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Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery data breach

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April 17, 2023

Hankins Sohn Plastic Surgery Las Vegas data breach

  Hankins & Sohn Data Breach Are you a former patient of Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates here in Las Vegas Nevada? Unfortunately Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates had a data breach and…

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Hankins & Sohn Data Breach

Are you a former patient of Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates here in Las Vegas Nevada?

Unfortunately Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates had a data breach and it might have affected thousands of patients.

Anytime a data breach happens it is a big deal, and it must be taken very seriously.

Former patients of Hankins & Sohn were notified about the data breach, but that is only the beginning.

Sadly, patients are now being blackmailed to pay hackers ransoms over their personal and private data.

This data includes sensitive before and after photos of their procedures and even their drivers license.

In addition hackers claim to have stolen their social security numbers and other info like their date of birth.

If you are a former patient and have been notified of a data breach then don’t wait any longer to get help, call our law firm today.


Contact Richard Harris Law Firm

A data breach can be a very serious situation, so don’t waste anymore time.

You can contact The Richard Harris Law Firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer a Free consultation so you can get answers and figure out what to do next.

If you prefer to contact via email then please use our contact form.

We have been helping people in Nevada for over 40 years and we are the firm that people trust here in Las Vegas.

We are here to help with any questions you might have about what to do next.


data breach in las vegas


A Data Breach Can be Very Serious

Over the last few years data breaches have become very common.

We even hear about big banks and the government getting attacked by hackers from all over the world.

There have been several other surgery centers in recent years that have been hit by data breaches.

Scripps Health ended up paying $3.5 million to patients who were victims of a ransomware attack in 2021.

Other health systems are facing data breach lawsuits which impact 1000’s of patients.

dealing with progressive insurance car accident injury claim

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October 31, 2022

Progressive Insurance Injury Accident Claims and Liability

  The history of Progressive Insurance  Based in Matfield, Ohio Progressive Insurance was founded in 1937. Progressive is in the top ten insurance companies after Geico, State Farm, and Allstate. Progressive unlike some other insurance…

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progressive insurance auto injury accident claims

The history of Progressive Insurance 

Based in Matfield, Ohio Progressive Insurance was founded in 1937.

Progressive is in the top ten insurance companies after Geico, State Farm, and Allstate.

Progressive unlike some other insurance companies, offers other insurance, not just auto insurance, to its policyholders.

They  offer Government and employment insurance, product liability insurance, as well as insurance for all vehicles including motorcycles and boats.

Progressive also offers insurance to commercial vehicles including company trucks or vans used for delivery.


Progressive Insurance Auto Accident Settlement Statistics

Working with any insurance company after an accident can be challenging.

Progressive like other insurance companies want to limit their financial responsibility after an accident even though you have paid into your insurance by payment of your premiums.

Progressive is known for using aggressive tactics to achieve this result.

The average settlement offer from progessive insurance after an accident is $17,000.

At first glance this might seem to be an Ok sum of money, but in cases like auto accidents there are alot of factors to consider to determine what amount you should receive.

Your settlement should include money for all medical expenses based on your injuries, car repairs, loss of work and loss of future earnings, the impact both physical and emotional the accident had on your life. 

Accident victims who hire a personal injury attorney usually recover settlements three times of what they would have been offered or received if they had not hired an attorney.

Something to consider before dealing with any insurance adjuster including progressive insurance.


progressive insurance car accident claims

Progressive Auto Insurance Coverage

As we have mentioned progressive offers many different types of insurance, for auto insurance they offer the following:

  • Uninsured Motorist- This is coverage for the accident victim if the other party does not have insurance. This is required in most states. This will cover all your expenses when the other driver doesn’t have insurance.
  • Collision Coverage- This is optional insurance if your car is not financed. If you are financing your car this is required. This covers physical damage to your vehicle either from an accident or other incidents like a tree falling.
  • Comprehensive Coverage- This is coverage that pays for other damage to your vehicle caused by something other than an accident like theft, fire or vandalism.
  • Personal Injury- This covers medical expenses in an accident regardless who is at fault.


Even though you pay for this auto insurance coverage, the job of the insurance company is to minimize the amount they pay out.

If you were hit by an Uber driver and need an Uber accident lawyer here in Vegas then call our lawyers today.

Remember they are for profit companies at the end of the day.


get compensation for injuries from Progressive

Claims Process & Settling Claim

All insurance companies need information to investigate and offer a settlement, even if you take it or not the general information remains the same.

You will need to provide the following information to the insurance company after an accident.

  1. Date, time and location of the accident
  2. Contact information for all the other drivers involved including name, phone number, address, insurance and driver’s license information
  3. The police report, always notify the police of an accident no matter how small you think it might be
  4. Photos and video of the accident damages 
  5. Any witness statements and contact information of the witnesses
  6. Your version of events


Even though you need to provide this information, never give a recorded statement over the phone or otherwise without seeking legal advice first.

Any recorded statement will be used in the future to determine the settlement they think you should receive.


Call Richard Harris Law Firm

We are the best car accident lawyers in Nevada.

The Richard Harris Law Firm has over four decades of experience with litigation with major insurance companies like State Farm and the likes. 

We have been able to file and win over 100,000 auto injury cases in Nevada over the years.

We fight for our clients to get the largest settlement that you are entitled to after an accident. 

Contact The Richard Harris Law Firm today for a free consultation.

We accept all types of personal injury and auto accident cases throughout Nevada including Uber, Lyft, Amazon, UPS, Limos, etc.

Since we work on a contingency basis we receive nothing up front and only get paid if we resolve your case with either a negotiated settlement or a jury trial award.

Only pay us after we win your case.


Working With Progressive Insurance Adjuster

When you are involved in an accident you will be assigned an insurance adjuster, this is the case for every insurance company including Progressive.

The insurance adjuster’s job is to be your case manager for the insurance carrier.

They gather evidence and in some cases determine the settlement value.

They will always ask you to provide a recorded statement or give a written statement.

Most attorneys including Richard Harris advise that you never do this without proper legal representation.

A good attorney will also advise you never to take the first offer from the adjuster.

The adjuster is incentivised to settle cases quickly before the victim can realize what has happened to them.

The accident is actually just the beginning of a long journey.

You may not know the extent of your injuries right away or the actual damage to your vehicle or whether it can even be repaired.

You may not have a clue as to why the manufacturer sold a faulty tire to a truck company that caused the accident.

This information only comes with time and investigation by an experienced team.

All attorneys will advise that you never take the first and quick settlement offer.


Insurance Adjuster Settlement Tactics

  1. Lowballing offers- This is usually the first offer and will be an offer significantly lower than what your claim is actually worth or what financially will make you whole again
  2. Bait and Switch- The adjuster will offer you a certain amount of money, still less than what you should receive. Usually the offer will change again once you have agreed. Never sign anything without an attorney looking it over first
  3. Stonewalling- How frustrating it is when you try over and over again to contact someone about something and theory never get back to you or refuse to negotiate. The adjuster in this case will just refuse to be involved in good faith or to provide information. 

Insurance adjusters are just doing their jobs but most of the time the offers Progressive adjusters are trying to settle for are far less than what you may deserve.


Damages to Recover from Progressive after car Crash

There are three types of financial recovery available from Progressive insurance after an accident.

Economic Damages- These are money damages that have a specific monetary value based on actual loss like medical expenses, property damage, lost income. This is not subjective and will include actual incurred costs based on records.

Non Economic damages– Thes arefinancia ldamages that do not have a specific monetary value. The values are assessed based on the severity of the accident and the long term repercussions.

Punitive Damages– These damages are intended to punish the at fault party. These are usually assigned to parties with extreme negligence and meant to financially punish the person or business.


Each of these three categories include many subsections that can be included in each one.

Bottom line is that never accept the first offer from a Progressive insurance adjuster.

Always seek legal advice before you give any statement written or recorded.

These statements will be used to settle your case quickly and at a lower offer than you deserve. 

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Nevada and Progressive insurance is your provider call The Richard Harris Law Firm today to speak with an attorney.

trucks on the roads

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October 14, 2022

Average Truck Accident Settlement

  What Is Average Truck Accident Settlement  You have already been involved in an accident involving a delivery truck or tractor trailer and you should be compensated for your loss due to the accident. But…

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What Is Average Truck Accident Settlement 

You have already been involved in an accident involving a delivery truck or tractor trailer and you should be compensated for your loss due to the accident.

But you’re not sure what to expect and how much you should recover.

What is the average settlement for truck accident injuries?

All accidents are different and therefore all accident settlements are different.

Settlements for truck accidents are based on injuries and can be anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to somewhere in the $ millions of dollars.

All truck companies carry substantial insurance policies in case of accidents like this.

These policies offer a large compensation package that means that commercial truck accidents offer a higher compensation package than that of a car accident.

The average settlement from a truck accident really does have a wide range, so your best bet is to call truck accident lawyer Richard Harris.


hiring the best lawyer for a truck accident in vegas

Contact Truck Accident Lawyer Richard Harris

Truck accidents are more complex and usually involve more parties than the average car accident claim.

This requires a much deeper investigation process that can gain a much larger compensation package for the accident victim.

Contact The Richard Harris Law Firm today if you were involved in a truck accident in Nevada.

We can give you details about what your claim may be worth during a consultation appointment.

We have over 40 years of experience in personal injury and truck accidents in Nevada.

We offer offices in both Las Vegas and Reno for your convenience.

We work completely on a contingency basis, meaning we take no money up front and we only accept fees after we win your case.

Our main goal is to make our clients as whole again as possible after a serious accident.



Average Truck Accident Settlement Includes

Truck accidents on average cause more severe injuries than other types of accidents.

This means that victims of truck accidents can expect to recover more compensation than people involved in other types of auto accidents.

All settlement amounts vary depending on the actual injuries sustained in the accident and who was at fault etc.

We have built a traffic camera accident footage command center in Reno and Las Vegas to help.

Most truck accident settlements include compensation for all losses you suffered due to the accident.

Medical Bills

Medical expenses usually serve as the catlist to which your settlement is based upon.

The trucking company or the truck driver will not directly pay your medical bills if you were injured in an accident where a truck driver or company was responsible. 

Since injuries from truck accidents are more severe than other accidents your medical expenses may be more significant than if you were involved in another type of accident.

Make sure when the accident happens you seek medical attention immediately after the accident, even if you think you don’t need it.

Secondly, make sure you keep up with all medical expenses when they come in.

Keep good, organized records to show the full extent of your injuries (broken ribs, surgeries, facial injury, etc.) and therefore the costs of medical treatment.

This can include any and all medical expenses including emergency room treatment, surgeries, physical therapy, and prescriptions.

As you may know you may get several bills for one medical procedure for example you may get a bill from the medical provider and the facility for the same medical treatment. 

Medical Bills included :

  • Emergency medical treatment 
  • Hospitalization after an accident
  • Surgeries related to accident injuries
  • Long-term care 
  • In-home care 
  • Medical equipment like a walker or wheelchair
  • Therapy, including physical, occupational, and psychological


Also, since some injuries require long term care or permanent disability you should speak to your attorney about other related medical expenses.

If you have been paralized from a truck accident and will be wheelchair bound you may need to modify your home to make it accessible for your new needs.

This is still considered a medical expense since it involves a new disability because of the accident.


lost wages due to semi truck accident injuries
hire the best vegas law firm

Lost Wages

Injuries from a serious truck accident can mean long recovery time.

In some cases people can’t afford to miss even a few days of work, this can cause financial hardship even after a few days if someone doesn’t have financial support from family or friends.

In the case of serious injuries it can take a few weeks or even several months to recover from your injury and return to work.

So even if you can go on temporary disability or you will be receiving less than half of your income and that’s only if you can get it.

Your employer may try and work with you to get you back to some form of a normal work schedule as soon as possible.

However, your job might require real physical work and your employer might not be able to accommodate you or provide a job with the modifications that you need to work safely under the restrictions of your doctors.

Even if your employer tries to help you out it might not be possible to return to work for a period of time. 

Bills don’t stop coming because you’ve been injured in an accident.

