Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in Henderson

Slip and fall accidents in Henderson happen every day.

No matter how old or young a person is a slip and fall can lead to a serious injury.

If you are shopping in a Walmart or at a CVS and the floor is freshly mopped, this can be dangerous.

There could be something in one of the aisles that shouldn’t be there.

It could be at the apartment complex or condo where a slip and fall takes place.

It often happens at the work place where safety procedures or standards have not been upheld.

It is often the fault of another when it happens and there could be multiple people liable for the accident.

Depending on where and the seriousness of the slip and fall accident will determine the party responsible and how much a settlement is worth.

There could be surgery or medical bills that could pile up on a victim.

Lost wages and future lost earnings could deplete a person’s savings when an accident takes time for healing and recovery.

The Richard Harris Law Firm is very experienced with slip and fall accidents and will help fight for you if you or a loved one has been injured.

Your best chance in getting the compensation you deserve is by getting a personal injury lawyer you can count on.


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Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in Henderson

When we refer to a slip and fall accident it usually means that a person slips or trips and falls and is injured on another person’s property.

The property where the accident occurred is maintained by an owner or in some cases a corporation and often is the responsible party.

Here are some common examples of how a slip and fall accident can occur:

  1. Wet floor – There are endless ways this can happen. Have you ever been in a store or place of business when they have just mopped the floor? It can be incredibly slippery and a hazard if an unsuspecting costumer walks on a freshly mopped floor. Proper cones and signs must be displayed in order to let the person know of the wet floor. There can be an instance where a refrigerator, cooler, air conditioner or leaking pipe is creating a wet area. This is ultimately the responsibility of the owner or management to make sure these things are not a hazard. There are times when the owner or management is unaware of a spill or water leak. This is dangerous and can occur and injure a customer.
  2. Debris on the floor – A big box store like Target can have an item that has fallen off the shelf. A person can turn the corner and step on an item from the shelf. An ankle can twist and a fall can easily happen with the victim crashing to the hard surface of the store. If the victim hits their head, it can be damaging. A grocery store is another place that a number of things can fall onto the floor. Have you ever been in the vegetable and fruit section and an avocado or potato is on the ground? It’s not good.
  3. Poor lighting – When there is improper lighting the chance of a slip and fall increases. If the lighting is out in a stairwell the result can be disastrous. Falling down a set of stairs can be life changing. If any place of business has some lights out the responsibility would definitely be on the owner. Not being able to spot a wet spot or an item on the ground is unacceptable. Sometimes lights are out for a length of time while other times it can just be an unfortunate occurrence. Either way the business has the responsibility to make sure the environment is safe.

Every case is different, but don’t wait to file a lawsuit because Nevada does have a statute of limitations that need to be followed.


Slip and Fall Statistics and Common Findings

When looking into some of the statistics of slip and fall accidents there are some common threads.

It is only a matter of time before a person is involved in a slip and fall.

The older we get the more likely it is that you will experience this.

Eye sight and the ability to react and protect yourself can add to the seriousness of the outcome.

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) has compiled some interesting and basic findings on slip and fall accidents.

  • 1/3 of those over 65 will experience a slip and fall accident in the US
  • Hip fractures are the most common serious long-term injury from a slip and fall
  • An estimated 50% of accidental deaths in the home are caused by slip and falls
  • A large majority of workers compensation claims are due to wet floors.
  • All types of service and manufacturing business will get slip and fall accidents.
  • Construction and other type of maintenance jobs tend to have more of the fatal type of outcomes.

It is easy to see that slip and fall accidents are a part of regular life and in the workplace.

The amount of time needed to recover from an accident depends on the severity.

A personal injury attorney that understands slip and fall accidents is highly recommended if an injury has occurred.

Richard Harris is the most respected law firm in Henderson and all of Nevada.

They have fought and won against all type of property owners and operators.

Some of these include; condo owners, casino operators, retail operators, government entities, bar and nightclub owners and restaurant operators.

We have over 40 years experience in slip and fall accidents.

Let us help you get the recovery you deserve.


how long does a slip and fall lawsuit take to get paid

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall settlement can be more complicated than they appear.

There are some basic factors of any personal injury case that will determine the length.

The severity of the injury or injuries.

The better the evidence the better the case.

If the hazard was known by the business and not properly attended to in a timely manner.

Fault is key in the determination of the case.

For example, if the bathroom wasn’t mopped correctly and left unattended for hours and a person fell.

Each case is different and circumstances need to be looked into and investigated properly.

It is well known that these giant type retail stores have a team of lawyers that will try and shift blame.

They sometimes try not to pay or to pay out as little as possible.

Don’t let them intimidate you and have a pro to represent you like Richard Harris.


Common Injury Types from a Slip and Fall in Henderson

It is easy to catch your foot on an uneven surface or loose rug.

Anything can trip you up or cause you to lose your footing.

Weather conditions like snow, rain or frozen ice can surely cause some chaos.

When a person finds themselves caught completely off-guard injury can be unavoidable.

There are a multitude of injuries that can occur.

Some not so serious like cuts and bruises and others like broken bones and Traumatic Brain Injury can lead to a long recovery.

  • Head Injuries – In a work situation it is common when a person slips on water or an uneven surface. The head hits the floor and can lead to a skull fracture. This can create TBI in some cases. Concussions are dangerous as well. It is not uncommon to see these types of injuries in slip and falls.
  • Broken Bones – Most often when these slip and fall accidents occur it is on a hard surface. Tile or hard flooring can get wet many different ways leading to a person breaking a bone. Arm breaks often occur when a person tries to brace their fall. Wrists and hands are common when a person goes down hard. Broken legs are common breaks as well. All types of breaks will need a cast, crutches and a wheel chair in some cases.
  • Ligament and Cartlidge Damage – Whenever a person unexpectedly falls, they are at risk. There are many ways for a ligament to tear during a fall. If this type of injury does occur it is common that surgery may be needed in order to repair cartilage damage. The shoulder is another area where this type of injury can occur. These types of injuries are not as life threatening as a head injury but can have long term rehabilitation involved. The older a person is the longer the healing process can take.


The problem with all these injuries is that they not only hurt a person physically and mentally but also hit the pocket book.

Doctors and medical expenses can go through the roof.

Work and income from a job is often put on hold in order for a person to heal up.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Henderson, NV don’t hesitate call the Law Offices of Richard Harris for your Free consultation.