Las Vegas Delivery Driver Accident Lawsuit

delivery driver accident lawsuit

Delivery drivers are in constant motion in Las Vegas.

Day and night deliveries are happening all around us.

Uber and Lyft, are well known for moving people throughout the community.

GrubHub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Postmates are some of the popular ways that all kinds of deliveries are made.

These companies not only deliver food from restaurants but from stores as well.

Costco, Walmart, and your local Albertsons are just a few of these places.

For the last few years deliveries have taken off.

This has become a new normal way to get all kinds of products.

Amazon will deliver practically anything right to your front door.

This business model does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The one major issue with all these deliveries is that the drivers are constantly paying attention to their mobile app.

This allows them to pick up orders and locate where they are delivering to.

It also adds to the risk for a crash.



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Remember that the ‘statute of limitations’ for personal injury claims in Nevada is two (2) years.

This means that it is within two (2) years of the time of the event and injury.

It is important to start putting together your case ASAP.

Speaking with eye witnesses is always better right after an accident.

Time can go by and they may forget some of the important details.

Investigating the case may take some time as well.

Evidence can often disappear if you wait too long.

We are considered the best personal injury law firm in Las Vegas because of our history.

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Having A Personal Injury Attorney Is Important

If you were injured in an accident with a delivery driver it is important to have an attorney.

Having a personal injury lawyer that understands these types of cases will be a huge help.

Having been in Nevada since 1980 we know just what to do next.

Our highly rated and knowledgeable attorneys have won many of these cases over the years.

We are here to help answer any questions that you may have.

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Dangers of Maps and Apps

These maps and apps are a big problem when it comes to your safety.

Driving around distracted looking at maps and apps is one way to get in an accident.

This is a serious danger for drivers.

It can also be a serious danger to those sharing the road with them.

Whether you are in a car, truck, or SUV you can quickly find yourself at risk.

Looking down and not paying attention to the road can lead to disaster.

Pedestrians, bike riders and motorcyclists are also at risk.


Determining Liability in A Delivery Driver Accident

This can get complicated. Each individual case will have its own set of circumstances.

Determining liability is vital in any lawsuit.

Delivery driver uses company vehicle – This will refer to certain companies like Amazon and FedEx. These companies are known to let the driver use the company vehicle. When this is the case, a claim will be made against the company’s auto insurance. In some cases, you will file a lawsuit against the company itself.

Delivery Driver uses their own vehicle – This is common with UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates etc. Your local pizza delivery will usually use this method. The driver will most likely be using their own vehicle. Complications may arise in these accidents. A company’s insurance sometimes covers the damages. Determining if he was actually ‘on the job’ may come into the equation. Was the person logged in? Was the person just driving around on his own time? Drivers will often use their cars for personal use and for work. In some cases, the driver’s insurance will be liable.


Both driver’s and the companies they work for have a responsibility.

They may try and place the blame on each other after an accident.

This can make for confusion. What do I do next?

Each franchise or company will have different types of insurance.

The amount of coverage will vary depending on the business.

Richard Harris will investigate the details of your accident and find out who is responsible.

You may get the run around from the insurance companies on your own.

That is why it is best to have a lawyer that knows how to get to the bottom of your case.

We know Nevada and how to deal with the insurance companies.

Getting you the maximum compensation for the damages is our goal.


Delivery Drivers and Vehicle Maintenance

Many delivery drivers on the streets of Las Vegas will use their own vehicles.

The companies they work for often require certain standards for their cars.

It is usually the responsibility of the driver to have proper maintenance of the car or truck they are driving.

Maintenance issues can be a cause of an accident.

If there is an accident because of lack of maintenance then the car owner can be held liable.

This is also true when it comes to the companies vehicles. The delivery driver may have mechanical issues with the company truck and they crash.

Maintaining the delivery vehicle is important for safety.

Drivers can put a lot of miles on these vehicles. Brakes need to be in proper working order and given regular maintenance.

This is true with the tires as well.

Delivery drivers and companies all have a responsibility to keep up on the maintenance of their vehicles.



damages I can recover from delivery driver car crash

How To Calculate Damages and Compensation?

The main calculations for damages that will be considered are;

Medical Bills – All medical expenses. This includes; hospital, medicine, and doctors’ visits. We will also consider future medical expenses if there is a life changing injury. Therapy, rehabilitation, and long-term care are other expenses. Medical costs can add up. Richard Harris will make sure you get the care you need. The liable party should be paying for the damages, not you.

Car Damages – Our lawyers will make sure that you are getting treated right by the insurance company.

Wages LostLosing income is a major stress after an injury. Most jobs do not keep paying us if we are not working. Depending on the injury you may need a few days off or a few months. In some serious injuries going back to work may not be an option. Making sure that you are compensated for the lost income is key. This can include income in the future and today.

We will –

  1. Find out what the at-fault drivers insurance covers.
  2. Look at all of the details of your case.
  3. Determine the extent of the injury and costs.
  4. Try our best to get you the maximum compensation possible.

It is important that you receive a just payout.

This will help get you back on your feet and on the road to recovery.



Pedestrians and Bike Riders Hit by a Delivery Vehicle

Unfortunately, this does happen. The injuries left behind can be more serious.

The reasons are usually the same when these types of accidents happen.

A distracted delivery driver will make it even more difficult to see a pedestrian or cyclist.

Our personal injury lawyers understand how to file these claims.

Call 911 and get the help of the police right away.

If the at-fault driver leaves the scene without giving you any information it is considered a hit and run. This is a crime.


What To Do After an Accident with A Delivery Driver?

Getting in an accident can be overwhelming.

If possible don’t panic and try and look at the damages.

Getting as much information as possible will be beneficial if you plan on filing a lawsuit.

  1. Call 911. Seek medical help right away if you are injured.
  2. Call the police and report the accident. Having a police report can be a big advantage in a personal injury lawsuit.
  3. Get information from all involved. Names, numbers, driver license, insurance, registration etc. Find out what company they are delivering for. A lot of times the information will be on the vehicle. If it is a small local business, it may not.
  4. Take pics and video. This will establish the scene of the accident. Showing different angles and damages from the accident is important. The more evidence you have that can prove who was at-fault the better.
  5. Contact Richard Harris and let us get to work building your case.


Was the delivery driver on the clock?

Finding out if the delivery driver was on the clock can make a difference.

Who will be held liable can be determined by this. It may take some investigating to check the drivers app.

This will show whether he was logged in and working or not at the time of the crash.

Whether the driver was working full-time or part-time will usually not affect this.

This is often a key factor with those delivering with their own cars or trucks.



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