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Spirit of Nevada Scholarship Contest Information



Contest Information

Participating in the Spirit of Nevada Scholarship Contest is simple:

Create an entry based on the theme and rules.

  • Register your entry.

  • Spread awareness!

  • Currently enrolled high school students (grades 9-12) in Clark County, Nevada, are eligible to participate.

The Basics

A total of four scholarships will be awarded to the students who create the best entry based on the year’s theme. There will be one $1,000 scholarship (per category) awarded to the student with the best entry in each category. The four categories are video, work of art, short story or poem, and original song or musical production. In addition, $500 will be awarded to the school of each winning student.

Categories and Parameters for Entry

Contest categories and parameters for entry:

  • A video (maximum 7 minutes, includes film, animation, etc.);

  • An original work of art (includes painting, sculpture, cartoon, etc.);

  • A short story or poem (maximum 2,000 words);

  • An original song or musical production (maximum 7 minutes).

These are the only entry categories, and entries must fit properly into one of these to be eligible.

If submitting a work of art, the student must include a photo file of the artwork with their submission forms, as well as deliver their submission to the Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm at 801 South 4th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

The online and in-person deadline for all submissions is Friday, April 30, 2021, at 5 p.m.

Students with video submissions can upload their video to either their personal YouTube or Vimeo account. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges that will evaluate the submissions based on creativity, entertainment value, quality, and reach of awareness. Winners will be selected and notified soon after. Winners will be featured on the Spirit of Nevada website as well as invited to meet the host of Spirit of Nevada, Samantha Chian, at an award ceremony on their behalf.

Theme and Inspiration

Whether you’re ‘Vegas Born’ or new to the State, Nevada has a way of making an impact on the lives of all of us who call it home. Our 2021 scholarship contest theme, “Nevada Past and Present,” encourages students to share stories of the little known or special people, places, events or organizations which exist throughout Nevada.

You may consider these examples of what you could focus on with your entry:

  • A person who enriches the lives of the community.

  • An inspirational place of natural beauty.

  • An organization making Southern Nevada a better place to live.

  • Bring awareness to a social cause that affects the lives of Nevadans.

Your entry about something like the above examples (but certainly not limited to these topics!) can take the form of a video (no longer than 7 minutes), a work of art, a short story or poem (maximum 2,000 words) or an original song or musical production (no longer than 7 minutes). Your entry can be inspiring, shocking, emotional, unique, dramatic or humorous—whatever makes your entry convey an effective message.


ALL entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2021.

WINNERS will be announced on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Submitting Video

Below is a checklist of all items required for video submissions:

  • Video has been uploaded to a YouTube or Vimeo account.

  • YouTube or Vimeo webpage includes “Spirit of Nevada Scholarship Contest 2021 – Nevada Past and Present” in the title and required information in the description.

  • “Student Registration Form,” “Student Release Waiver” and “Consent of Broadcast and Advertising” forms have been fully filled out.

  • The online registration process has been completed.


  • One winner chosen per category: video, work of art, short story or poem, or an original song or musical production—$1,000 prize for each winner, a total of four winners

  • $500 awarded to the school of each of the four winners

  • Total prizes available to be awarded—$6,000