Lost wages should be part of your claim if you have been injured in a truck accident.

Discuss with your attorney how lost wages should be included. 

This should include all lost wages including:

  • Straight lost wages, time missed work 
  • Lost accrued time including vacation, sick or comp time
  • Part time work due to physical limitations 
  • Future medical procedures that involve missing work
  • Weekly appointments like physical therapy during work hours

Lost income like medical expenses can add up fast over the period of time you miss work while you recover. 


Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering from an accident is considered arbitrary and can be based on many factors.

Judges and jurors usually have no limit when it comes to pain and suffering awards.

Pain and suffering includes the physical pain from your injuries but can also include emotional turmoil that a victim can suffer after an accident, especially a severe truck accident.

This can include lost time with friends and family, loss of activities that you used to enjoy, anxiety and depression.

Some victims of bad truck accidents can also develop ongoing psychological issues including PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD involves ongoing treatment and medication that can last a lifetime.

Your legal team can include your pain and suffering into your claim against a negligent party after a truck accident.

They will include all elements of pain and suffering based on your injuries and the limitations those injuries have caused you.

The amount you recover will be determined by your injuries and how those injuries have impacted your life.


Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are damages that are awarded above and beyond regular compensation and awarded to punish the defendant in a legal case.

For example if it is determined that the trucking company didn’t perform the regular maintenance on its trucks and the brakes on one the trucks failed causing the accident that you were injured in, you can be awarded punitive damages because of the company’s negligence.


Does it Matter who Caused the Accident 

There are a lot of factors that contribute to truck accidents.

Driver negligence is the number one factor but poor maintenance by the trucking company, incorrect loading procedures, equipment failure by the manufacturer all can contribute to the accident and can increase the likelihood of a truck accident.

These factors can also increase your settlement.

Usually your legal team will do an investigation to determine who is at fault and if multiple parties are at fault then they can file a claim against all parties that are at fault and this can increase the compensation you receive.

On the other hand if you contributed to the accident in any way, for example cutting off a truck driver, speeding, or stopping short in front of a delivery truck or reckless driving in any way.

This could reduce your compensation you can claim since you are partially responsible for the accident.

You can still file a claim against the truck driver or trucking company but your claim will be reduced by the percentage that your actions contributed to the accident.

For example, if an investigation and the court determines that you were 10% percent at fault in the accident then you will only be able to receive 90% of the settlement of the 100% of damages.

During a free consultation the legal advisors at The Richard Harris Law Firm can explain this in detail so call today for a free consultation.



tesla car crash

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July 11, 2022

Unlicensed Drivers and Car Accidents

  Hit By an Unlicensed Driver in a Car Accident Everyone has heard the story from a friend right? Someone they know or you know was involved in a car accident where other driver was…

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Hit By an Unlicensed Driver in a Car Accident

Everyone has heard the story from a friend right?

Someone they know or you know was involved in a car accident where other driver was driving without a license or insurance and their friend or they were hurt really badly.

This may seem like a story that we’ve all heard over and over again but it does happen all the time.

So what happens if you were driving without a license or what if the other party involved was driving without a license, on the revoked list or suspended license?

What happens then ?

Can you as the accident victim recover damages if you were the one driving without a license?

What if you were hit by someone who was driving on the revoked or suspended list?

The simple answer is yes to all.

Even if you were driving without a license you may be able to recover damages if you were injured in an accident.

Driving without a license can cause serious fines and even jail time if you are caught but if you were injured in an accident you can still recover damages if the other driver was at fault.


Why do People Drive Without a License?

Everyone always asks why do people drive if they don’t have a license?

There are many reasons that put unlicensed drivers on the road.

People need to go to the store to buy groceries or most importantly to get to work.

But in reality most people just don’t care or think that they will get caught or ever be involved in an accident.

I guess most people that don’t have a license will say I’m only going down the road of what could happen.

But you never know. 

There are many reasons people don’t have a license to begin with:

  1. Conviction of a DUI 
  2. Failure to obtain proper insurance for your vehicle
  3. License revoked due to felony convictions
  4. To many points on your license from tickets
  5. Medical condition that makes driving dangerous for the driver and the public
  6. Failure to renew license 
  7. Restricted due to age
  8. New to the US and haven’t taken or passed the required driving test in your state


People who knowingly drive without a license run the risk of severe fines or even jail time if they are caught driving without a license.


injury in accident with unlicensed driver

Injured in an Accident Involving Unlicensed driver

There are many steps you need to take immediately after an accident no matter if a driver has a license or not.

It is up to you to protect yourself after any accident.

You should take the following steps to make sure all the details are not lost 

  • Contact law enforcement immediately 
  • Exchange information with other drivers 
  • Take photos or videos of the damage and the scene of the accident 
  • Gather any witness statements and get their information
  • File a police report and get a copy
  • Seek medical attention immediately- do not wait even if you think you are not hurt
  • Notify your insurance company of the accident 
  • Hire a lawyer that specializes in accident and injuries 

You have the right to recover compensation for your injuries after you were involved in an accident but you need to hire an experienced attorney to represent you right away.

You won’t typically see Lyft drivers or UPS drivers cause an accident without a license, but you never know and it’s best to call our law firm today for a FREE consultation.


damages for being injured
hire the best vegas law firm

Can you Recover Damages if you Drove Without a License

In Nevada you can recover damages in an accident if you were involved in an accident while driving without a license.

In Nevada fault is determined by who has the most responsibility for the accident regardless of whether or not you have a license.

However, if you don’t have insurance you are then going to be held personally financially responsible for any damages that are paid to another if you are at fault in the accident and without insurance.

Not having a license may not have any bearing on the legal responsibility in an accident but it will be much more difficult to get compensation and it will be used against you in any court proceeding.

Always call a personal injury attorney after an accident no matter the circumstances.

Nevada is not a no-fault accident state but one of 38 states that have adopted a policy of where the person who causes the accident is responsible for the damages via insurance.

The police will typically decide who is at fault.

In some cases both parties are held responsible for the accident based on a percentage.

For example driver one was 60% at fault and driver two was held 40% responsible, driver two can recover damages from driver one but they will be reduced by 40 % due to driver two having 40% of the fault.


What Happens When Someone Doesn’t Have Insurance 

It is the law to carry liability insurance for vehicles in all 50 states and it is considered a crime to drive without insurance and can result in the loss of licenses and fines and in some cases even jail time.

But what happens if a driver doesn’t have insurance and is involved in a car accident.

The driver who doesn’t have insurance can be held personally responsible.

If you cause an accident in Nevada without insurance you will have to pay the accident victim out of your own pocket, even if the other party’s insurance may pay some of the damages.

If you are caught without insurance in Nevada the offenses are :

  1. The first offense $250-$1000 fine, $250 fine to get your plates back, impounded vehicle, suspension of registration and a requirement to file an Sr-22 (special insurance required by the DMV after violations) this insurance is separate from your regular policy and is at a separate cost
  2. Second offenses- $500-$1000 fine, a $500 reinstatement fee, and suspended license until you file for an SR-22
  3. Third offenses-$500-$1000 fine, license suspended for 90 days, file Sr-22 insurance for 3 years, and $500 to get your plates back

Most of the time the only time Nevada knows you don’t have insurance or a license is if you get pulled over or are involved in an accident.

If you are caught driving without a license in Nevada you will be charged with a misdemeanor that includes up to a $1000 fine and up to 6 months in jail.

This includes people who have never had a license or people driving with a suspended license.

This however changes if your license is suspended for driving under the influence.

If your license is suspended for DUI and you are caught driving you can receive 30 days in jail or 6 months of home confinement, a $500-$1000 fine and an additional one year of license suspension.

These are just the fines for driving without insurance or a license in Nevada but if you are injured in an accident always call a local attorney for a case review.

Because in Nevada accident fault is determined by the actual fault of the driver and not whether or not you have a license.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm today if you have been injured in a car accident in Nevada.


Why call The Richard Harris Law Firm

The Richard Harris Law Firm has been in Las Vegas and Nevada for over 40 years.

We know Nevada unlike any other law firm in Nevada and our reputation proves it.

If you need a 2nd opinion feel free to call us.

We fight for our clients and have collected over a $ billion dollars in damages for our clients.

We offer free consultations and case reviews.

We work only on a contingency basis so we only get paid if we win your case.

We will deal with all insurance companies, police, and medical care.

We work for our clients by getting you the maximum settlement allowable by law.

Call today.

dangerous roads and intersections in las vegas nevada

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June 2, 2022

What are Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Las Vegas Nevada

  Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Nevada  Every city or state has roads and intersections that are considered the most dangerous for accidents Nevada is not different. Nevada has many roads that are considered…

Read more


Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Nevada 

Every city or state has roads and intersections that are considered the most dangerous for accidents Nevada is not different.

Nevada has many roads that are considered dangerous either because they are so crowded like the Strip or in some cases they are so isolated like certain areas of interstate 15.

Nevada has an average of 300 auto accident fatalities per year.

Since Nevada is a growing state these numbers should only increase as time goes on.

The population has exploded in Nevada from 2 million in 2008 to over 3 million currently.

There are many reasons Nevada’s population is exploding.

For example, a lot of people from California are moving to Nevada to take advantage of the lower cost of living and the tax breaks.

When the population explodes so does urban sprawl and construction and that takes a toll on traffic.

So if you notice that certain areas or intersections have become busier or more prone to car accidents you are right for concern because it’s just getting busier.


las vegas blvd

The Las Vegas Strip 

Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas for a long time remembers when Las Vegas Blvd ( The Strip) was a two lane road or even a dirt road, can you imagine?

Now The Strip is huge and the construction continues as do many pedestrian accidents.

I was recently in Downtown Vegas on Fremont St. and at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd, they are now building that part of The Strip too.

Las Vegas Boulevard is continuously getting bigger and making more room for more cars, and with more traffic comes more accidents.

The Vegsa Strip can also be confusing because of the in and outs of all the hotels and as anyone who has lived there knows, they are difficult to navigate and understand as a local.

So can you imagine for someone who has never driven in Las Vegas before.

I for one still have a hard time finding the entrances of some of the bigger hotels.

Aria for example, can someone please tell how you get to the valet, still not sure and its been open for over 10 years.

There are also many distractions on the driver’s side to distract drivers like street performers who dress up in wild costumes to take photos with the tourist.

There are all the lights and signs and let’s not forget the thousands of people walking up and down the strip at any given time.

There have been many accidents on the strip as well as shootings, casino accidents, fires, hit and runs, etc.

These are all just another day on the Las Vegas Strip. 


Interstate 15 

If you are going to Las Vegas from central California then you have probably taken the 15 freeway because we all know the Bullet Train isn’t coming anytime soon,.

Everyone in California and Nevada knows what I’m talking about.

So in the meantime since we have no train most people drive and take the 15 freeway.

But have you ever driven home to California on a holiday weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day and spent 7 or 8 hours in traffic?

This is actually a real thing and it happens when all the California visitors leave at the same time to try and get home after a holiday weekend.

Since there are stretches of the 15 that are desolate and miles without a town or a gas station people tend to get tired and fall asleep.

Since the 15 is a freeway across the country, many long haul truckers use this route and are on the road with all other cars.

There are also several passes just between California and Nevada that can be dangerous when the weather is bad.

It can also snow on the 15 in the higher elevations even if it’s hot in Vegas there can be snow in the passes.

All of these factors are some of the reasons that Interstate 15 is considered so dangerous for drivers in the Las Vegas area.


injury from car acident
Driver feeling pain after car accident

Tropicana Blvd

Tropicana is one of the first major intersections you arrive at when you arrive in Vegas.

Tropicana is one of the older intersections of the area and connects to The Vegas Strip and to the I 15.

Where Tropicana connects to the 15 the intersection is dangerous because there is a truck stop there for the long haul truckers so they stop there regularly.

There are also a row of not the nicest hotels in town and alot of prostitution since there is a truck stop.

All these things can cause drivers distractions and that leads to more accidents at certain intersections like Tropicana and the 15.

