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Summerlin is known for being a master planned community in the western region of the Las Vegas Valley.

It is also a growing city with restaurants, shopping, casinos and world class sporting facilities.

There is a need for more business and housing which will continue to increase the population.

Motorcycles are quite common on the roads of Summerlin and throughout Las Vegas.

As the traffic intensifies so will the number of motorcycle accidents on the roads and freeways.

Richard Harris is the best Summerlin motorcycle accident lawyer who is known for getting his clients the fair compensation they deserve.

Motorcycle accidents can be very serious and traumatic for those involved and it is crucial to have an expert motorcycle accident attorney in your corner.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash in Summerlin you’ll find there are a number of lawyers, but there are not many, if any, that go above and beyond like Richard Harris.

Richard Harris and his professional team have helped hundreds of motorcycle accident victims all over Las Vegas, and our 5-star ratings on Google and Yelp really speak volumes about our customer service.



Causes For Summerlin Motorcycle Accidents

The Las Vegas Valley is known for its sunny days and favorable weather.

Motorcycles are a great mode of transportation to get around the streets and roadways of Summerlin including the 215 freeway and parkways, Sahara Blvd, etc.

Riders find it convenient to get around town efficiently and quickly.

They are also a lot of fun and with the cost of gas a much cheaper form of transportation.

As a motorcyclist, no matter how safe you drive, there is still a real chance that another vehicle will hit you.

There are a multitude of variables that can cause a motorcycle accident.

Listed below are the most common reasons that can lead to a motorcycle wreck.

Speeding – is always a top primary cause of accidents, driving over the speed limit makes it very difficult to see a motorcycle rider, the higher the speed the worse the impact and injuries.

Failure to Yield – when this occurs a collision may result, this is unsafe, irresponsible and against the law, riders are able to bring a negligence claim against the driver.

Driving Distracted – like texting, looking at maps, talking on the phone, eating, drinking etc.

Motorcycle Defects – manufacture defects, the failure of the system or part of the motorcycle is a common source of accidents.

Inexperienced Drivers – these drivers are very likely to compromise the safety of motorists and make for unsafe road conditions.

Abrupt Stops – tailgating or following to close to a vehicle can cause accidents on a motorcycle as well as other vehicles.

Lane Splitting – driving between two lanes of traffic, hard to detect because it can happen so quickly.

Treacherous Road Conditions – this can include random debris, potholes, cracks in the pavement, lighting issues as well as winding, curvy roads can be unsafe.

Driving Under the Influence – drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be extremely dangerous, drivers can face both criminal and civil liability.


What To Do After a Motorcycle Crash

Getting into a motorcycle accident in Summerlin can be a life changing event.

Injuries are more likely to happen when a motorcyclist goes down or collides with another motor vehicle.

NHTSA reports that 13 out of 100,000 cars accidents will involve a fatality.

When it comes to motorcycles, the percentage is much higher and the fatality rate is 72 per 100,000.

Accidents happen out of nowhere, and many times there is no way to avoid it.

It’s important to be prepared for the worst so you know what to do in case you get hit by a car, especially if you are carrying a passenger on your motorcycle.

Whether you crash on the neighborhood streets of Summerlin going 15 mph or on the 215 Freeway, motorcycle accidents are no joke.

Broken bones, head injuries, or even internal injuries are all very common for victims of motorcycle wrecks.

Don’t handle the legal fight by yourself.

Get an experienced Summerlin motorcycle accident team such as the Law Offices Richard Harris to handle your case and make sure you are professionally represented.

Of course, it is very important to follow all medical advice you get from doctors to make sure that you heal 100% (or as much as possible).

What to do if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash:

  • Call 911
  • Get out of the way of oncoming traffic quickly
  • Gather evidence (photos, video) of the accident & your injuries
  • Get contact info from any witnesses
  • Do not admit any fault
  • Seek medical attention ASAP
  • Call a local Summerlin motorcycle attorney


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Why Contact Richard Harris Law Firm

Here at the Richard Harris Law Firm our primary concern is our client’s health and recovery.

Our lawyers are ready to fight the insurance companies to make sure you get maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

If you are injured, need time off employment, have physical therapy or treatment, then you definitely want a premiere accident lawyer on your side.

  1. Call us 24 hours a day
  2. We have recovered over $1 Billion for our clients
  3. Serving Nevada since 1980
  4. Over 1000 Google Reviews
  5. Pay no Fees unless we win your case

As a top Summerlin motorcycle accident attorney, Richard Harris knows how stressful a motorcycle accident can be.

He handles each client with care and compassion while aggressively fighting for you and your case.

If you or your loved one has been in a car accident, contact Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney Richard Harris and his team of professional attorneys today for a FREE consultation.


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How Much is My Motorcycle Settlement Worth

Every motorcycle crash is different, so is how each insurance company handles accident claims.

You want to make certain that you get medical attention to assure any injuries you suffered will heal as best as possible.

On top of that, getting medical care is crucial to your settlement once we start dealing with the insurance companies, etc.

If you don’t get medical aide then down the road the insurance companies will try to deny or minimize your claim by saying you weren’t injured.

You don’t want to fight the insurance company alone, you will want a top motorcycle accident attorney like Richard Harris in Summerlin to fight for you and your family.

There are many many factors that contribute to the financial part of an injury claim, and our ultimate goal is to get you maximum compensation for any:

  • Property damage
  • Injuries
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and suffering


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Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, no doubt about it, but the injuries that you suffer will range from minor injuries (cuts, bruises) to major types (head, spinal).

In a NHTSA study traumatic brain injuries (TBI) account for approximately 18 % of those injured in a motorcycle crash.

Those that were wearing a helmet had less head injuries and deaths then those not wearing one.

The helmet can significantly help a motorcyclist avoid a head injury.

Even the smallest head injury can have lifetime negative affects.

The basic goal of the helmet is that it will greatly lower the chance of any brain movement upon impact when a rider hits the ground.

Please don’t ride without a helmet.

Below is a list of typical injuries that motorcycle riders suffer:

  • Head Injuries (TBI, concussion)
  • Broken Bones (arms, legs, ribs, facial)
  • Whiplash (neck)
  • Road Rash (cuts, scraps, can cause infection)
  • Spine or Back (paralysis, long term effects)
  • Amputation (loss of limbs)



How to Avoid a Motorcycle Crash in Summerlin

Fortunately for those of us living in Southern Nevada, the weather is pretty good all year around.

Riding a motorcycle in the rain (or high winds, etc.) is certainly a lot harder than it looks.

If you’re a new motorcyclist or have years of experience it is important to remember some basic safety tips that can save your life.

There is no guaranteed way to avoid a crash on a motorcycle but, there are steps you can take to make your rides a lot safer.

  • Take a Safety Course – be a knowledgeable rider on the road, having proper training can go a long way in avoiding a collision.
  • Check the Weather – take proper precautions when going for a ride
  • Maintenance Check – test all components of the bike before heading out on the road, tires, brakes, lights etc.
  • Avoid Speeding – obey all the rules of the road
  • Be Observant – watch for road hazards, don’t get distracted
  • Protective Gear – a helmet can save your life, take mandatory safety precautions, wear protective clothing and eye wear as well.
  • Never Drive Under the Influence – DUI is a recipe for disaster

When it does rain here in Summerlin the roads can get extremely slick and dangerous, so slow down and stay safe.

If you find yourself in a motorcycle crash in Summerlin call Richard Harris.