Elmiron is a medication commonly prescribed to alleviate interstitial cystitis (IC) pain and discomfort. This prescription drug protects the bladder and treats symptoms that accompany interstitial cystitis (IC). IC, also known as bladder pain syndrome, is a chronic condition in the urinary tract system that causes bladder and pelvic pain or pressure, a condition that affects millions of Americans each year, and it is often times mistaken for a UTI.

In recent reports, research states that taking Elmiron may result in Maculopathy – retina damage and vision loss. The side effects of Elmiron are being investigated in various scientific studies. Some Elmiron patients claimed they experienced the following symptoms:

  • Blurred vision and difficulty reading
  • Trouble with vision adjusting to darkness
  • Eye pain and headaches
  • Dimming of vision
  • Paracentral scotoma or macular degeneration, vision loss in a spot of one’s field of vision
  • An increase in farsightedness and vision distortion

If you or a loved one has experienced any of the symptoms listed above, while taking Elmiron, consider consulting a medical professional for assistance. Do not stop taking any medication without consulting a medical professional first.

With the number of Elmiron lawsuits escalating, patients claim that the maker of Elmiron, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, does not warn medication users of vision problems, vision damage risks, or the recommendation to get regular eyesight exams.

If you or a loved one have suffered from vision damage or loss following the use of the prescribed drug, Elmiron, we want to assist in getting you the compensation you deserve to cover current and future medical bills, loss of income, punitive changes, or other expenses caused by Elmiron.

Elmiron Vision Damage Lawsuits:

The Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm is handling lawsuits for anyone who has taken Elmiron and suffered from vision damage or loss. If you or a loved one was diagnosed with vision damage or loss following the use of Elmiron, we want to evaluate your potential case. Please call us for a no-cost consultation at (702) 444-4444 or complete our online Free Case Review Form.

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