Since Tropicana is the first major stop off the 15 and the first stop before you hit the busy part of the strip, a lot of people also stop there for gas or to grab something to eat before continuing on their trip.

All of these things can create a very dangerous intersection.

These are just a few of the most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Other dangerous intersections in Vegas include – 

  1. Sahara Ave and South Decatur Blvd.
  2. Rainbow Blvd. and Charleston Blvd.
  3. Boulder Highway and Nellis
  4. Flamingo Road and Pecos Road

More dangerous roads in Nevada –

  1. U.S. Highway 93
  2. U.S. Highway 50
  3. Mount Rose Highway


If you have been injured in an accident call Richard Harris today we are Nevada’s most experienced personal injury attorney.


Avoiding Accidents on Dangerous Roads in Las Vegas

There are many things you can do to avoid accidents on the dangerous roads or intersections in Las Vegas.

  1. Avoid driving while tired- This is a leading cause of night time accidents driving while tired or falling asleep at the wheel. A lot of people will continue to drive long after they should because they want to get to their destination. Being tired causes you to have slower reaction time when you need it.
  2. Driving under the influence- Driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol is against the law. If your BAC is .08 or higher you are guilty of DUI in Las Vegas. Just don’t do it, period. Driving under the influence is a senseless crime that is the cause of too many deaths every year. Just take Uber or Lyft after a night out.
  3. No Phone- Again another thing that is illegal being on the phone while driving is also illegal and another example of distracted driving. The first offense in Nevada is a ticket of up to $250.
  4. Stop at all intersections- A lot of people are in a hurry these days and may see a yellow light as a sign to speed up to make a light but at an intersection like Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana this can be a bad decision that can lead to a terrible accident.

These are just a few examples that hel[p limit you getting in an accident.

Sometimes accidents can’t be avoided and you may have been doing everything right and another person is breaking the law and causing you injury.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm today for a free consultation.


Richard Harris Personal Injury Lawyer


Why Call a Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident you have too many things to worry about.

Your only concern should be getting well, unfortunately there are car repairs, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering that comes with an accident.

Having an attorney who can help you handle all these things while you are recovering.

Dealing with insurance companies can be a daunting task and we specialize in handling all aspects when dealing with insurance companies.

At Richard Harris we work on a contingency basis, that means we take no money up front and only get paid after we win your case.

We go after the largest settlement allowable by law for all of our clients.

We will never settle for the first offer and we will go to court to get you what you deserve.

Call Richard Harris today for a case review.

rear end car accident lawyer

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January 19, 2022

Rear End Car Accident Lawyer in Nevada

Rear End Accident Attorney Richard Harris Most people think of rear end collisions as minor and maybe just something that happens at a traffic light when someone can’t stop in time. But like everything else…

Read more

Rear End Accident Attorney Richard Harris

Most people think of rear end collisions as minor and maybe just something that happens at a traffic light when someone can’t stop in time.

But like everything else this is not always the case.

Sometimes rear end collisions can be a major accident causing property damage and injury.

To learn more about rear-end car accidents in Las Vegas and your rights call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.

We are well versed in rear end collisions in Las Vegas and have been in Las Vegas for over 40 years.

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Common Causes of Rear End Accidents

Rear end accidents are most of the time caused by human error when people aren’t paying attention.

Here are the most common causes of rear end collisions in Las Vegas –

Distracted Driving– this is the most common cause of rear-end accidents. This includes things like texting, talking on the phone, eating , drinking, and being distracted by small children in the car are all examples of distracted driving. When this happens the driver is distracted by the previous examples and doesn’t see the driver stop in front of you and therefore you don’t stop causing a rear-end wreck.


Following closely– better known as tailgating, this is when it is just too close to the rear-end of the car in front of them. Leaving little or no time to stop if needed. 

If at a traffic light someone is too close to try and make the light is another example of driving too close.

You should always maintain one car length for every ten miles per hour. For example if you’re going 50 miles per hour you should be 5 car lengths from the car in front of you.


Stopping without cause– this causes rear-end collisions when the first car stops suddenly and without warning or can’t be seen when on a windy road. The rear driver can’t see the front driver or the front driver stops suddenly. This can cause a rear-end collision.


Vehicle defects-vehicle defects are less common than human error but can cause  a rear-end accident. Breaks may fail or a tire may blow out without warning causing a rear-end collision.


Aggressive driving-people going too fast and riding someone’s bumper, abusing the front driver to tap on the brakes to warn them they are too close can cause a rear-end accident. This is aggressive driving between both parties.


Weather– Las Vegas doesn’t have severe snow and for the most part it’s dry. But when it rains it pours and there is street flooding. This can also contribute to a rear-end collision. When people just can’t stop because they are hydroplaning through a puddle.


If you have been injured in a rear-end collision in Las Vegas due to any of the circumstances above, call Nevada’s number one rear-end accident attorney The Richard Harris Law Firm and let us review your case free of charge.


Injuries Caused by Rear End Accidents

Rear-end accidents can cause a variety of injuries based on factors like speed, seat belts, the age of the car, and airbags are all factors in determining the injuries sustained in a rear-end collision.

Here are some examples of injuries caused by rear-end accidents in Las Vegas.

Whiplash– this is the most common injury from a rear-end accident. This is when the head is snapped back and forth from the impact of the collison. A mild case may just leave you with a sore neck and head for a little while. A severe case may involve extensive medical treatment and even surgery.


TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury– this happens when the brain is moved inside the skull or is severely damaged from an outside object. TBI’s are sometimes permanent brain damage and require ongoing medical care or very long rehabilitation.


Spinal Cord Injuries– spinal cord or back injuries are more common in rear-end accidents because of the force of the hit. Spinal cord injuries can take years to heal or may require surgery to correct and enve then they may never heal completely for someone.


Cuts and Lacerations– many accidents including rear-end accidents cause victims to get cut and bruises. These happen from broken glass or metal. The airbag going off is another common reason. Airbags can cause extreme bruising or cuts to the face when they go off.

Not all rear-end accidents cause injuries you can see.

Some accident victims are so traumatized from the rear-end collision they have been in that they suffer severe psychological damage known as PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder.

This psychological disorder can cause many symptoms and can take medication and therapy to help heal if at all.

At The Richard Harris Law Firm we understand the effects of a rear-end accident can have on our clients both financially and emotionally.

We work for our clients so we will do our best to get you the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, future medical care, therapy and any other care that you may need.

We can help rear end car accident victims anywhere in Nevada including –

  • Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Reno
  • North Las Vegas
  • Paradise
  • Spring Valley
  • Sunrise Manor
  • Enterprise
  • Sparks
  • Carson City
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Whitney
  • Pahrump
  • Winchester
  • Summerlin
  • Fernley
  • Sun Valley
  • Mesquite
  • Elko
  • Boulder City


what to do after a rear end car accident
It’s important to take the right steps after a rear end collission.

What To do After a Rear End Car Accident

Stop your vehicle- stop immediately and check for injuries. If possible get out of the way of traffic. Call 911 if there is an emergency

Exchange information- get all other drivers involved information including driver’s license, insurance information, vehicle information. All get this information from any witnesses.

File a police report- this is very important even if you think there are no injuries due to the accident. But you will need it for any insurance claims or car repairs. Also request a copy.

Gather Evidence- get information from any witnesses. Take photos or videos with your phone. Note the area of the accident and the weather in the evidence

Get medical care – whether you think you’re injured or not you should just get checked out. If you know for sure you are injured 911 should be called immediately and medical attention should come first.


Contact the best rear-end accident lawyer in Nevada.

Don’t speak with your insurance company until you speak with a rear-end accident attorney.

Insurance companies will try to settle for as little as possible or not at all.

Hiring an expert like The Richard Harris Law Firm can protect the victims in a rear-end collision from being undercut by big insurance companies that don’t want to settle your case fairly.


who is at fault in rear end car crash
don’t fight the insurance companies alone

Who’s At Fault in Rear End Accident

Most people assume the rear driver is at fault automatically but that is not always the case in Nevada. Many times another driver or outside influences play a part in the fault of a rear-end collision. Only a thorough investigation can provide the answers as to who is at fault.

In Las Vegas you must prove who acted without a proper degree of care to determine who is at fault.

Nevada also has a comparative negligence rule that states that you may be entitled to compensation if you are less than 50% at fault for your accident.

These laws can be very confusing and your case may hang in the balance based on the at fault laws in Nevada.

Calling an experienced attorney like The Richard Harris Law Firm could be the difference between getting the combination you deserve and not.

It can be that simply not calling an experienced lawyer can cost you the entire claim.


How Can The Richard Harris Law Firm Help 

Our team can lead a full investigation to determine who is actually at fault in your rear-end collision in Nevada.

We will represent you with all insurance companies.

Our team will build a case based on your injuries and the impact the rear-end accident has on your daily life.

We offer free consultations and take no fees unless we win your case

We will represent you in all court proceedings and get the most compensation allowed by law.

We have recovered over $1 billion for our Las Vegas clients and have been in Las Vegas since 1980.

We are Las Vegas’s rear-end car accident specialists.

Call the Richard Harris Law Firm today.

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January 13, 2022

Who Is The Insurance Adjuster In A Car Accident Case

  https://youtu.be/ZwKrNtvs-wI Who Is The Insurance Adjuster and What Do They Do? An insurance adjusters’ role is to inspect personal injury claims or property damage and determine how much the insurance company should pay for…

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Who Is The Insurance Adjuster and What Do They Do?

An insurance adjusters’ role is to inspect personal injury claims or property damage and determine how much the insurance company should pay for the loss.

An insurance adjuster may inspect a business, home, automobile or any place they feel necessary to get the information they need.

They often inspect properties and interview the claimant and any witness or witnesses involved.

They will look through police reports, speak with owners and medical staff in order to get the facts of the case.

They are often called different names such as a claims adjuster, claims specialist, claims representative or a claims analyst.

Whatever the name they go by their job focus is to resolve or settle your insurance claim.

It is important that anyone that is involved with an insurance adjuster have the proper legal representation in order to get a fair settlement from the insurance companies.

Richard Harris will fight the insurance companies for you and give you the guidance you need when dealing with an insurance adjuster.

Once you understand your rights in the claims process and the facts of your own case, you may end up with an advantage over them. Don’t let the insurance companies have the upper hand.

Injury settlements can be worth under $20,000, or above $100,000 and sometimes in the $ Millions for large accidents cases with major injuries.

Call the Law Offices of Richard Harris today!


role of insurance adjuster

Role of The Insurance Adjuster

You probably want to know who is the insurance adjuster and what do they do?

Insurance companies are not in the business of giving money away.

The role of the insurance adjuster is to attempt to settle your claim for the least amount possible.

The insurance adjuster is appointed by the insurance company to handle your claim.

Sometimes they are independent and don’t work for the insurance company.

This is often the case when insurance companies don’t have a claims or field office in your local area.

Independent adjusters have the same job as regular adjusters, but possibly even stricter in their guidelines when it comes to settlement agreements.

They must send it to be approved by a claims supervisor who actually works for the insurance company.

When it comes to government agencies, they usually have their own claims adjustment offices due to the fact that they see so many claims.

Lawsuits against the government agencies that find their way in court usually end up with a larger settlement because the courts know they have lots of money.


insurance adjuster or lawyer

Insurance Adjusters can be Replaced by an Attorney

It is important to remember that many insurance companies are often hiring attorneys as litigation specialists, claims managers and insurance adjusters.

Some of the highest-ranking insurance company executives including; Claims Director and Chief Claims Officer are usually lawyers with lots of legal experience.

An attorney will discount the value of your claim and will attempt to quickly offer the claimant a settlement much lower than it is worth just like an insurance adjuster.

This is why it is so important that you have a personal injury lawyer.

Having a legal team like Richard Harris on your side can make all the difference in getting you the settlement you deserve.

Government agencies will also employ an attorney to handle insurance claims.

Don’t negotiate with insurance adjusters alone, let the Law Offices of Richard Harris go to work for you, call today.


How Insurance Adjusters Settle Claims

Insurance adjusters are required to settle as many claims as possible for with the smallest payouts possible.

