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Children tend to have a lot of energy that never seems to diminish. Unfortunately, they may not put much effort into exercising caution or avoiding danger. Children may be much less attentive to risks and can be more naïve toward potential harm than adults.

As a result, children may suffer harm unique to their size and age, besides being injured in an unanticipated accident. The team at Richard Harris Law Firm doesn’t want to see any child get hurt. Yet, the sad reality is we must sometimes face this situation.

If your child has been the victim of an accident and injury in North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or the surrounding areas of Clark County, we want to help. Please contact us to find out what your legal options are. 

We have compassionate child injury lawyers on our legal team who can display the patience and gentleness an injured child requires. At the same time, our personal injury lawyers have the grit and perseverance necessary to bring guilty parties to justice by means of a claim or lawsuit.

Common Injuries a Child May Suffer After an Accident

The effects of an accident upon a child can be different than for an adult who experiences the same type of accident. For example, the body of a child can be more severely bruised in a car accident than that of an adult in the same accident. Also, the injured child may suffer the consequences of the accident well into his or her future, both mentally and emotionally.

An accident caused by negligence can result in the following injuries to a child:

The personal injury attorneys at Richard Harris Law Firm know how hard the recovery period can be for the parent or guardian of an injured child. We sympathize with how much it hurts to see a child you love in pain.

We want to do our part to help you file a personal injury claim that gets you and your child the compensation you need. Contact an attorney with our team to find out what Richard Harris’s team can do for you.

Types of Accidents That Can Happen to a Child

A child should both feel and be safe when attending school, playing, or under the care of an adult. However, this is not always the case.

The types of accidents that are most common among children in the Las Vegas, NV, area are the following:

Whether your child is at a school, a business, or the home of a friend, the law in Nevada requires these locations to exercise reasonable care for the child’s safety. When a child has been hurt, the parents or legal guardians have the right to seek compensation.

Please reach out to a child injury lawyer with Richard Harris Law Firm for a free consultation. An attorney with our team can provide you with legal advice that helps secure your child’s future and your family’s peace of mind.

Prevalence of Accidents Involving Children

Does it seem to you that a child can find danger nearly everywhere? The findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would appear to support this perception. Each year in the US, some 9 million children go to the emergency room from unintentional injuries.

Falls are the most prevalent reason for these emergency room visits. Each year, nearly 3 million children visit the emergency room for falling alone.

The most common reasons for nonfatal child injury include:

  • Burns
  • Being struck by an object
  • Animal bites/stings
  • Overexertion
  • Motor vehicle-related injuries

The Las Vegas child injury lawyers with our law firm have the needed skills to pursue injury cases. Our attorneys can provide you with valuable direction as you file a personal injury claim in a free consultation.

How to Determine Responsible Parties For an Accident Involving a Child

Determining who is to blame when a child is injured can be difficult. It is crucial to have a personal injury attorney who understands how the law protects children when you file a lawsuit for a child injury claim. An experienced child injury lawyer on our team can attentively apply the correct legal steps in these types of claims.

Accountable parties could include the following:

  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Babysitters
  • Property owners
  • Product manufacturers

Our attorneys have experience in pursuing claims against these sorts of parties – and others – who have injured children by action or inaction. For meaningful legal advice from an attorney with your local Richard Harris law office, please contact us and schedule your free consultation.

Receive Compensation For Child Injuries

Even decades ago, one study reported that the annual cost for unintentional injuries to children in the US came to over $300 billion. This figure has likely grown since.

Injury treatment is the leading cause of medical spending concerning children. Needless to say, the medical bills that parents or the legal guardians of an injured child must pay can be substantial.

The negligent party could be found liable to cover the costs of your child’s medical bills. If your child’s injuries resulted in death, you could pursue a wrongful death claim.

Compensation can be obtained by means of a child injury lawsuit or claim in Nevada for the following damages:

  • Medical costs
  • Disability costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost quality of life
  • Long-term care

Please contact a child injury lawyer with our legal team for a free consultation. Our legal counsel can enable you and your child to regain a well-grounded future after being hurt by negligence.

Hold Those at Fault Responsible For Your Child’s Injury

It is especially upsetting when a child in Nevada is injured despite preventable circumstances. When another party’s negligence resulted in your child’s suffering, that individual or entity may be legally obligated to provide compensation for the child’s injury, and you may be able to receive restitution.

Of course, children cannot file a lawsuit themselves. Personal injury claims on a child’s behalf must be initiated by a parent, guardian, or another adult.

The Las Vegas child injury lawyers at Richard Harris Law Firm can help you pursue your fight for justice. Contact us today at (702) 745-8555 or fill out a free initial consultation form.



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