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Pahrump Nv Truck Accident Attorney

Pahrump, Nevada is a growing community with the population moving towards 40,000 residents.

It is a town about 64 miles from Las Vegas where trucking is a constant.

With casinos, restaurants RV parks and supermarkets trucks bring in plenty of products and goods.

When semi-trucks and other types of large trucks pull into town or roll through this desert oasis accidents can happen.

Cars and smaller vehicles are no match for an 18-wheeler if a collision were to occur.

Trucks travel down the roads and highways of Pahrump every day.

If you ever get in an accident with any type of large truck there can definitely be some damage.

A truck accident can occur at high speeds on the freeway or at lower speeds in parking lots or city streets.

Busy roads to be aware of –

NV – 160

Pahrump Valley Blvd


Whenever you are driving around large commercial trucks it is important to be cautious and drive defensively.

If a truck accident does occur the chance of injury is always there.

The lawyers at Richard Harris have a long track record of defending victims that have been injured in all types of traffic accidents including truck accidents.

You could even get hit by a Walmart truck in their parking lot, or hit by a garbage truck while you are riding your new electric bike, you just never know.


ups truck

Types of Trucks to Look Out for In Pahrump

Box TruckThis is a regularly seen truck. It is usually 10 to 26 feet in size and when fully loaded can be heavy. A lot of the box trucks have the cabin separate from the cargo area. They load from the back and carry a wide range of cargo. These trucks are often used as moving vehicles.

Semi-Trailer Truck – Your typical 18-wheeler can be seen on the highways like the NV-160. They will also be spotted turning into shopping areas where they will deliver goods on a regular basis. These heavy-duty trucks when fully loaded can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. If there is ever an accident the results can be devastating.

Dump Truck – These types of trucks can be heavy and dangerous to be around especially, if you are in a smaller lighter car. Often this truck will be seen around construction sites. It is known for hauling dirt, rocks and soil loads.

Garbage Truck – Every city has them to pick up the trash from dumpsters and garbage cans. These are dangerous because they are in residential areas where families and children are around.  They can be seen all around and in every part of the city. They are big and heavy trucks.

Recreational Vehicles – These RV types of tucks are popular in Pahrump. There are multiple RV parks in the area which bring in many of these vehicles to town. Though not as big or heavy as a semi-truck they are still much larger than a regular size vehicle and come with the same dangers when sharing the road. This type of vehicle includes; motorhomes, truck campers, coaches and campervans.

These are just a few of the different trucks that a driver in Pahrump may see.

Also think about UPS or Fed Ex trucks, even an Amazon truck can cause major damage in a truck accident.

When sharing the roads or maneuvering around these big rigs keep your distance in order to avoid an accident.

These trucks can often go into another lane when turning and you may need some extra patience when you encounter them.

An accident with these large trucks in never good.

It is definitely better to be safe than sorry.



Reasons for a Truck Accident

  1. Blind SpotsAll types of large trucks have this in common. RV’s as well sit up higher and when a car is on either side or traveling too close in the rear the driver can have poor visibility. The mirrors on the trucks can definitely help but there are always times when it is hard to see the smaller automobiles.
  2. Turns – Watch out when you’re on the road and a truck takes a turn. It can often swing into another lane while making the turn. Whether it is going left or right the danger is there. Getting the rear trailer around a turn without hitting a curb or median is difficult with these big rigs. Be careful once again. Trucks need more of the road than a regular vehicle so back off and let them turn safely.
  3. Rollovers – This can happen if a truck turns to sharply. If the driver has to make a sudden change of direction the trailer can be at high risk for a roll over. Windy conditions can cause a trailer to roll over. These types of accidents can involve multiple vehicles and unfortunately are too common.
  4. System Malfunctions – If brakes malfunction on a semi-truck there can be disastrous consequences. A fully loaded big rig can take some time to come to a complete stop when the braking system works perfect. If they are faulty the results can be fatal. Steering and other system failures can have similar results.
  5. Blowouts – Tires are an incredibly important part of the safety of these large trucks. Bald tires on slippery roads are a big problem. It is common to see rubber from truck tires on the side of the highway. You may have even seen part of a tire come flying off a truck at some point or another. If that piece of rubber hits another vehicle it can lead to damage to the vehicle and/or create an accident.

A truck accident can come with injury.

Sometimes the injuries are very serious and can be fatal.

The state of Nevada had over 300 traffic related deaths in 2020.



how to make trucks safer

Some Tips on How to Drive Safe Around Big Rigs

As a motorist it is especially important to be aware when sharing the streets with 18-wheelers and other large truck types.

  • Pass Carefully – When passing a truck, it is important to always give them proper signals. Passing in the left lane is usually safer for a truck driver and easier to see the motorist. Remember a truck takes longer to stop and take proper precautions.
  • Safe Driving Distance – This is important to keep extra distance between you and the truck. If he decides to turn or change lanes you won’t be taken by surprise.
  • Be Patient – Drive consistent. Don’t cut in and out of lanes around a truck. Driving recklessly is a terrible idea around a large commercial truck.
  • Stay Out of Blind Spots – Remember that a truck driver may have difficulties seeing a small car. Make sure you are not in the blind spot.
  • Don’t Drive Distracted – Never do this any time you drive. Be extra careful when travelling around a big rig.


Help Make Trucking Industry Safer

There are many ways to make the trucking world safer.

These necessary precautions are helpful in order to make the roads and highways nationwide less dangerous for everyone sharing them.

Here are some ideas from the CDC listed below.

  1. Driver safety programs
  2. Safety belt for everyone in the truck
  3. Highest level of training
  4. Cargo securing techniques
  5. Ways to avoid distractions and sleepiness
  6. Allow drivers the proper amount of time to deliver


Common Injury Types in Trucking Accidents

Large trucks can do some serious damage on the roads of Pahrump.

You never want to find yourself in a collision with a vehicle that weighs tons more than the one you are driving.

Always try to call the police after a crash to ensure there will be a police accident report on file.

When a truck accident occurs, it is most likely you will need to seek medical attention.

  • Head Injuries – Hitting your head in a truck accident can cause many types of injuries. Concussions, lacerations and Traumatic Brain Injury can result. These injuries can be short term or long term.
  • Broken Bones – Most common bone breaks in a truck accident are the arms, ribs and legs. Surgery, casts and crutches may be needed. Wheel chairs in some cases.
  • Back and Neck – This includes whiplash. Nerves and tendons can be damaged and in some cases a person can be paralyzed.
  • Internal injuries – The injuries internally can include the spleen and kidneys. Bleeding from the crash can be dangerous if not properly detected right away.

The numbers are staggering when it comes to the injuries in truck accidents.

These types of crashes are some of the most serious and most fatal on our roads.

If you are injured in any of these ways you will need time to recover.

Rehab from surgery may leave you not able to work for a while.

Lost wages can quickly eat into any savings you may have.

Let Richard Harris fight for you while you get well.