A professional insurance adjuster will look at every detail as it relates to the case and make sure he has all the facts and records of the claim.

They will even see if there was previous medical conditions or injuries before an accident and explore every angle possible before making an offer.

If they do realize that you are educated about what insurance adjusters do and what your claim is worth, they will usually try to settle your claim.

Insurance adjusters are not at the scene of your accident, they just see you as a claim on the paper work they are provided.

Doing all the right things after an accident can mean the difference between a large settlement and a tiny one.

  • First get medical attention
  • Keep records of all injuries and treatments
  • Keep and organize all medical bills
  • Gather as much info as possible; police reports, pictures, videos
  • Stay up on the insurance adjusters’ activities

If you are organized and actively participate in all these areas with your personal injury lawyer you will be in a much better position to negotiate.

Once the adjuster has all the info and you have made them aware of your interest in a settlement, they will usually submit an offer to you.


How to Best Position your claim for success

  • Have an approximate settlement amount in mind
  • Be patient, don’t jump at the first offer
  • If offer is low, get the claims adjuster to give specific reasons for their offer
  • Reiterate the physical and emotional pain and suffering experienced
  • After terms are agreed upon, always get a settlement in writing

The victim will have a certain number of days to decide before the offer is rescinded.

The insurance companies want you to take the first offer but take the time you need before making your decisions.

Insurance adjusters only have a certain amount of money they can approve no matter how much your medical bills and injuries are.

If your claim goes beyond the scope of what the adjuster can approve, usually an insurance adjuster supervisor is called in to look over your case.

This seems like a lot of work and can be confusing, so don’t deal with the insurance companies by yourself.

Call the Law Offices of Richard Harris today because we know who the insurance adjuster is and why they do what they do!


Contact the Law Offices of Richard Harris

Richard Harris Law Firm can help residents all over Nevada.

We are a compassionate accident law firm, with experience in all accident types including: cars, trucks, motorcycle, pedestrian, Uber, Lyft etc.

At the Law Offices of Richard Harris, we will work hard for our clients, we will not just settle hurriedly, instead we will make sure that you get the settlement you deserve.

With years of experience our highly capable attorneys won’t be intimidated by big business and big insurance companies.

If you have been injured in an accident, get help right away and call Richard Harris for a free consultation.


Things to be aware of when you are dealing with insurance companies

One of the hardest things to deal with after an accident is the phone calls that begin almost immediately from insurance adjusters, wanting to settle your case as soon as possible.

They are all the same to deal with, State Farm, Allstate, Geico, Farmers, Liberty, etc.

We pay into our insurance for years hoping we never need to use it and in spite of this the insurance company will still give you the runaround.

Don’t let this happen to you, call the Law Offices of Richard Harris today to get answers to your insurance and accident needs.

  • Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators – The job of insurance adjusters is to protect the interest of the insurance company. They do use a variety of tactics and tricks to get you to sign documents or settle as quickly and for as little as possible.
  • Don’t accept the first settlement offer – Call Richard Harris before you agree to any settlements, these are usually low offers by the insurance company to settle quickly at a low cost.
  • Be careful when speaking about your case – Anything you say will most likely be used against you. Before you give a statement contact the Law Offices of Richard Harris.
  • Insurance Companies will try to avoid paying out medical bills – Medical bills are part of a car accident and part of why we pay insurance, but they will do their best to not pay out on any of your medical bills if they can get away with it.
  • If you won’t settle Insurance companies might ignore you or deny your claim altogether – Ignoring you or denying your claim at first is another plan used by insurance companies to intimidate you into a settlement.
  • Don’t Sign anything until you call Richard Harris – Be careful of the small print. This is what the insurance companies hope you don’t read when they ask you to sign documents.
  • Insurance companies don’t have to treat you fairly – Nothing is a guarantee, whether it’s your own insurance company or the other driver’s insurance. They can deny or delay payment in hopes that you will give up and not pursue it. We will pursue it for you at the Richard Harris Law Firm.
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January 7, 2022

UPS Truck Accident Lawyer in Nevada

UPS Truck Accident Lawyers UPS drivers are everywhere today delivering packages on time is what they do. Or as we have all seen the commercial “ What can brown do for you?” The downside to…

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UPS Truck Accident Lawyers

UPS drivers are everywhere today delivering packages on time is what they do.

Or as we have all seen the commercial “ What can brown do for you?”

The downside to that is careless , reckless and unsafe driving that can result in severe injury.

UPS drivers are expected to deliver packages on time and that means a daily quota and time schedule that may be unrealistic.

Drivers worry about the route and making sure packages are on time so they don’t lose their job. When this happens they may use unsafe driving practices that can result in injury for anyone driving on the road with them.

With the advent of Postmates, Lyft, Uber and Amazon delivery there are so many delivery services out there all in a hurry to deliver.

These delivery services including UPS are causing major havoc on our roads.

It may be convenient for your new shoes to be delivered to your house instead of going to the store to get them but at what cost?

UPS truck accidents can cause severe injury or even death.

If you or a family member has been injured in a UPS truck accident call Nevada’s premier accident attorney Richard Harris Law Firm for a free consultation.



Why Contact Richard Harris Law Firm

If you have been injured in any accident you should contact a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law immediately.

Having injuries, medical bills, lost wages and lost property can be extremely stressful and scary to navigate all while dealing with insurance companies that truth be told don’t want to pay your claim.

Hiring the right attorney like Richard Harris will let the insurance companies know that we will not take no for an answer.

Richard Harris Law Firm can help with medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

We will get you the maximum compensation available to you for your accident.

Being in an accident with a UPS truck can be worse than a regular truck accident.

UPS is a large corporation with a legal team and insurance company that will look to settle quickly or not at all, and that’s why having the right legal representation is so important.


What to expect from the Richard Harris Law Firm

  1. We are available 24 hours a day
  2. We can help get you the proper medical attention
  3. A full team of legal professionals on your side
  4. We will fight for the maximum compensation
  5. Free consultations
  6. Bi-lingual Staff available
  7. We will deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to



FMCSA Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a regulatory agency that works with the trucking industry to ensure public safety.

They put rules and regulations in place to keep us safe on the roads.

The regulations include

  1. Specific Driver Training Requirements-CDL license
  2. Drug and alcohol screening and prevention programs for all drivers
  3. Repair and maintenance requirements for all trucks transporting goods
  4. Specific driving hour requirements and mandates for recording hours


As the regulations are put into place to ensure accidents don’t happen.

Sadly due to the hurried culture of UPS, truck accidents are happening all the time in Nevada.

If you were hit by a UPS driver, call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.


causes of ups accidents

Common Causes for UPS Truck Accidents

Any accident can be a traumatic experience but being hit by a large UPS truck is a completely different experience.

No two accidents are alike but we do see similarities in the causes of accidents with UPS or any other delivery driver servicer.

UPS drivers are under extreme pressure to make the quota set for them by UPS.

Even the best drivers can make mistakes when in a hurry and that can lead to catastrophic results for the accident victim.

Below are some of the common causes of UPS truck accidents that we see at the Richard Harris Law Firm.

  1. Speeding- trying to the packages there on time
  2. Running stop signs– ignoring the signs all together or rolling through a stop sign or red light
  3. Vehicle Malfunctions- bad brakes for example can cause a big truck to not be able to stop
  4. Lack of repair- trucks not being maintained
  5. Backing up on the street- UPS drivers are notorious for just backing up because they missed the initial stop to drop off the package


injuries from ups truck crash

Common Injuries from a UPS Truck Accident

Getting hit by a UPS truck can be disastrous.

Most UPS trucks are large, they can be anywhere from 45 to 53 feet long and weigh up to 19,000 pounds.

So when a UPS truck is involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle you can imagine what the outcome might be.

As we are forced to share the road with UPS drivers and the large trucks we are more at risk for accidents and injuries.

The most common injuries we see in an accident with a large truck like a UPS truck are:

  1. Head and Neck Injuries-Traumatic Brain Injuries
  2. Neck and Spine injuries
  3. Broken Bones and Fractures
  4. Concussions and Contusions
  5. Amputation
  6. Fatality



How Much is my UPS Accident Settlement Worth

Each accident is unique so each settlement will be different depending on the type of accidents and the injuries involved.

But one thing is for sure UPS will try and settle any accident quickly and quietly.

UPS has a large legal team and insurance company at their disposal to fight any claims.

That’s why having a lawyer who specializes in UPS accidents to represent you is important.

For example UPS may offer to settle your case for say $20,000, you may think that’s great.

But what if that doesn’t even cover your medical bills?

What do you do then?

Only an experienced car accident attorney like Richard Harris can fight for everything you deserve after being hit by a UPS truck.

The Richard Harris Law Firm can hold UPS liable for some or all of the damages below –

  1. lost wages- any work that you missed because of the accident or recovery
  2. Medical Bills- any medical bills not covered by their insurance company or out of pocket medical expenses
  3. Disability- long term disability that requires future care
  4. Pain and Suffering- a court based formula based on what you have had to endorse and the severity of the accident
  5. Decreased earning capacity- this is your ability to earn a living in the future , do the same or similar job



Can I sue UPS

A lawsuit against a company like UPS can be complicated. UPS owns the trucks they use but employs drivers so who is ultimately at fault in an accident with UPS is the question.

Is the UPS driver an agent of UPS or an independent contractor that just drives for UPS?

These are very complicated scenarios that can only be worked out with a legal team like Richard Harris Law Firm.

Other common factors with lawsuits against large companies like UPS include mechanical failure of the truck, drivers training, drivers negligence and many other factors.


  1. Driver Training- Was the drivers trained or licensed properly and was UPS aware of the drivers training, license or lake of
  2. Mechanical Failure- Did the truck have mechanical failure-was it maintained properly by UPS or was a truck company failure
  3. Drivers negligence- Did the driver deliberately disobey traffic laws and cause an accident and is UPS ultimately responsible for a driver’s actions


As you can see there are many factors that can make a suit against a large company complicated and daunting.

But with the right representation you can successfully be compensated for your injuries sustained in a UPS accident.

Having the right representation is the key, call Richard Harris Law Firm today if you were injured in a truck accident with a UPS driver in Nevada.


UPS Truck Accident Statistics

Given the number of miles traveled, it probably isn’t surprising that UPS trucks were in a significant number of crashes in the 24 months prior to September, 2019.

This is prior to the pandemic where everything was shut down.

UPS vehicles were involved in 2,344 crashes in this time frame, including 58 fatal accidents and 853 involving injuries.

These numbers are staggering considering the size of UPS as a company.

These accidents continue to increase as we shop more online and have packages delivered.

Also as Nevada grows as a state with more than 3 million people residing here we have more companies with delivery services like UPS on the roads.


UPS Company information

UPS was founded in 1907 in Seattle Washington

UPS is a publicly traded company based out of Atlanta Georgia.

UPS processes over 20 million packages daily all over the world.

UPS employs approximately 250,000 drivers and package handlers worldwide

UPS’ 125,949 vehicles are authorized for hire on interstate highways for general freight. UPS has three types of vehicles. It owns 98,485 straight trucks, 27,164 truck tractors, and 96,285 trailers.

UPS operates in more than 220 countries and Territories

As you can see UPS is a global company that has been around for over 100 plus years.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a UPS truck call The Richard Harris Law Firm today and speak with a representative that can answer all your questions.

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January 6, 2022

Limousine Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

  Limousine Accidents in Las Vegas Limousines are commonplace in Las Vegas even in the time of Uber and Lyft limousines still play a major role in the travel industry in Las Vegas. When you're…

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Limousine Accidents in Las Vegas

Limousines are commonplace in Las Vegas even in the time of Uber and Lyft limousines still play a major role in the travel industry in Las Vegas.

When you’re in a limo how much attention are you really paying to the driver and what’s going on around you?

You’re usually with your friends on your way to a casino, maybe having a few drinks because for the night you don’t have to drive.

Well lack of attention is one of the main reasons for limousine accidents.

You’re out celebrating a prom or graduation, maybe a friend’s wedding and the next thing you know your limo has been involved in an accident and you or your family or friends are injured.

