2019 Richard Harris Law SWAC Scholarship Winners

2019 Students with a Cause Scholarship Theme:
“Home Means Nevada”

Our 2019 scholarship theme was “Home Means Nevada”. We challenged students to go beyond Nevada’s bright lights and dig deeper to explore the exceptional people, places, charities, and social causes that help make our state a better place.

Scholarship Winners

We awarded one winner from each category a $1,000 scholarship to go towards their college tuition, and their respective high schools also received $500 each. Congratulations to the 2019 scholarship winners for our Students with a Cause Scholarship! Check out their winning submissions below.

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Alyssa Lagua

Best Short Story or Poem

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Michael Skinner

Best Video

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Tiffany Fung

Best Music

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Memoryz Webb

Best Artwork

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Best Short Story or Poem

Alyssa Lagua
West Career and Technical Academy

“We Are…”
By: Alyssa Lagua

When one thinks of Nevada,
They often think of Sin City
Where they roll the dice
While admiring the shimmering lights

“What happens in Vegas
Stays in Vegas.”
That’s what they believe
Until they leave.

After the fatal night
Filled with fright,
We took the opportunity
To reveal our sense of unity.

Despite the horror they faced,
Kind souls took haste,
Acting as a shield
For those with more youth.

The tragedy
Took the lives of 58,
But we did not
Sit around and wait.

First responders
Displayed their fortitude,
Jumping into the chaos
To help the multitude.

Health professionals
Rose to act
To heal the wounds
Of the attacked.

Others took to their phones,
Making the incident known.
“What happened was wrong,
But we are Vegas Strong.”

It soon became world news,
And many were confused.
“How could such a thing
Happen while people sing?”

The burden was heaviest
On those present at the scene.
Who could ever forget
What they have seen?

We faced such adversity,
And yet we stood tall
Raising awareness
For those who did fall.

Candles were set ablaze,
Showing how our society
Was close-knit
Amid the hardship.

As everyone played their parts,
Four simple words
Burned into our hearts:
“We are Vegas Strong.”

A phrase that echoes
To this very day.
We are always reminded
That we will be okay.

That fateful calamity
Formed another identity;
One that carries the essence
Of perseverance.

“What happens in Vegas
Stays in Vegas.”
It’s hard to believe
When the whole world grieves.

We may be “Battle Born,”
But we are “Vegas Strong,”
And we have been
All along.


And nothing can prove that wrong.

Best Video

Michael Skinner Advanced Technologies Academy

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Best Music

Tiffany Fung West Career and Technical Academy

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Best Artwork

Memoryz Webb Legacy High School