In this video, Richard Harris gives an intimate, more personal account of the internal workings of the firm.

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What can I expect from Richard Harris Law Firm

Naturally people who have been in an accident have a lot of fear, a lot of concern, a lot of anxiety about what they’ve been through and I hope that when they call my office they get a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Someone who can reassure, someone who can give confidence in the ability to a solve problem and hopefully that feeling of trust and confidence carries through from the beginning of the case all the way through until the successful result.

We’re very proud of our facility. Our office is convenient. It’s located in downtown Las Vegas, so it’s not too far from anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley. We are happy to do home and hospital visit but we’re very proud of our office and want our clients to come to the office to see us, to see our facility, and to feel at home here at the office.

I think that the kind of people we have working for us are folks who are sincerely dedicated and compassionate people.

We have the greatest staff, I think, in the legal profession. We have a lot of professional people who have been in this business for many years from lawyers on down to paralegals, case managers. So over time, we have been able to come up with a team of people who feel in their hearts genuine compassion, dedication, and who have a tremendous work ethic to be able to do whatever it takes to put our injured clients at ease and to make sure that the result in their case is the best that can be achieved.



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