This happens all the time in Las Vegas and most people aren’t aware of how dangerous limos, Uber or Lyft can be.

Since you are not driving you are trusting that your limousine driver is alert and paying attention, let alone a good and licensed driver.

Reckless drivers are the major cause of limousine accidents with major injury.

And if you rented the limousine and the driver works for the limo company then who is responsible if you are involved in a limousine accident involving injury?

Calling a lawyer right away after a limousine accident is essential to getting you the help you need.

Call the Richard Harris law firm today and let us answer all your questions about a limousine accident in Las Vegas.

Common Causes for Limo Accidents in Las Vegas

Driver Error- let’s face Vegas is a 24 hour a day city. Maybe your driver works another job and they are tired. Maybe they were on the phone and not paying attention. Also speeding or driving under the influence are also other forms of driver error. These are all examples where the driver is at fault for the limo accident.

Mechanical Error- has your limo not been serviced properly? Are there any recalls for the limo you’re riding in. Does the limo meet the safety standards set by the Taxi and Limousine commission? If not and there is an accident it may be related to mechanical error. This may be where the manufacturer of the limousine as well as the limousine company are to blame.

Outside Influences- road work, especially the construction that is ongoing in Las Vegas is a perfect example of outside influences. Is the road construction properly signed to warn drivers of potential obstacles? If you’re in an accident where a construction site is involved is the city or building owner at fault?

When determining the causes for limousine accidents and who may be responsible it’s best to hire a representative to advise you and guide you through the legal process.

Call Richard Harris Law Firm after a limousine accident, we can determine who is at fault and guide you through the legal process.


what to do after limo accident

What to do After a Limousine Accident

What you do immediately after an accident is very important and can alter what happens after.

So follow these steps immediately after a limousine accident in Las Vegas.

Of course, call 911 immediately.

Seek Medical Attention- even if you don’t think you are hurt it is best to seek medical attention. You may have a concussion or whiplash that may not be immediately noticeable. Also it’s just best to get checked out after any accident.

Collect evidence- If you are able to gather as much information as you can. Take pictures or video with your phone. Exchange information with the limo driver and witnesses if possible. Take notes about the surrounding area, weather, construction or whatever else is going on at the time.

Also get information from the police so you can get a copy of the police report.

Contact a lawyer- after getting medical attention this may be the most important thing to do. Just remember the limousine company and the  limo’s insurance companies all have a team of layers on their side. Why shouldn’t you? Call Richard Harris Law Firm today if you have been injured in a limousine accident in Las Vegas.

Never speak with the insurance companies- they will try and settle or even deny your claim. So never speak to the insurance companies without hiring a lawyer first.

Insurance adjusters will use whatever you say against you to minimize your claim.


Common Accidents with Limos

Head On Collision- this is when two vehicles hit each other front to front. Usually in a head on collision one car takes the majority of the brunt of the accident, that is one car will have significantly more damage thus the injuries to the passengers is usually more than the other car passengers.

Rear end collision- this happens when a vehicle is hit from behind. This happens when the vehicle behind is either going too fast or cannot stop at a traffic signal and hits the vehicle in front in the rear. This is a very common cause of limo accidents, especially at red light intersections.

Side swipe accidents- these accidents usually occur at intersections. This is when a vehicle hits another vehicle on the side. This occurs when a vehicle can’t stop at an intersection or doesn’t stop and hits the side of the vehicle usually at a fairly high rate of speed.

Any of these can be dangerous and cause serious injury to the passengers of limousines.

If you were injured in one of these accidents while in a limo in Nevada call the city’s premier limo accident attorney, The Richard Harris Law Firm today for a free consultation.

As you can read, becoming a limo driver isn’t that hard.


injuires from limo crash

Common Injuries in Limo Accidents

Since most limos are larger in size than most regular vehicles the injuries can be much greater in a limo accident.

All accidents have a possibility of injury and limo accidents are no different. Here are the common injuries associated with a limo accident

  1. Traumatic brain injury- TBI for short-most TBIs are permanent and require permanent care and rehabilitation
  2. Head and Neck injuries- these can range from a concussion and whiplash to permanent damage and can require surgery, physical therapy and future care
  3. Paralysis- or permanent motor function loss- this requires permanent and continuing care. Special equipment is also needed
  4. Burns, cuts and lacerations- this might be as simple as a few stitches and scratches but maybe it can be more severe and involve severe burns that require surgery and skin grafts

All injuries can be minor to major and you may need future medical attention and care. That’s why hiring the right attorney after a limo accident is so important. Getting the compensation you need for all your medical expenses and pain and suffering is the job of The Richard Harris Law Firm.


Who is Responsible for Limo Accidents

As with everything else in a limo accident there are a number of responsible parties involved in a limo collision. This may be one party or multiple parties depending on the accident.

The Limo driver- usually the first one held responsible for a limo accident. When drivers are at fault it usually is from reckless driving, distracted driving or negligence. The limo driver can be independently held liable for the accident or held accountable with the limo company.

The Limo Company- the limo company is the second to be held responsible for a limo accident. Usually this includes negligence, knowingly hiring an unqualified driver, or not servicing vehicles properly can be the cause that the lmo company is held responsible for the accident.

Limo manufacturer- faulty vehicles are the main reasons that the limo manufacturers can be held responsible for a limo accident.

Other drivers- also a common party that is held responsible for a limo accident. Maybe they hit your limo while driving under the influence or on the phone. Speeding, falling asleep are other causes of accidents by other drivers.

Not sure who is at fault in your limo accident, call the Richard Harris Law Firm today.


Why do I Need a Lawyer After a Limo Accident?

Limo companies have lawyers and insurance companies on their side and so should you.

The insurance companies will try and disprove or even deny your claim in a limo accident so having a lawyer to represent you is important.

Having the Richard Harris Law Firm on your side is vital to getting you the compensation you deserve.

  1. Richard Harris has recovered over $1 billion in compensation for their clients.
  2. We have over 40 years of experience with limo accidents in the Las Vegas area
  3. Consultations are always free.
  4. We are available 24 hours a day
  5. We can help get you the medical attention you need
  6. Compensation for pain and suffering
  7. Compensation for future medical needs
  8. Lost wages and future earnings

At Richard Harris Law Firm our job is our clients.

We are here to serve our clients and get the best settlement for you.

If you were injured in a limousine accident in Las Vegas call Richard Harris Law Firm today.

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January 3, 2022

Stop Sign Car Accident Lawyers in Nevada

  Stop Sign Car Accident Lawyers Everyone is again in a hurry as we return to normal life. No longer are the roads empty as they were when we stayed at home. So once again…

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Stop Sign Car Accident Lawyers

Everyone is again in a hurry as we return to normal life.

No longer are the roads empty as they were when we stayed at home.

So once again people are ignoring traffic signs like the stop sign.

Some people in Las Vegas just roll through the stop sign and don’t completely stop or they don’t stop at all. 

As the population continues to grow in Nevada we see more and more stop sign traffic accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration there is an accident every 60 seconds.

That is 5.2 million accidents a year in the US. Nevada has nearly 300 fatal accidents every year and this continues to rise.

Most stop sign accidents can be avoided if more people were careful and followed the traffic laws.

If you were in a stop sign accident call Nevada’s premier accident attorney Richard Harris.

We service all of Nevada with offices in Las Vegas and Reno.

Call for a free consultation today.



Why Call the Richard Harris Law Firm

  1. Over 100,000 Satisfied Clients
  2. Over $1 Billion recovered for our clients  
  3. Free consultation 
  4. Available 24 hours a day
  5. 99% Success Rate
  6. Serving Las Vegas Since 1980

If you have been injured in a stop sign accident in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.


stop sign car accident attorney

Common Causes for Stop Sign Accidents

Every accident is different but there is a common theme for most stop sign accidents.

Below are the common reasons stop sign accidents occur in Nevada.

Distracted Driving– possibly the number one reason for stop sign accidents-texting, taking or answering emails while driving causes distracted driving and is now illegal in all 50 states including Nevada

DUI- drunk driving is another common reason for stop sign crashes and can have disastrous results. DUI is most common between the hours of 9am and 12 noon is Las Vegas due the 24 hour atmosphere.

Obstruction- with all the construction going on in Las Vegas, as the city continues to grow, stop signs can be obstructed from view or can be confusing as to whether or not you actually have to stop. This can cause drivers to be confused or not see it all leading to a collision.

Driver error- do you know the difference between a 4 way stop , a 2 way stop , or an all way stop. These can be confusing and lead to driver error as to who has the right of way or who has to stop at all. Driver error or lack of knowledge of the area can also lead to a stop sign accident.

Weather- it may be hot in Las Vegas in the summer but we have a rainy season with flash flooding leading to many stop stop sign accidents as we have all seen.

If you have been injured in a stop sign accident call Richard Harris law firm today for a free consultation.

We have been in Las Vegas for over 40 years.

Our law firm is experienced in stop sign accidents and stop sign accident injuries.


Legal Liability for stop sign car accidents

One of the reasons to seek legal representation after a stop sign accident is that the law can be tricky.

Who is at fault in a stop sign collision?

Typically the driver without the right of way is at fault but that isn’t  always the case and that’s why having Richard Harris as your legal representative can be the right move.

We can sort the legal issues out for you.

Below are the Nevada laws for stopping at a stop sign.

NRS 484B.257 Vehicle entering intersection marked stop or yield. Except when traffic is being controlled by a police officer or a traffic-control signal:

  1. When proper signs have been erected, the driver of a vehicle shall stop or yield at a clearly marked stop line or, if there is none, before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection or, if there is none, then at the point nearest the intersection where the driver has a view of approaching traffic on the through highway. After having stopped or, in the event of a yield sign, slowed or stopped, the driver shall yield the right-of-way to other vehicles which have entered the intersection from such through highway or which are approaching so closely on such through highway as to constitute an immediate hazard during the time such driver is moving across or within the intersection.
  2. The driver of a vehicle shall stop in obedience to a stop sign or yield in compliance with a yield sign, in compliance with the manner prescribed in subsection 1, prior to entering an intersection if a stop sign or a yield sign is erected at one or more entrances thereto although not a part of a through highway and shall proceed cautiously, yielding to vehicles not so obligated to stop or yield and which are within the intersection or approaching so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard during the time such driver is moving across or within the intersection.

(Added to NRS by 1969, 1496; A 1973, 1326)-(Substituted in revision for NRS 484.319)


Car Injury Whiplash. Pain After stop sign Auto Accident

Common Injuries From Stop Sign Car Accidents

There are usually two types of stop sign accidents in Nevada either head-on collision or T-Bone.

T-Bone accidents are known to cause more serious injuries.

Many other factors play a role in how bad a stop sign accident is, including rate of spread, type of vehicle and of course weather or not you were wearing a seatbelt ( also a law in Nevada).

If you were injured in a stop sign accident in Las Vegas or Reno (or Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Henderson, or anywhere in Nevada) and believe it was not your fault call Richard Harris today.

We can answer any of your questions.

The most common injuries in a stop accident :

  1. Broken Bones
  2. Spinal cord injuries
  3. Nerve Damage 
  4. Traumatic brain injuries
  5. Wrongful death


What to Do After a Stop Sign Accident

First, always remain calm.

We know this sounds crazy but being calm can keep from making a bad situation worse.

Below are steps to take if you are ever involved in a stop sign collision.

  1. Call 911 if there are any injuries
  2. Exchange information with other drivers involved-name, address, phone numbers, and drivers license information and insurance information
  3. Take photos or videos with your cell phone
  4. Get contact information of any witnesses if available- this information can be very valuable
  5. Contact legal help immediately- Richard Harris law firm is available 24 hours a day
  6. Contact your insurance company only after you have spoken with the Richard Harris Law Firm


How Much is a Stop Sign Ticket in Nevada

Failing to stop at a stop sign in Nevada is a hefty ticket.

$395 is the average fine.

You can reduce that by attending traffic school but it’s still a lot of money.

If you feel you have gotten the ticket in error and weren’t at fault you should absolutely fight the ticket in court.

