so.

Even if you feel like you are ok you may not be.

If it is serious than an ambulance ride to the ER may be required.

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