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Truck accident lawyer boulder city

When a truck accident occurs on the highways and streets of Boulder City, NV there can be serious injuries.

When one of these large truck types smashes into a smaller motor vehicle there can be lots of damage.

Boulder City sees its fair share of trucks delivering products or just passing through on their way to somewhere else.

There are some main roads and intersections in and around Boulder City where accidents tend to happen more than others.

Highway 93 and Interstate 11 has had truck accidents with serious injury left behind. Some of these accidents have fatalities.

Truck accidents can happen during the daytime or night hours.

Another major highway around Boulder City is I 95 and truck accidents are not unusual.

Sometimes in these accidents there is just one other vehicle involved while other accidents can involve multiple vehicles with drivers and passengers having multiple injuries.

Truck Accident Law Firm

If you or someone you know ever happen to be in a Boulder City injury accident with a truck it is important to seek a personal injury attorney.

Richard Harris is the largest and most respected truck injury accident law firm in the state of Nevada.

With over 40 years of experience, we can help make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.

The chance for injury when a car collides with a large truck is high.

The seriousness of the injuries will depend on many factors like the type of accident along with the size, weight and speed of the vehicles involved.

Dangerous  Intersections 

  • Nevada Way and Wyoming Street
  • Cherry Street and Avenue A
  • Nevada Way and Arizona Street
  • Arizona Street and Utah Street
  • Colorado Street and Nevada Way

Some of these streets are near the Historic District and in the downtown area where hotels, restaurants and stores will have trucks loading and unloading daily.

Even though the town is around 15,000 residents it can have way more people around if there is a special event or weekend festival.

There is a wide range of vehicles from trucks, cars, bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians all sharing the road at once.

There are many different types of trucks in Boulder City that have different functions.

All these are equally dangerous if a smaller vehicle was to come in direct contact with it.


ups truck accident

Trucks You May See in Boulder City

  1. Semi Truck – This is also referred to as a tractor truck and a big rig. When this truck with trailer is fully loaded it can way over 80,000 pounds. Can you imagine the devastation this could leave behind at high speeds? When a car is in a wreck with this big boy it is often deadly. Boulder City will have these trucks delivering goods as well as speeding down the highways in the area.
  2. Garbage Truck – We have all seen them and driven around them. They are usually cruising the streets at a reasonable speed but the sheer weight and size of this trash truck can do major damage to a motorist. Every business and residence will need this truck to service their trash. These are one of the most common big trucks we all see daily.
  3. Dump Truck – These trucks can be seen around construction sites along with concrete trucks. They are bulky, big and heavy. They usually are seen dumping or transporting things like gravel and dirt. Running into one of these is not going to go well.
  4. Box Truck – Usually, the U-Haul types that transport all kinds of products. These trucks can range from 10-26 feet. They are often used to move items. They can be heavy like the other trucks if filled up.
  5. Delivery Truck – These trucks can be different sizes and are used for delivering goods and services. So many of our products are delivered by trucks. Boulder City is no exception with goods and services being taken to and from businesses in town and out of town. These trucks can be heavy and cumbersome like UPS and Amazon.

These are just a few of the large trucks that you may have to drive around in Boulder City.


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When there are injuries in an accident with a big rig, they can be serious.

Hopefully they are not too bad and a person can heal up and get back to their daily routine.

Sometimes the injuries can take some time to heal.


injury in accident with semi truck

Injuries From Semi-Truck Accident

  • Traumatic Brain Injury – This can be a very serious injury. The brain is jarred and hits the skull in an abrupt motion. The results can be long term. Headaches, haziness, nausea and memory loss are just a few of the symptoms. In some cases, they can heal up and go away but other instances they can linger on and create a life time of medical issues.
  • Internal Damage – When a truck accident happens the impact can be incredibly harsh on the body. Internal organs can be injured and internal bleeding can also occur. The stomach area is highly susceptible to internal injury. These types of injuries may not be noticed right away. It is important to always get medical attention after an accident. Other organs like the liver, pancreas and spleen can also be injured in a Boulder City, NV truck accident.
  • Neck and Back InjuriesWhiplash is common and can affect the nerves, muscles and tendons. Sometimes a neck injury can cause loss of motion, stiffness in the neck and shoulders. These injuries are usually painful and will take time to heal. Any injury with the neck and back can have long term results. The back being injured can be cause herniated discs and spinal injuries. These can leave a person paralyzed and cause permanent disabilities in worse cases.

It is important to seek medical attention if you have been injured.

A personal injury attorney like Richard Harris is another smart move.

Let us work on your case while you work on getting better.

Injuries not only cause a lot of physical pain (broken bones, knee injury) but mental stress as well when you add in car repairs and medical bills, etc.

Let our lawyers handle all the legalities and fight for your compensation.

There are many things that all of us can do when sharing the road with these much larger trucks.

These tips can help keep us safer when on the streets of Boulder City, NV.


Safety Tips When Driving Near Large Trucks

  1. Blind Spots – Always drive more careful around these 18-wheelers. Remember that these large trucks have blind spots that make it more difficult for them to see you in a smaller vehicle. The drivers sit up higher than normal and even though they have excellent mirrors they will still have difficulties in seeing a car alongside of them. It is always better to pass a truck or stay back behind a truck then to hang on the side of them in their potential blind spot.
  2. Safe Distance – Stay at a safe distance from the big rig truck. These trucks will need more time to slow down and come to a stop then a car or other type of smaller vehicle. The weight and size of these trucks makes it more difficult to maneuver and react than the rest of the vehicles on the highway. Don’t ever think about tailgating one of these monsters. Crashing into the rear can be incredibly damaging or even deadly. If a semi-truck blows out a tire or has any other issue it is important that you give yourself plenty of time to react to a crisis.
  3. Watch For Turns – We have all seen a large truck make a turn. They definitely need the other vehicles around them to be aware. They will often need extra room when taking turns and may go into another lane when doing so. Stay safe and patient and always allow the truck time and space to make a turn safely.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris are experts in injury accidents involving cars, bikes, motorcycles, pedestrians and trucks in Boulder City, NV. Don’t hesitate call us today!