Stop sign tickets are considered moving violations and can add violation points to your license causing your insurance to go up and causing fines from the DMV or even license suspension.

This can all be avoided if people just completely stopped at all stop signs and red lights.


More Than Just Medical Bills

How much does a stop sign accident cost?

Stop sign accidents with injury can cause a major financial burden for the victim or the person who was not at fault.

Medical bills can add up quickly and can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But it’s not just medical bills.

Call Richard Harris today and let us handle the burden while you recover.

Typically damages can include the following

  1. Medical Bills
  2. Lost Wages
  3. Pain and Suffering
  4. Future medical bills
  5. Property damage
  6. Loss of companion



tips to avoid pedestrian accidents

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December 29, 2021

Filing a Personal Injury Claim: Step-by-Step

Did you know that if you have been injured in an accident, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim in order to receive compensation from the responsible party? If you have never filed…

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Did you know that if you have been injured in an accident, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim in order to receive compensation from the responsible party? If you have never filed a personal injury claim, the thought of doing so may be daunting. It is not the kind of process you want to go through without a strong advocate to guide you.

Step-by-Step, here is what to expect in the process of filing a personal injury claim and what comes after.

  1. Get a Medical Examination.

    See a doctor for an examination regardless of whether you are in significant pain or not. Many personal injury victims do not immediately feel the physical consequences of the accident, and therefore, may not think it necessary to seek medical treatment. On the contrary; a medical exam can reveal internal issues, as well as injuries that may otherwise have a tendency to take an extended period of time to show up as physical pain. Some injuries can take months or even a year to show up.

    Important: If you choose not to seek medical attention after an accident yet pursue compensation for your injuries, the insurance company representing the responsible party is able to use the fact that you did not see a medical professional after the accident as evidence that you may not be injured and in turn be entitled to compensation.

  2. Consult a Personal Injury Attorney.

    You can receive a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney like the ones at the Richard Harris Law Firm who will assist you in determining your next steps, as well as what compensation you may be entitled to receiving. Depending upon the nature of the accident and severity of your injuries, as well as when the incident occured, an attorney can inform and guide you through the process.

  3. Your Personal Injury Attorney Assists You in Filing a Claim.

    Once you have secured an attorney, they will inform all parties involved that you are filing a claim – both the responsible party, as well as their insurance company will be notified. In accidents resulting in minor injuries, settlements can sometimes be made quickly.

  4. Continued Medical Treatment and Record Keeping.

    In receiving regular medical treatment to recover from your injuries, you must keep records of doctor visits and invoices along with detailed medical records. All information obtained about your accident and resulting injuries will be valuable when it comes to a personal injury claim. Be sure to obtain information about:

    • What ongoing medical treatment you will require
    • Collect payment statements for all treatment
    • Get estimates on repair or replacement of personal property or vehicle
    • Keep records of wages lost due to inability to work
    • And any other details having to do with your accident, damages, and injuries
  5. Negotiations are Made in Order to Come to a Settlement Agreement.

Negotiations for compensation are made either directly to the responsible party or their insurance company. These can take place either before a lawsuit is filed or after. Ideally, each party will state what their settlement amount will be and after a likely series of negotiations, an offer will be agreed upon and a trial will not be necessary. If both parties cannot come to a settlement agreement, a lawsuit will be filed and the case will move to a trial process. There is a statute of limitations on filing personal injury lawsuits, so if it comes to that point, it is imperative to be aware of the time limit in order to have the opportunity to obtain compensation for your injuries.

What does the trial process look like in a personal injury lawsuit?

  1. A complaint is filed and includes your requested compensation amount.
  2. Litigation begins and each party in the lawsuit reports their information about the accident via a deposition which is recorded under oath.
  3. The case goes to trial and a judge or jury hears evidence from both sides and makes a decision on which is credible.
  4. If the jury or judge decides in favor of the injured party, they will decide what the final compensation will be.

The Richard Harris Law Firm has over four decades of experience representing the injured and getting the compensation they need and deserve. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to guide and support you through the process. Contact us by phone at 702.374.0436 or visit our website: richardharrislaw.com

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December 16, 2021

Nevada Red Light Car Accident Lawyer

  Red Light Car Accident Lawyer Everyone is in a hurry again riding around trying to get to wherever as quickly as possible. In Nevada this means many people just ignore the traffic signs including…

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Red Light Car Accident Lawyer

Everyone is in a hurry again riding around trying to get to wherever as quickly as possible.

In Nevada this means many people just ignore the traffic signs including red lights.

We all have done it. The traffic light turns yellow and instead of yielding and starting to stop like we are supposed to, we accelerate and go through the light as it turns red all because we are in a hurry.

Drivers are injured everyday in Nevada due to this basic traffic violation. The population rises in Nevada as it has done in great numbers over the last decade.

More and more people are out driving on our roads this leads to more accidents, injuries and property damage from red light car accidents. 

Most of the time it is just one vehicle that blows through a red light at a high rate of speed. Sometimes both cars are trying to run the light they are at and hit each other.

These accidents can cause anything from minor injuries and damage to even, unfortunately death.

Even though most of these accidents can be avoided if people just followed the rules of the road and red light laws in Nevada, that is not always the case.

If you or a family member has been injured in a Red Light traffic accident in Nevada call Richard Harris Law Firm today, we offer free consultations and are available 24 hour a day.

Don’t delay getting legal representation.


red light accident

FHA Facts on Red Light Car Accidents

The Federal Highway Administration offers statistics about all types of accidents from DUI, Cell phone, Speeding and red light Accidents. 

Some statistics to consider are  in 2019 (pre pandemic) 846 people died in the US at redlight traffic accidents.

An estimated 143,000 people were injured in the US in 2019 in red light car accidents.


Legal Liability for Red Light Car Accidents

Typically motor vehicle laws can be very complicated and you should never have to guess who is at fault in a red light car accident.

Usually the person who enters into the intersection on the red light is at fault but that isn’t always the case.

As Nevada gets bigger and bigger and more people move here, the more red light accidents occur.

Running red lights or stop signs is very dangerous and causes great harm to the unsuspecting victims.

If you think that you are the victim of a red light traffic accident call Richard Harris today and we can sort out who is at fault.


Nevada Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Lawsuits

No one ever really thinks about a lawsuit until they need to.

But knowing your rights is the main reason to hire a local personal injury lawyer who specializes in red light car accidents.

In Nevada you only have two years to file a personal injury claim after a car accident. 

Many people don’t realize they only have a limited time to do this. 

As we know time seems to fly by without any notice.

In the court system once 2 years have passed you can no longer make any claim against the person who hit you at the red light they ran.

That means you are responsible for your own medical bills and you will not receive any reimbursement for lost wages or pain and suffering.

That’s why calling Richard Harris immediately after your accident can help get the process of recovery started as soon a possible.


injuries from red light car accidents

Common Injuries from a red light car accident

First, always seek medical attention after a car accident.

A lot of the time you might not even realize you are hurt until much later.

But not seeking medical attention can be the worst thing you can do.

Maybe you have a minor pain in your back and you don’t seek medical attention.

That same back pain can turn into a lifelong back issue if not addressed immediately.

So the moral of the story is always seek medical attention immediately following an accident whether you think you are hurt or not.

All accidents are different but there are some common injuries associated with red light accidents.


Common Causes for Red Light Car Accidents

Bad weather – rain and flash flooding are common weather problems in Nevada

DUI – drivers in Nevada are more likely to get DUI’s between 9am and 12 noon

Reckless driving – high speed driving or trying to run the yellow 

Not paying attention – distracted on the phone


All of the above are causes for red light car crashes in Nevada.

The accidents are either head on collisions or T-bone bone accidents depending on how the vehicle enters the traffic intersection area.

Making heads or tails of a car accident including a red light car crash can be daunting.

Insurance companies will do everything not to pay claims for red light car accident injuries.

That’s why hiring an experienced attorney like Richard Harris is important.

We can deal with the insurance companies for you.

We will negotiate the best settlement for you so the only thing you worry about is healing from your injuries from the red light traffic accident.


compensation for you injuries

Getting Compensation for your injuries

Not sure what to do after a red light traffic accident?

Call Richard Harris today.

Getting help from your insurance is almost impossible, insurance companies are notorious for trying not to pay out claims and that’s where we come in.

All you should have to worry about is recovering from your injuries, not medical bills or lost wages.

If you were the victim of a red light car accident you should contact a lawyer in Nevada immediately.

Navigating the legal system to recover compensation for your injuries can be a scary process so don’t do it alone.

As we have discussed, in Nevada you only have two years to file a personal injury claim.

Below is a list of compensation that Richard Harris can negotiate for you in Nevada.

Factors that determine your settlement

Medical Bills- current and any future 

Lost wages

Pain and Suffering


Consequences for red light running 

In Nevada the consequences of running a red light are a $305 fine and up to 4 points on your driver’s license depending on the severity of the violation.

But causing an accident while running a red light can result in reckless driving and can lead to heftier fines and a suspended license.

Having points on your license adds to your insurance liability and can increase your insurance significantly.

But these fines and points don’t help the victim who has been injured in the accident.

If you have been the victim of a red light traffic accident in Las Vegas call Richard Harris today.

We are here to help you navigate the legal system and personal injury claims and get you the settlement you deserve.


Why Contact Richard Harris Law Firm in Nevada

Richard Harris law firm is the premier personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas and all of Nevada.

From day one we will fight for you and get you the settlement you deserve.

We offer free consultations and 24 hour service.

We at Richard Harris law know how to negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the best settlement available.

We offer bi-lingual services.

We are experts in motor vehicle accidents including red light traffic accidents.

Call Today.

green valley nv schools and pedestrians

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October 19, 2020


Off to school! An integral part of your daily life as a parent is sending your child to school. In fact, it is the law. For children ages 6 to 16, it is compulsory to…

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Child Injury on School PropertyOff to school! An integral part of your daily life as a parent is sending your child to school. In fact, it is the law. For children ages 6 to 16, it is compulsory to be enrolled in school whether it is public, private, or homeschool. Schools are designed to be a place of safety and security for our children. Once they are on school property, the school has a responsibility to their students for a reasonable duty of care – school staff and administration are charged with students’ well-being and with protecting them from foreseeable harm. There is even a specific term referring to the school’s role as acting in loco parentis, or “in place of the parent.” In the State of Nevada, children spend approximately 180 days per year in school. With that, it is inevitable that accidents will occur. Understandably so, when your child comes home with a scrape or bruise, we tend to dismiss it as the usual wear and tear from kids being kids. But what happens if your child is seriously injured on school property? Who is responsible and where do you turn? There are so many questions you may have.

Can you sue the school if your child is injured on school property?
Yes, you can. The injury must have occurred on school property during school hours. An attorney may be able to recover the financial cost of medical bills, the emotional cost of pain and suffering, and more depending on the nature of the accident and the extent of the child’s injuries. The law varies based on whether a school is public or private when it comes to what steps you must take in order to hold the school accountable for the incident.

Child Injury in a Private School
When a child is injured in a private school, parents are able to sue the school itself.

Child Injury in a Public School
Public schools are government entities, therefore, if your child is injured in a Nevada public school, you must follow very specific procedures in order to file a claim. There must first be a report of the incident filed with the school district within a 60- to 90-day window. In order to proceed with filing a lawsuit, you must then wait until either the school denies your claim, or the school takes no action within a three- to six-month time period.

Nevada school districts are liable for incidents on school property due to negligence, including, but not limited to:

  • Premises liability violations resulting in bodily injury such as slip and falls.
  • Harassment by a teacher in the form of bullying or sexual harassment.
  • Bus accidents caused by the negligence of the bus driver violating the laws of the road.
  • Injuries sustained during school sports or activities.
  • Neglecting to provide medications.
  • Discrimination of a student based on (but not limited to) race, gender, or gender identity.
  • Inadequate security on the premises to keep students safe from outside harm.

