Bottled Water Recall and Lawsuits

Niagara Bottling LLC is a water bottling company responsible for 14 bottled water brands being recalled. The company recalled all of its spring water products after one of their spring water sources was tested positive for the dreadful E.coli bacteria. The recall affects spring water products from Pennsylvania, Allentown, and Hamburg facilities. Niagara Bottling LLC has distanced itself from the independent source in Auburn, Pennsylvania but continues operations in Hamburg and Allentown. The positive test result of the water source in question is a clear indication that it is contaminated with human and animal waste.

Affected brands

All water brands purchased between June 10th at 3 a.m. and June 18th at 8 p.m. were affected by the recall. The affected water brands are Acadia, Big Y, Best Yet, Western Beef Blue, Superchill, 7-Eleven, Niagara, Pricerite, Wegmans, Morning Fresh, Shaws, and Nature’s Place. In addition, alongside Niagara Bottling, there are stores recalling water bottles. They include Acme, 7-Eleven, Wegmans, and ShopRite.

Note that affected products have specific codes. These codes begin with letter A for Allentown and letter F for Hamburg. The production line number is indicated by the first digit after the letter, numbers that follow indicate the exact day and time the product was completed.

Niagara Bottling is offering affected consumers a refund for the purchase of their product. A statement from the company advises consumers to boil their water for at least one minute to kill potential E. coli bacteria or avoid drinking the water altogether.

Dangers of contamination with E.coli bacteria

The E.coli bacteria was discovered in 1885 by a German doctor. The bacterium spreads fast through ingesting contaminated foods and drinking contaminated water. Contaminated water is the main source of transmission of the E.coli bacteria. Transmission occurs in the event of animal and human waste infected with the bacterium finding their way into pools, lakes and water supplies. It is very likely that individuals can become infected when a contaminated water source has not been well treated. This is the risk posed by the water source tested positive for the bacteria.

Also, the E.coli bacteria can be transmitted from one person to another when an already infected person fails to observe basic hygiene such as hand washing. Such transmission causes more people to be at a greater risk of infection. Its ability to survive in multiple mediums works to its advantage, making the bacteria harder to detect early, posing an enormous health risk. Over the years, the bacteria have evolved to a more formidable killer.

The consumers of the Niagara Bottling products are poised for great health risks given the proven contaminations in the product. The E.coli bacteria’s effects are more pronounced in infants and the elderly with weak immune systems. The symptoms associated with the bacteria include diarrhea, headache nausea and cramps. If not treated promptly, the symptoms can cause death. Studies reveal that E.coli bacteria contamination spreads fast among people and may lead to a life-threatening calamity.

Despite the recall, the threat of contamination with E. Coli bacteria is still there because of its swift transmission through different sources. It is, therefore, apparent that those within the boundaries of the companies operation are at risk of infection. Statistics indicates that outbreaks can be dreadful if not controlled fast.

Niagara Bottling Lawsuits

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