2018 Richard Harris Law SWAC Scholarship Winners

2018 Students with a Cause Scholarship Theme:
“Discover Both Sides”

Our 2018 scholarship theme was “Discover Both Sides.” We challenged students to go beyond Nevada’s bright lights and dig deeper to explore the exceptional people, places, charities, and social causes that help make our state a better place.

Scholarship Winners

We awarded one winner from each category a $1,000 scholarship to go towards their college tuition, and their respective high schools also received $500 each. Congratulations to the 2018 scholarship winners for our Students with a Cause Scholarship! Check out their winning submissions below.

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Erik Till

Best Short Story or Poem

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Peter Grema

Best Video

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Caitlynn Winslow

Best Website Design

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Marvin Sharp

Best Artwork

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Best Short Story or Poem

Erik Till – West Career and Technical Academy

Submission Description: I wrote this poem about the different sides of Nevada that people wouldn’t generally think about when they hear about Nevada. Although I did touch on the Las Vegas strip and entertainment industries, I made sure to include other factors that really characterize this state. I tried to focus on the many factors that make this state great, and why it has become a piece of my heart throughout the 16 years that I have lived here. This poem truly represents the theme of “discovering both sides” of our great state of Nevada.

This Is NevadaBy: Erik Till

The glow of neon lights
Encased within a dark, desert sky;
Lies a city that never sleeps
Where the stakes run high.
This is Nevada.

Across the valley
Where the red rocks rise;
Nature shows off her handiwork
In the western sunset skies.
This is Nevada.

From the Rat Pack, to Elvis,
To Siegfried and Roy;
The entertainment capital of the world
Does not disappoint.
This is Nevada.

From the depths of Lake Tahoe
To the heights of Heavenly;
An unmatched outdoor paradise,
This is Nevada.

Carson City and the Comstock Lode
Literally hit silver and gold;
This state’s capitol still characterized by
Those historic days of old.
This is Nevada.

In the heart of the state
Lies Great Basin National Park;
Bristlecone pines, Lehman Caves,
And trails to embark.
This is Nevada.

The Golden Knights
Took Las Vegas by surprise;
Stormed right into the playoffs,
A true miracle on ice.
This is Nevada.

The sounds of freedom
Grace our skies;
From Reno to Nellis
Airmen risk their lives.
This is Nevada.

The Silver State emerged
Battle Born and bred;
Larger than life,
A vast homestead.
This is Nevada.

A night of carnage.
What went wrong?
The world will always know
We are Vegas Strong!
This is Nevada.

No matter where I go,
No matter what I see,
Home will forever remain Nevada to me.

Best Video

Peter Grema West Career and Technical Academy

Submission Description: Exploration Peak- where the city lights of Las Vegas stand distant to the mountains nearby.

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Best Website Design

Caitlynn Winslow Ed W. Clark High School

Submission Description: I made a website that gives and explains the many different events and experiences that Clark County and Nevada has to offer. I also gave links to the websites of these locations or events for visitors to get further information on the topic. I also showed three important events in Nevada’s history. I wanted to show that although the strip is a great place to visit, the rich history in Nevada shouldn’t be put in the shadow of the entertainment industry.

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Best Artwork

Marvin Sharp Chaparral High School

Submission Description: We are at our weakest, we are at our strongest.