What if my child was injured by a teacher?
Nevada’s school districts can be held liable for teacher’s actions in certain instances under its waiver of sovereign immunity law, which gives people the ability to sue the school for the negligence of a teacher or its staff member. When a teacher is doing their job as it is intended, and an accident occurs due to their carelessness or negligence, the school is responsible. One of the conditions under the sovereign immunity waiver protects Nevada schools from being sued for more than $100,000 for employee negligence. They are also protected from paying out punitive damages. On the other hand, in cases of intentional misconduct by a Nevada school employee, those conditions do not apply if the school is found negligent. It is the school’s responsibility to perform their due diligence when hiring teachers and staff by conducting thorough background checks. Furthermore, if a teacher is found to be unfit for their position and no action is taken and they commit an intentional wrongful act, the school itself can be deemed negligent. Nevada schools are charged with proper supervision and disciplinary action for their employees. If the school fails to carry out this duty and a student is injured due to a teacher’s intentional improper behavior, the school can then become the responsible party.

Unlike public schools, private schools do not have a cap on the amount that can be paid out for recovery of damages if an employee is found negligent. They can also be sued for punitive damages.

What if my child was injured by another child at school?
In most cases where a child is injured by another child at school, the parents are the liable party. If there is negligence on the part of school staff such as inadequate supervision, the school may be liable.

If my child was injured on school property after school hours, who is responsible?
Nevada schools are not liable for accidents that happen on school property after hours.

Is the school liable if my child becomes ill or gets food poisoning from school cafeteria food?
In many cases, school food is provided by an outside vendor. If that food then causes your child to become ill, the manufacturer would ultimately be liable for their product’s safety. On the other hand, if the cafeteria is serving food provided directly by the school, the school is liable and its negligence may be grounds for a lawsuit.

Do I need a lawyer to represent me in a lawsuit if my child is injured on school property?
The procedures you must follow before ever filing a lawsuit with a Nevada school are very specific. An experienced attorney is necessary to navigate these strict guidelines and bring the school and/or its employee to justice for the negligence that caused your child’s injury. The Richard Harris Law Firm has represented thousands of Nevada families in the last 40 years. Contact us immediately so we can help your family, too.

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September 9, 2019

Auto Accident Series (Part 12) – Mediation and Arbitration: how might they fit?

Your lawyer will let you know if they feel that use of Arbitration and Mediation may assist in bringing your dispute over a fair settlement to a conclusion in your favor. These two methods have…

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Your lawyer will let you know if they feel that use of Arbitration and Mediation may assist in bringing your dispute over a fair settlement to a conclusion in your favor. These two methods have been gaining greater traction over the last several years, and in some cases, they are required by the courts during the pre-trial phase. Since these methods are gaining in popularity, an understanding of why and under what circumstances they may be used to resolve disputes is probably in order.

Your dispute is, that you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you’ve completed your treatments, and been released from medical care, your lawyer has submitted a Demand to the Insurance Company which, for any number of reasons, has not resulted in a settlement. After negotiating with the insurance company, your lawyer has chosen to sue in order to obtain a fair settlement for you. In our last post, we discussed some of the preliminary activities included in the term litigation. Mediation and Arbitration are two of the alternate dispute resolution methods that we will look at next, so you can have some expectation of what these processes can accomplish and under what circumstances they are used.

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation and Arbitration are very similar since they are alternatives to a court trial and can avoid trial completely if a resolution is reached. In both methods, a neutral third party is selected to oversee the proceedings. This person should be familiar with this and similar types of disputes and acts informally as the judge in the proceeding.

The advantages of settling a dispute by an alternate method include confidentiality. If the negotiations fail, the discussions of the mediation or arbitration will not be used in an eventual lawsuit as opposed to testimony in a court which is considered public record.

These methods are less expensive than going to court and resolve faster. The parties to the dispute determine the resolution, not the judge or jury, by directly communicating face to face, rather than through a lawyer in a courtroom.

Mediation v Arbitration: What’s the difference?

Both mediation and arbitration employ a third party to oversee the proceedings, and either method can be either binding or non-binding.

Mediation – is the less formal of the two methods. Usually a single mediator is employed who will attempt to help the two parties find common ground to settle the dispute. Under Mediation the mediator will not have the same powers as a court judge has but will facilitate discussion and attempt to help both parties settle. Typically, for our use, this less formal and non-binding form of dispute resolution is called Mediation.

Arbitration – may employ multiple Arbitrators, one of which is selected by each side, and the third selected by the existing Arbitrators. For our purposes, the term Arbitration will describe the more formal and more binding form of negotiation. In an arbitration, the findings of the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, may be binding on both parties.

In both forms of conflict resolution, the facilitator(s) is chosen by the participants, while in a trial, you can neither choose the judge or the jury.

What to expect in a Mediation meeting?

A mediation meeting will probably take place in a conference room as determined by both side’s attorneys. A typical mediation session may be scheduled for either half a day or a full day. Mediation sessions provide confidentiality and discussions will not be used in a trial if negotiations fail. They cost less than a trial, resolution and settlement are faster,

The selected Mediator will take charge of the meeting and will explain rules and processes of the mediation. Both sides will be given an opportunity to make their statements and lay out facts which support that side’s position. You may be asked to speak at the session, at which time you should feel free to express yourself and the emotions you have dealt with due to the accident and the resultant dispute regarding settlement.

Once each side has made their initial statements, the mediator may ask questions of the two parties in order to gain greater insight into the details of the dispute. As the process unfolds, the Mediator may ask to have private meetings with the participants and will work to establish negotiations between the disputing parties.

If the mediation is successful, a written document may be drawn up for both parties to sign, which can be upheld in a court. The resolution, however, is accomplished by the disputing parties, not imposed by a judge or jury. It may take several mediation sessions to arrive at a full agreement between parties. If it becomes apparent that a resolution will not result from the sessions, both parties may agree to a binding arbitration, or court.

Arbitration Sessions are similar…

with the exception that the Arbitrator(s) have been given more power over the proceedings by the agreement to arbitrate, which will have been signed by both parties before the meeting begins. Binding arbitration means that the decisions of the arbitrator(s) are binding on both parties.

While this form of conflict resolution is more formal, it shares the advantage of having both parties to the dispute hammer out the resolution and settlement. It is less expensive than a trial and if successful will settle quicker. Depending on the complexity of the negotiations, it may take several sessions to arrive at a final agreement.

At the conclusion of the Arbitration Meeting(s) an Agreement will be drawn up to settle the case. You and the other party to the dispute will be required to accept the findings of the arbitrator(s) and settle on terms determined in the Arbitration.

The Richard Harris Law Firm employs Mediation and Arbitration to settle your case

Your lawyer will know when or whether alternate methods of resolution should or need to be employed to settle your case. These methods may or may not result in a settlement with which both parties feel comfortable. If these methods do not result in a settlement, the last resort is a civil trial before a judge and jury. We will cover that in our next installment. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, through no fault of your own, call our firm to discuss your potential case at (702) 444-4444.

Learn More:

Richard Harris discusses the Legal System

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

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August 5, 2019

Auto Accident Series (Part 8) The Auto Accident Demand

Your recovery from your accident will be under the direction of medical providers, and specialists, who will provide treatment and pos sibly prescribe medications to manage pain.  As your accident claim progresses, your doctor may…

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Your recovery from your accident will be under the direction of medical providers, and specialists, who will provide treatment and pos

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

sibly prescribe medications to manage pain.  As your accident claim progresses, your doctor may disable you for a time. You may be referred to chiropractors and/or physical therapists to assist in the healing process for soft tissue injuries.  You should follow their directions to the letter. Once your doctor finds that your recovery is essentially complete or at least has stabilized, he will notify you and your attorney.

At the appropriate point in the process of your claim, your lawyer will notify the at-fault party’s insurance company of their total liability for all items which require compensation, and also how the accident has affected your life in general to establish a value for pain and suffering.  Your lawyer and case manager will gather all documentary evidence of your claim, including the police reports, witness statements, medical bills, ambulance bills (if any), time off from work and associated lost income with supporting statements from your employer, statements from other involved parties who were affected by the accident, and any other information that supports your claim.  For significant injuries which may require long term care, your doctor may be requested to provide an estimate of future treatment. 

Evaluation and Demand for Settlement
Once documentary evidence is gathered, your lawyer will then evaluate your claim to set a value range for all claimed losses.  The evaluation is a range from low to high of what we are willing to accept to settle the case. Since your attorney handles car accident claims on a daily basis, he or she has experience with similar claims and is equipped to assess what is a fair and equitable settlement for your claim.

Your attorney will prepare a Demand Letter to be forwarded to the liable parties to demand payment for all you have suffered as a result of the accident.  A strong Demand is the basis of your claim and will set a starting point in the negotiation process with the adverse parties.  The demand letter will contain a description of what happened, including dates times and locations of the accident, why the other driver was at fault, what injuries you suffered, and what compensation you and your lawyer believe is fair settlement of the claim.  Attached to the demand letter will be documentary evidence of the claim.

Writing a strong demand which will survive the attempts by the insurance company to minimize their liability is perhaps one of the best reasons to hire an attorney to assist with a car accident claim.  The demand will detail all suffered losses and will include language to minimize potential claims of comparative negligence by the insurance company, which may attempt to split responsibility for the accident between you and the responsible party and reduce your settlement.  

Most accident victims do not know how to avoid the legal pitfalls which can limit their rights when dealing with adverse legal entity such as an insurance company, and will unwittingly add extraneous information which can damage their claim, or neglect to include important language which will protect their rights in this type of dispute.  Furthermore, most people are unable to be completely objective when writing about themselves. The objective evaluation and support of a third party, especially someone who knows the law and how juries respond in such cases, is essential to obtaining the highest settlement for your claims. Correct medical descriptions of injuries and treatments are also critical to this process.  

The Richard Harris Law Firm will Demand a Fair Settlement for your claims

Our lawyers handle auto accident claims on a regular basis.  They know how to structure a demand which will establish the highest value for your claims and will protect your rights under the law.  Once a Demand is filed with the insurance company, negotiations begin, and our next installment in this series will discuss the negotiation process of a car accident claim.  If you’ve been in a car accident that was caused by a negligent driver, call our office today to discuss your case at (702) 444-4444.

Learn More:

https://youtu.be/5QQ9blQhJZk Richard Harris discusses needed documentation for a car accident demand.
https://youtu.be/PdaI0stPfso Richard Harris discusses the legal system

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July 8, 2019


After a car accident which resulted in injuries to you, you’ve now determined to hire a lawyer to assist with your case.  When you call the Richard Harris Law Firm, you will talk with a…

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After a car accident which resulted in injuries to you, you’ve now determined to hire a lawyer to assist with your case.  When you call the Richard Harris Law Firm, you will talk with a Legal Assistant known as an Intake Specialist who will gather and record general information about your accident and will discuss with a lawyer whether our firm can assist you, based on the circumstances of the case.  Then an appointment will be set for the Initial


Perhaps your first experience with a law firm is the Initial Consultation.  Many questions may be in your mind as to how to prepare for this meeting in a way that presents your case and gives your lawyer the information, he or she needs to pursue further legal action on your behalf.  Will I be required to pay to discuss my case with the attorney?  What documents do I need to bring to the meeting?  We will answer these and other questions you may have concerning the initial consultation.

Will I need to pay for the consultation?

The answer to this question at the Richard Harris Law Firm is no.  This consultation and all other aspects of your personal injury case will be handled under a contingency fee agreement.

What documents should I bring to the meeting?

Several documents are helpful to begin the process of a car accident claim.  First, you should bring your identification to the meeting.  This includes Driver’s License or State ID, Passport, Visa, Work Authorization or Military ID among others.  You should also have received an information print out from the police officer at the scene of the accident.  On this form, will be the names of all parties to the accident, including the vehicle owners, and drivers of all involved vehicles.

Information about your insurance company, such as a policy declarations page are very helpful.  An insurance card would be sufficient.  At the very least, your insurance company and policy number will allow us to obtain your coverages from your insurance company.

All of the information you recorded at the scene, including names of other drivers, registered owners of involved vehicles, insurance companies covering those vehicles; photos of the scene, damage to vehicles, and injuries received; and written accounts you may have made of the accident are very helpful to building your case.

