This post concludes the Auto Accident Series.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the information presented in this series of articles.  This subject matter is very complex, and we are limited by space to only be able to present thumbnail explanations of many of the subjects discussed in this series.  The most important concept given throughout this series, is to follow your lawyer’s directions throughout the process.  He has the experience in this field and has proven to be a successful lawyer in order to selected by the Richard Harris Law Firm as an attorney.

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As a review of this series we have considered the following subjects since the beginning of this series.

  1. The Auto Accident – we discussed what happens at the accident scene and actions you can take to strengthen your case
  2. The Insurance Company’s Objectives – we reviewed how our objectives and those of the insurance company differ, and what to expect when dealing with them.
  3. When and How to Select the Right Lawyer – Not every case needs a lawyer, but if you are injured, you should have one…some thoughts on selecting the right lawyer
  4. The Initial Consultation – We covered things you should bring to an initial consultation and what to expect when you meet with our firm the first time.
  5. Communications with the Firm – Once you’ve become a client of the firm, communications between you and your case manager or lawyer are critical. We covered some unique ways the Richard Harris Law Firm has provided for clients to do so.
  6. The Legal Process of an Accident Claim – From start to finish, these are the steps from accident through resolution
  7. Social Media influence on Auto Accident Cases – You can lose a case due to social media…don’t let it happen to you.
  8. The Accident Demand – What’s included and how we present your claim to the insurance company
  9. Negotiating an accident claim – Your lawyer and the insurance company will present claim and counter claim until agreement is reached. If not, there are other options.
  10. How is settlement distributed – Assuming your come to an agreement, this is how the proceeds will be distributed
  11. Do I consider litigation? – If unable to come to a resolution there are several alternatives which all include filing a lawsuit
  12. Alternate Dispute Resolution – Mediation and Arbitration – Among the many litigation activities, Alternate Dispute Resolution methods are encouraged prior to trial
  13. Taking a Claim to Court – If all efforts fail, court is the final body who will make a decision and enforce it.
  14. Summary – This article

We’ve covered a lot of ground over the last several weeks, but hopefully this has given you the resources you need to better understand the process, and how an attorney can assist with your case.

Future Installments of this and other Series

As the auto accident legal process changes, or as the laws evolve to meet current conditions, we will keep you informed with additional Auto Accident Series (AAS) articles.  Thanks for following along with us on this journey and we will present other Series-style articles for other complex legal subjects in the future.

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