Injured at a Strip Club

injured at a strip club

Some of the most famous strip clubs in the world are in Las Vegas and some of these strip clubs have the most amazing locations in Nevada.

Over the years strip clubs have become a vital part of the nightlife or day life scene in the Las Vegas entertainment empire.

They are just as prevalent as any number of the Cirque du Soleil shows.

Strip clubs even offer some famous faces making appearances on a regular basis in Las Vegas.

Some of the most famous strip clubs include Sapphire, Crazy Horse, The Hustler Club, and The Spearmint Rhino.

Any strip club in Las Vegas offers not just dancing girls and booze but private dances in the champagne room, bachelor and even bachelorette parties.

Most strip clubs have a group of limo drivers that they pay to bring customers to the club from a casino.

The driver in this case gets a price per person to bring guests there.

There are even a few famous male strip acts in Vegas like The Thunder from Down Under and Chippendales Dancers.

Even though some of the most famous strip clubs and reviews are in Vegas they are not always a safe place to be.

Bad Reputations

Strip clubs have a reputation for bad business practices and some questionable treatment of their customers and staff.

In 2001 a Kansas tourist was left paralyzed when he was beaten by employees at The Crazy Horse Too.

The F.B.I eventually raided the club and closed it down.

Employees and owners were charged with a variety of crimes including tax evasion on the part of the dancers and club owners as well as many other crimes.

After this incident many former employees and patrons brought lawsuits against the club for injuries sustained from many instances that occurred while the club was operating illegally.

protect your legal rights

Protect Your Legal Rights

Even the most famous strip clubs in Las Vegas like The Hustler Club are surrounded by controversy.

There are always news reports of incidents happening at many strip clubs in Las Vegas from assaults to murders.

A patron may be able to recover damages when the club is held liable for –

  • Assault and battery by the club bouncers

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Food Poisoning (yes they do offer foods at some strip establishments) questionable at best

  • Sexual assault

  • Alcohol and drug poisoning

  • Failure to get medical attention

  • Lack of adequate security

  • Negligence of club employees

Call a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured at a Las Vegas Strip club.

who is liable for a strip club injury

Who’s Liable for Las Vegas Strip Club Injury

Under Nevada law a wrongful act is usually limited to the person who has committed the act.

However, a strip club might be liable for the actions of its bouncers, bartenders, dancers or any other staff.

The strip club owner may be liable for a patron’s injuries when:

  1. An employee of the strip club performs their regular job duties in a negligent manner. For example a bouncer beats up a patron before throwing them out of the club.

  2. The strip club is negligent in the hiring or supervision of its staff.

  3. The strip club practices illegal activities like a dancer drugging a patron with drinks or over serving the patrons to make them spend more money.

  4. The strip clubs policies or practices are discriminatory.


Injured Working at a Strip Club

Let’s face it, strip clubs have a reputation for unsavory practices not only against patrons or guests but to the dancers and staff as well.

Since strip clubs like other businesses have a duty of care to the employees as well as the patrons, the club can be held liable for injuries to the staff as well.

Dancers, bouncers and bartenders can recover damages if the strip club is negligent with basic safety practices for the following injuries

Slip and fall- dancing is the job of the stripper but if the pole is improperly installed or the dancer falls on a stage that is wet and the club failed to clean it up and the dancer falls the club can be held responsible.

Failure to provide adequate security – If a patron assaults an employee of the club and the security was not there to protect the employee the club could be held responsible.

Failure to provide a safe work environment- Under the law strip club emp employees, like all other employees have the right to a safe workplace. If another employee either discriminates against, emotionally harassed or physically harassed another employee the strip club can be held liable.


Usually strip club employees don’t get benefits like health insurance or a retirement fund, but they do have rights against being hurt while working at the strip club.

If you have been injured while working at a Las Vegas Strip Club call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.


Damages $ from a Strip Club Injury

If you have been injured at a Las Vegas Strip Club either as an employee or a patron you might be entitled to recover damages.

If the strip club owner or other employees are negligent in their practices you need to call us today for help.

Below is a list of some damages we can help you recover.

  • Medical Bills

  • Physical rehabilitation

  • Lost wages

  • Lost earning capacity

  • Legal fees

  • Pain and suffering

  • Punitive damages

  • Wrongful death


You’ll need to hire a good lawyer to get you the maximum settlement for all of these damages.


What if You’re Partially at Fault

Nevada is a comparative negligence / shared fault state.

This means that a plaintiff or the injured party is entitled to recover damages as long as one or more of the defendants were at least 50% liable for the injuries to the plaintiff.

The amount of damages will simply be reduced by the extent the plaintiff is liable.

For example if a patron at a strip came to the club drunk and started a fight with a bouncer and the bouncer had to use force to subdue the patron but the patron ended up being hurt.

The patron can sue the club for injuries and damages but the judge may decide that the patron was responsible for 40% of their injuries because they started the fight and were drunk.

If you receive a $100,000 settlement then the settlement will be reduced by $40,000 since you were 40% responsible.


How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning your attorney absorbs all the financial responsibility for your case.

This includes filing fees, depositions, investigative costs, and attorneys fees.

Your lawyer only gets paid once a settlement has been reached.


How Long do You Have to File a Claim

Nevada has a 2 year statute of limitations to file a claim for an injury accident.

There are certain instances when that may change for example if the city was involved in your claim or someone passed away.

If your loved one passes away because of their injuries from an incident at a strip club then the date to file is extended until 2 years from the day the victim dies.


How Long Does an Injury Settlement Take

You may have only 2 years to file a claim, but it could take some time to settle your case.

One of the advantages to having an experienced personal injury lawyer is that they will work to settle your case in a timely manner while achieving the goal of getting you the largest settlement available to you.

Usually lawyers will negotiate a settlement, but if the case needs to go to trial then it may take longer to achieve a settlement.


Why Call Richard Harris Law Firm

  • Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with a personal injury specialist

  • Using our own investigative team we will gather evidence to determine what happened using photos, videos, witness accounts, police reports and medical reports

  • Our staff can identify all parties that could be held liable for your injuries including the strip club itself, vendors of the club, construction workers, or other patrons.

  • Negotiate with insurance companies or insurance adjusters for a fair settlement on your behalf

  • Review with you all potential offer and advise

  • Prepare your lawsuit by the statute of limitations

  • Take your case to trial if negotiations dont work


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