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trampoline injury accident lawyer

Most everyone has been on a trampoline at some point in their life.

If not, then the remaining few have certainly seen one.

Typically the ones who use a trampoline are of a younger age.

The age when minor injuries aren’t as common as for the older folks.

The trampoline can also be a bit scary for those older and wiser knowing that any misstep could cause a lasting injury.

As we get older, most become less flexible with reflexes not being as quick as when we were younger so just the thought of jumping up and down on a canvas platform that is not only unstable but can send you flying in the air without recourse is enough to stay away.

With all of that said, the majority of trampoline users are kids.

However, adults also will use them especially for training purposes or to conduct certain exercises.

There are multiple trampoline parks located throughout the Las Vegas Valley and in southern Nevada.

The most common place though to find a trampoline is in someone’s backyard.

Some even have them located near a pool which can be very enticing for one to use the trampoline as an entry point to the swimming pool.

Regardless of where or how you were injured in a trampoline accident you should reach out for help.

The doctor bills can pile up even with smaller types of injuries and the Richard Harris Law Firm can help you get compensated fairly. 

Aside from actual doctor bills, there are many other expenses that you will come out of pocket on that you may not even be thinking of.

If you were hurt on a trampoline then call Richard Harris Law Firm today.



Trampolines Have Always Been Dangerous

Trampolines are nothing new and have been enjoyed by kids and adults through the United States and Nevada for numerous decades.

For as simple as they are, they provide great entertainment for people and are a welcome piece of equipment for parents who need their children to burn up some energy throughout the day and night.

Trampolines also do not take much in regards to maintenance although the springs can get rusty and the actual trampoline canvas can wear out.

For as many positives as there are for owning a trampoline and having it accessible for friends and family there is one negative and it is a big one.

They can be dangerous.

When a trampoline accident occurs, the injury can often be significant.

Injuries can occur for a variety of reasons whether it be something that the victim did intentionally or in error, or the injury could occur due to negligence or a mistake by another party.

These other parties could include another person on the trampoline, the owner of it or even the manufacturer in the case there was a defect.

With a trampoline’s taut canvas surface platform being pulled as tight as can be and hooked on to coiled springs it is a recipe for fun and possible injury.

Because of the leverage that setup entails, kids and adults can be projected high in the air which is the fun of it all.

However that can make for a dangerous situation as well.

Some individual owners and companies will set up protective netting around the trampoline to keep people confined to the area, preventing them from flying off the canvas and landing on the ground.

Even with this type of protection there are still many issues that can occur.



Different Types of Trampoline Accidents

Manufactured or Installation Issues

These could include rusted or worn out springs.  When their metal springs become weak they could eventually break making a potential pit fall out of the canvas platform.  If the springs are not hooked on to the canvas appropriately the same dangerous situation could occur if someone lands in that vulnerable location.

If the frame is not installed properly or has been worn due to the relentless Las Vegas sun and heat then it can become weak.  With a weak frame, it is just a matter of time before the stress of people jumping up and down will cause it to collapse sending the participants to the ground.


Lack of Supervision or Preventive Maintenance

Although one would expect a trampoline park who has an admission cost for people would have ample supervision and would be conducting periodic maintenance on their equipment, it may not always be the case with other entities. Certainly these things could be overlooked by busy parents who want a piece of equipment  (other than a cell phone) that will keep their children entertained but it can also occur at outdoor camps.  Whether it be a summer camp, church group or other organization, sometimes these venues have a trampoline.

In some cases, the people working these groups are doing so on a volunteer basis and sometimes these organizations are not very organized, especially when it comes to letting the kids run wild in their outdoor playground.  If the lack of supervision or maintenance was the catalyst for your injury or that of a loved one then call the Richard Harris Law Firm to discuss your case.





trampoline injury accident

 Injuries From a Trampoline Accident

There is a long list of things a person shouldn’t be doing while on a trampoline.

  • Trying to jump from the trampoline into a swimming pool and not making the distance, landing on the concrete or even shallow part of the pool causing injury
  • Trying to flip in the air but not making a full revolution landing awkwardly
  • Colliding with another participant on the trampoline
  • Landing with a straight leg can cause ligament damage or even a fracture
  • Tripping over someone else on the trampoline
  • Not jumping straight up and then landing on the springs or outside of the structure of the trampoline
  • Landing at the same time someone is jumping can cause an awkward situation leading to an injury for one or both participants
  • Jumping into an item such as low hanging lights (if indoors) or into a tree branch if the trampoline is located outdoors

As with most injuries, taking preventive action is usually the best way to prevent getting hurt.

Obviously bouncing up and down, high in the air is not a fail safe way to be entertained.

By nature of what a trampoline is, the actual canvas platform is already located a few feet in the air with those using it being able to take flight a few more feet depending on how high they can get.

That equates to being approximately six feet off the ground.


Utilizing some safety precautions will prevent a lot of injuries which could include:

  • Having adequate supervision while children and adults are playing on the trampoline
  • Having an age limit for participants (ie: no one younger than six years old)
  • Do not overcrowd the trampoline with too many people at once
  • Have netting or a soft surface around the trampoline in the case someone lands outside of the canvas / structure
  • Do not allow for people to jump off the roof onto the trampoline or from the trampoline to the swimming pool or other location
  • Place the trampoline away from objects overhead such as tree branches, lights or electrical wires
  • Conduct routine maintenance on the trampoline to inspect the springs, canvas and structure base
  • Do not try and do acrobatic maneuvers such as forward and back flips unless you are trained to do so
  • If you own a trampoline, ensure that only people authorized are allowed to be on it (this could mean installing fencing and signs)


A Partial List of Injuries that Can Occur Due to a Trampoline Accident

  • Broken bones, fractures, hairline fractures – these can occur in nearly all body parts
  • Lacerations
  • Concussion
  • Sprains, especially in the knees, ankles and wrist
  • Torn ligaments with most occurring in the lower body
  • Dislocations
  • Brunt force trauma
  • Brain damage
  • Loss of limbs / paralysis
  • Death
  • Coma
  • Neck or spinal cord injuries


Although the aforementioned list is just a partial example of what injuries could incur on a trampoline there is a common denominator to most of them.

If you are ever injured then most likely the treatment of such an injury will involve multiple visits to a doctor meaning ongoing pain, suffering and costs.

These costs include direct costs associated with doctor bills but also may include indirect expense such as missing work, driving back and forth to the doctor as well as other out of pocket costs (ie:  prescriptions, braces, co pays, deductibles, etc…).

Numerous scenarios can occur for you to seek out legal help for a trampoline injury.

Scenarios may include you or a loved one being on a trampoline owned by another private property who was negligent with their trampoline environment or with the maintenance of it.

Someone could also have purchased a trampoline but there was a manufacturer defect which caused an injury.

In this case, the private party would be seeking out legal restitution from the manufacturer or possible the store that sold the product.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the injury may have occurred at a trampoline park which are more and more prevalent today or at a camp or organization.

Regardless of the situation, if there was an injury due to a trampoline accident then call, email or stop by the Richard Harris Law Firm in downtown Las Vegas.


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