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Walk-in bathtub falls can injure or even kill the elderly.

Walk-In Jacuzzi Bathtubs Are Deathtraps for the Elderly

A variety of companies offer walk-in jacuzzi bathtubs/whirlpool style walk-in tubs, some of which include:

  • Jacuzzi
  • Safe-Step
  • Premier Baths, Inc.
  • MediTub
  • Safety Tubs
  • Dignity
  • Aspen
  • Prairie
  • Telluride
  • Koehler
  • HandiTub
  • Universal Tubs
  • Ariel
  • American Standard
  • Ella
  • Companion Massage
  • Independent Home
  • Designed for Seniors
  • Hydro Dimensions
  • Bathwraps
  • TheraTub
  • Aquassure
  • MediSpa
  • Aqua-Care
  • Hydro Systems
  • Many, many others

Many of these companies, themselves, or through sales and marketing companies like FirstStreet, use very aggressive sales tactics to pressure or scare elderly folks or their adult children to purchase these tubs. Often, fear and financial worries are used as sales tactics to promote the sales of these products. The elderly are informed of the statistics regarding bathroom falls and are told that falls are the leading cause of death among the elderly to persuade them into purchasing these tubs, which range in price from $12,000 to over $18,000.

Some companies also try to scare the adult children of the elderly into purchasing these costly walk-in jacuzzi tubs by claiming that if they do not purchase a tub for their parent or parents, they will ultimately pay the price through medical bills resulting from a bathroom fall and subsequent lengthy hospitalization. Some companies even go as far as inducing the family to enter into “reverse mortgages” to finance these costly tubs.

What is not being communicated to the elderly or their adult children are the dangers posed by walk-in style tubs. Because of poor designs, which include very high tub walls, inward opening doors, and a general lack of safety considerations, once someone has fallen inside one of these tubs, it is nearly impossible for them to get out of the tub on their own. The very tubs these companies are claiming will provide independence are actually a dangerous product causing death.

Tragically, deaths due to these types of walk-in tubs have already occurred in Las Vegas and Georgia. Additionally, individuals in Texas and other states have become trapped in their walk-in tubs due to the poor design and required emergency assistance to get out of the tubs.

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Many of the companies that manufacture and sell the walk-in bathtubs try to create the impression that they are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved by mentioning the ADA in their sales literature. However, none of the tubs are approved by the ADA. Rather, many only have some features that might be considered “ADA compliant.” This is just one of the sales tactics used to induce the elderly and their adult children into purchasing unsafe walk-in bathtubs.


In addition to the bogus ADA claims, many of the companies make medical claims that are simply unfounded and not based on any research whatsoever. Specifically, the walk-in tub companies tell the elderly that the tubs are a safe alternative to a regular bathtub and promise improvements in health and safety. Unfortunately, our investigations have revealed that the promises are hollow and simply not based on any reliable scientific research.

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