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Before submitting an entry to the Spirit of Nevada Scholarship, please read through the rules carefully. Any submission that does not meet all required guidelines will not be included in the scholarship.

Guideline Summary

  1. The subject/theme of all submissions must follow the theme of the year.
  2. All video submissions (including animated productions) must be no longer than 7 minutes in total length; all short stories or poems must not exceed 2,000 words; works of art can take any form; original songs and musical productions must be no longer than 7 minutes in total length. These are the only entry categories, and entries must fit properly into one of these categories to be eligible.
  3. If submitting a work of art, the student must include a photo file of the artwork with their submission forms, as well as deliver their submission to the law firm.
  4. Original song and musical production entries must include verbiage stating the piece was created specifically for the 2021 Spirit of Nevada Scholarship Contest.
  5. Submission must be the original work of the contestant.
  6. Submission must not include obscene, profane, lewd, or defamatory content and may not contain any third-party materials, or otherwise violate or infringe (or potentially infringe) any copyright, trademark, logo or mark that identifies a brand.
  7. All video submissions must be posted on the creator’s own YouTube or Vimeo account.
  8. Scholarship identification (#spiritofnevada) must appear in the title of the videos YouTube or Vimeo page. Example: Your Unique Title #spiritofnevada
  9. The video’s YouTube or Vimeo page must include the following in the description: Contestant’s name and school; A description of the video in the creator’s own words.
  10. “Student Registration Form,” “Student Release Waiver” and “Consent of Broadcast and Advertising Form” must be filled out and submitted with all submissions.
  11. Students wishing to pick up their original art submissions must do so between May 15, 2021, and May 21, 2021, during regular business hours. Artwork that is not claimed after May 21, 2021 will no longer be available for pick-up.