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Pahrump Nevada Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

In Pahrump, NV a slip and fall is much more common than one would imagine.

If a business or property owner does not provide a safe environment this type of personal injury accident will happen.

Big box stores in Pahrump like Walmart Super Center, Big 5 Sporting Goods and Home Depot are all places where a costumer may have a slip and fall accident.

Items off the shelves can end up in the aisle and an unsuspecting shopper could trip and injure themselves.

We all know that Nevada has its fair share of slip and fall related accidents and Pahrump is no exception.

Pahrump is a city just over 60 miles outside of the bright lights of Las Vegas.

With 24/7 hotels and casinos tourists and residents are out and about.

With a large population of retirees Pahrump is also a place where many elderly people enjoy the nice weather and way of life.

So, it is not much of a stretch to think that casinos like the Pahrump Nugget, Gold Town Casino and Terrible’s Roadhouse Casino gets their fair share of these injuries.

Many slip and fall accidents have to do with wet floors from either rain, leaks, spills, or a fresh mopping.

Slip and fall accidents can leave a person injured.

The severity of the injury can be wide ranging.

Some injuries will require doctors and medical bills.

Paychecks may be missed if a person can’t go back to work from the accident.

Expenses can easily pile up and leave a person feeling hopeless.

It is a smart idea to get an attorney that can help you navigate the rough waters and legalities.

If you have been injured at a place of business or any property by the negligence of another you may have a case.

A personal injury lawyer in Pahrump that handles slip and fall cases like Richard Harris can definitely help you in determining your course of action.

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Reasons for a Slip and Fall in Pahrump

  1. Uneven Surfaces – Casinos, hotels and restaurants where carpet meets a hard surface can cause an accident. If the flooring is loose or there are tiles that have cracks in them a dangerous situation may be created. A business that is negligent in fixing these types of flooring defects can be held liable if it results in an injury. Some of these marble type of floors can look beautiful but are extra slippery.
  2. Spills – A wet floor can cause a person to fall. If a business is not properly monitoring for spills it is easy to see how this can happen. The place of business must get these spills cleaned up in a timely manner. Food and liquids spilling to the floor in restaurants, casinos and grocery stores are quite common. An unsuspecting customer walking down the aisle of CVS or Walgreens can find themselves going down if there is a wet spot from an item that has spilled. A leaking fixture can also create a wet area and a slip and fall.
  3. Weather – In Pahrump the weather is wonderful for the most part but when it rains it can make a lot of problems. Leaking roofs can all of a sudden create a slippery situation. Winds can blow debris around and create a slip and fall. If there are wet areas from the weather the business is obligated to get out signs warning of a wet floor.
  4. Clutter – Business’s need to provide a safe and clean space for customers. Cluttered hallways and areas where a person could trip on furniture, loose cords or wires is unacceptable. Boxes on the floor that should be put away in storage can be hazardous.
  5. Lighting – Improper lighting is really dangerous. If a person were to slip and fall in a stairwell that had improper lighting the result could be tragic. Walking into something because you don’t see it can be damaging but falling down stairs can be life altering and even deadly.

Some of these cases may appear straight forward and a slam dunk.

However, they can be more complicated than they seem.

The insurance companies and Walmart types will most likely put up a fight in giving out any kind of settlement.

Richard Harris and his team of personal injury attorneys have recovered over $1 Billion for their clients.

They have over 40 years of experience in Nevada and a proven record for winning.


What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Get Medical Care – Often a victim of a slip and fall is injured and needs medical treatment. It is best to stay still where you are and have emergency care personnel come to you. If your neck or back are injured moving around can make things much worse and create more permanent damage. If you can’t get the help you need for some reason than it is best to get to an ER or see a doctor right away. This is vital that documentation is recorded in order to have proof of the injury.

File an Accident Report – Once again having proper documentation and a paper trail of the injury will help your case. The business or property in which the accident occurred needs to be aware of the accident. This can also help another person to avoid having a similar incident.

Take Pictures – This is very important for your case. A picture tells a thousand words someone once said. If you were injured by negligence then the more proof you have the better. Take pics from all angles and perspectives in order to clearly show the accident scene. If there is video of the event try and get that as well. If there is water, ice, boxes, furniture or some sort of lighting issues make sure to get all of it. Loose handrails or cracked tiles need to be documented if they are what caused the slip and fall.

Keep Quiet – When speaking to property owners, lawyers or insurance companies that represent the place of business or location where the accident occurred it is advised to zip it. Don’t post on social media or do anything that could hinder your case. Stay cool, calm and collected.

Call Richard Harris – You will need an attorney that has your back. It is important to be represented and get the proper advice. These slip and fall cases can be tricky and having a top-notch highly trained team of lawyers is recommended.



head injury from slip and fall

Head Injury from a Slip and Fall

A slip and fall accident can happen when you least expect it.

Pahrump has seen plenty of these misfortunes.

When a person goes down to the floor there can be serious injury involved.

In many cases the person slips and falls backwards on their backside and the head is the next to hit.

Depending on how hard they whack their head will determine a lot.

Whether the floor is carpet or hard marble tile can also be a factor.

Some of the types of injuries from a head hitting the floor include;  

  • TBI – Brain cells can be damaged when the head is hit and the impact creates a concussion. There can be nausea and memory loss. If severe enough it can have long term affects.
  • Brain Hemorrhage – When there is bleeding around the brain a stroke can happen.
  • Fracture of the Skull – The bones around the brain if hit hard enough can crack. This is very dangerous and leaves the brain exposed and vulnerable.
  • Bruising of the Brain – Contusions on the brain can occur. Damage to tissue that surrounds the brain can lead to complications.
  • Swelling – If the brain swells it builds up pressure against the skull. Emergency surgery may be needed to relieve this pressure.

A head injury can come in two ways.

An open injury is on the outside of the head and usually consists of cuts and lacerations.

The closed injuries inside the head are harder to detect and must be monitored carefully.

Anytime a slip and fall occurs and the head is injured medical attention is a must.

Here are some other common types of slip and fall injuries;

  • Ligament damage – Twisted ankles and knees are common. Walking out into a parking lot and stepping into a pot hole can make for this type of injury. Slipping on a wet surface can turn your knee in the wrong direction. These accidents may need some rehab and a brace. Sometimes they are more severe and surgery may be required.
  • Spine Injury – Falling on your back can not only knock the wind out of you but may leave you unable to get up. The back is at high risk for injury when a person hits the floor. The elderly is at even higher risk when it comes to any type of injury from a fall including the back.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Pahrump, NV don’t mess around.

Contact the Law Offices of Richard Harris.