Medical bills for injuries received, such as emergency room and subsequent doctor visits should be included in this meeting if you have them.  Names of your doctors and medical facilities you have visited for your injury treatments will be collected during the interview.

Law Enforcement will file an Accident Report usually within 10 days of the accident.  We will request the accident report from the appropriate police agency as part of our investigation.  If you don’t have this document at the time of the initial consultation, we will inquire to the relevant parties to obtain this information.

The Initial Consultation Meeting

When you arrive at our office, you will be accompanied to a conference room and will initially meet with an Intake Specialist who will spend several minutes gathering more detailed information regarding your case.  You should feel free to ask any questions you have during this meeting.  Any required information that we need that can’t be answered at the meeting will be noted and an information page will be given to you in the case packet you’ll be given at the end of the meeting.  You should forward these items to the Intake Specialist as soon as possible.  Once the Intake Specialist has completed gathering the initial information needed, your lawyer and case manager will then join the meeting.

Your lawyer will ask questions as needed, to help him or her understand your case and the circumstances of the accident and your injuries and treatments to date.  He or she will explain basic legal proceedings associated with your case and will explain step by step the process of your claim, and what to expect.  They will go over in detail the retainer agreement and ask if you have questions regarding the retainer and contingency fee.  Once the retainer agreement is signed by both you and your attorney, our firm will officially represent you in all aspects of your claim until settlement.

You will be given a copy of the of the retainer agreement in your case packet.  Your case manager or attorney will also have you sign releases of information and authorizations needed to act on your behalf.  You will be given a copy of all signed documents in the case packet.  You should ask any questions you have about this claim and the process during this meeting and establish a comfort level with your attorney and case manager.

At the end of the meeting, your will be given your case packet, which contains information about the firm and business cards for your lawyer and case manager and all signed documents.  During the initial stages particularly, but during all steps of your case, communications between you and firm personnel are very important.  You will also be given access to the Client Portal during this meeting.  We will cover information about the Client Portal in our next installment.  Check back often for additions to this series.

The Richard Harris Law Firm is different because We Care

At our firm, we want you to understand as much about the process of pursuing your case as possible.  If at any point during your case, if you have questions or concerns, give your attorney or case manager a call.  This is a time when you should be able to concentrate on medical treatments to aid in your recovery from an accident.  We will handle to details of your case and will communicate with you through phone calls and our Client Portal to give you as much information as you need.  If you’ve been injured in an auto accident by a negligent driver, call us today to discuss your case at (702) 444-4444.

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May 24, 2018

Nevada Raises Insurance Coverage Minimums

Since 1958, residents of Nevada have been required to carry vehicle liability insurance with limits of liability of at least $15,000 bodily injury coverage per person, $30,000 bodily injury coverage per accident, and $10,000 property…

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Since 1958, residents of Nevada have been required to carry vehicle liability insurance with limits of liability of at least $15,000 bodily injury coverage per person, $30,000 bodily injury coverage per accident, and $10,000 property damage per accident in order to register and operate a vehicle on Nevada roads. Also denoted as 15/30/10, this requirement represents the maximums the insurance policy is required to pay out in case of an auto accident claim. As of July 1, 2018, these requirements will be increasing to $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and $20,000 property damage per accident, or 25/50/20.

In 1958, $15,000 would buy almost four brand new, top-of-the-line Ford vehicles. $30,000 would buy a new house, gas was 24 cents per gallon, and the average household income was less than $5,000 per year. So, for the time, 15/30/10 was more than enough to cover most vehicle accidents and injuries.

Certainly, a lot has changed since 1958. Today, $15,000 will barely buy one not very well-equipped new sub-compact car. The average price of a new home is pushing $280,000 in the valley, a gallon of gas is more $3.00, and the average income in Las Vegas is over $60,000 annually. In today’s world, 15/30/10 doesn’t go too far. $15,000 may cover the medical expenses of a relatively minor injury, $30,000 only represents a 10% down payment on a house, and $10,000 may repair most vehicles with minimal to moderate damage.

Drivers Are Required to Upgrade Liability Coverage

Nearly two-thirds of Nevada drivers carry higher coverage than the current state minimums already, due to the realities of living in 2018. The one-third of Nevada drivers who carry the state mandated minimums, about 600,000 drivers, will face an increase in premiums of about 9% in order to convert to the new state mandated minimums of 25/50/20. Your insurance carrier has probably already communicated with you regarding options for upgrading coverages to conform to the new requirements. If not, you should contact your agent before July 1 to upgrade your insurance coverage.

A driver who fails to convert to the new minimums, or who drops insurance coverage, is required to cancel registration of any vehicle covered by the insurance policy and surrender license plates to the DMV. According to the DMV, driving in Nevada without carrying the state mandated liability insurance minimums is illegal and will subject that driver to suspension of registration. If you are stopped by law enforcement, ticketed for driving without insurance, and convicted, your driver’s license will be suspended by the Nevada DMV.

Other Insurance Options to Consider

Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage, packaged together as UM/UIM, protects you if you are injured in an accident caused by another motorist who is driving either without insurance or who has only minimum coverage. This coverage will be offered in an amount equal to your liability coverage. For example, if your limits of liability are 25/50/20, you may purchase UM/UIM coverage of $25,000. It is usually inexpensive coverage but can have a significant effect on benefits available to you if you are injured in a car accident. UM/UIM coverage provides additional coverage that will pay benefits to you, in addition to the liability insurance that the at-fault driver carries.

Medical Payments coverage, otherwise known as MedPay, is another option to consider. MedPay pays benefits for medical bills if you are injured in a vehicle or by a vehicle regardless of who is at fault. It provides coverage even when you are riding in someone else’s vehicle or you are a pedestrian or bicyclist hit by a vehicle. MedPay can pay for gaps in other insurance you carry, such as health insurance deductibles, co-payments, or expenses not covered. It is offered in at least $1,000 increments.

Your insurance agent will be able to explain these coverages in greater detail.

The Richard Harris Law Firm is Your Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

Our firm’s goal is to protect responsible drivers. While we are not insurance agents, nor do we offer insurance products, we believe it is important that drivers know of changes that will affect their ability to drive and what options are available. Insurance can be a difficult subject to understand, and we believe consumers should make informed decisions regarding insurance coverages available to them. If you are injured in an automobile accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, we are fully prepared to represent your interests and see to it that you obtain a just and fair settlement from all parties. If you’ve been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, call our firm to discuss your case at (702) 444-4444.

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February 25, 2018

Why Has My Disability Claim Been Rejected?

You’ve become disabled. You’ve applied to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disability benefits, and they’ve rejected your claim. Perhaps the rejection letter received says something about insufficient medical proof of a disabling impairment. You’re…

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You’ve become disabled. You’ve applied to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disability benefits, and they’ve rejected your claim. Perhaps the rejection letter received says something about insufficient medical proof of a disabling impairment. You’re pretty discouraged at this point, but take heart; SSA rejects about 60% of initial claims. The SSA knows that a large number of you won’t continue the process because it looks too complex and imposing.

But you’re not one of that large number, you’re re-applying… this time with a lawyer. But no matter how complex and imposing it looks, our Professional Disability Representatives know how the application process works and how to appeal continued rejections to keep your claim alive, and ultimately prevail.

Our firm accepts claims at all stages of the claims process, we can help from start to finish, even if your claim has not been rejected and will assist with completion of all applications and forms needed at each stage of the process. Medical records needed at each stage will be gathered and provided to SSA.

How Do I Appeal a Rejected Claim?

SSA has established a complex maze of rules and regulations in their system of appeals. It is important to have an advocate working for you, who knows this territory well.

The next step in the process is called the Reconsideration Stage. This first level of the appeal process, and is also designed to discourage you. Almost 90 percent of these claims are denied for a second time. There is however, another level of appeals, called the Administrative Law Hearing stage, and at this level, if you persevere, almost 80 percent of claims at this level are approved for benefits.

The Administrative Law Hearing is important, because you will actually have an opportunity to give testimony. You can also bring supporting witnesses, and medical and vocational experts who will testify on your behalf. Your Professional Disability Representative will help you prepare at each level, and help you know what to expect at each level of the appeal process.

While you’re not required to have an attorney or representative with you at any level of the appeals process, having someone there who’s been through the process hundreds of times and who can give advice and encouragement throughout is invaluable. We will appear before the Administrative Law Judge and advocate for you, and even if a rejection is received at this level, there is another level of appeal in the Federal Court system.

What Benefits are Available if I Become Disabled?

Two types of benefits are available under the Social Security Disability program. One is called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and provides monthly checks to help cover lost income due to the disability. The qualification for this benefit, comes from the years you spent working and contributing to the Social Security System, through payroll deductions. Under SSDI benefits you may also qualify for spouse benefits, or child benefits. We can help you determine which benefits you qualify for.

The other benefit type is called Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is available to claimants who are disabled, and also have less than $2,000 in assets. There is no requirement of work time in order to qualify for SSI benefits. It is based on your disability and lack of income.

The Richard Harris Law Firm helps hundreds of SSD applicants every year.

Our attorney’s and Professional Disability Reps assist with hundreds of applications each year. The reps at the Richard Harris Law Firm have been doing Social Security Disability for years. They know how the appeal process works and will be there every step of the way to guide and advise you through the process. If you have become disabled and are considering having a lawyer represent you with SSA, call us today for a consultation at (702) 444-4444.

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January 18, 2018

New Law Has Potential to Effect Accident Victims

If you are the victim of an accident, and have retained the services of an attorney, you will certainly be under the care of a medical provider. You and your doctor will almost surely be…

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If you are the victim of an accident, and have retained the services of an attorney, you will certainly be under the care of a medical provider. You and your doctor will almost surely be dealing with managing pain resulting from the injuries and, depending on the level of pain, may be prescribed an opioid for treatment. A new Nevada law that took effect January 1, 2018, may have an impact on those efforts.

In an effort to address the growing opioid crisis effecting Nevada and the nation, the 2017 Nevada Legislature passed AB 474, otherwise known as the Controlled Substance Abuse Prevention Act, which places additional responsibilities upon medical providers and patients when prescribing opioid medications especially for long term chronic pain. Governor Brian Sandoval states: “This measure is one step in the State’s comprehensive efforts to curb the prescription drug abuse health crisis currently plaguing communities across Nevada.”

Dr. Dan Burkhead, a local pain management specialist, who worked with the governor’s office to implement the new law says, “It just provides a platform by which the provider can really have an in-depth discussion with the patient as to whether the use of a controlled substance is truly necessary, or whether there are alternatives.”

How will the new law affect treatment of my injuries?

If you’re not being prescribed a controlled substance for pain, it won’t affect you at all. However, if the pain is of a sufficient level that opioids or other controlled substances are required for treatment, the protocols for prescribing have changed.

For a first-time prescription of a controlled substance, the new law requires that you have a bona fide doctor/patient relationship before a prescription for a controlled substance may be written. Your doctor will have to establish a preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan and perform a risk assessment with you prior to prescribing a controlled substance for pain treatment. You will be required to sign an informed consent agreement stating that you understand the risks and benefits of using the controlled substance.

Your initial prescription will be for 14 days. In order to extend the prescription to one month or more, you will be required sign a Prescription Medication Agreement with your doctor consenting to random drug testing, agreeing to use the medication only as prescribed and not sharing it with anyone else, and disclosing to your doctor any other prescriptions being taken.

After 90 days, your doctor will be required to provide an evidence-based diagnosis as to what’s causing the pain, and complete a risk-of-abuse assessment. This will be done for any subsequent 90-day period. Doctors are prohibited from writing more than 365 days’ worth of prescriptions to the same patient in any 365-day period.

Reactions to the New Law Mostly Positive

Physicians are required to handle more paper work to fulfill state reporting requirements under the new protocol. While most doctors are supportive of the objectives of the law, some worry that it could limit a legitimate pain patient’s access to getting appropriate care. Las Vegas doctor, Daliah Wachs explains, “The average medical doctor does do an exam. They do screen for abuse. And the average person overdosing is not the person that received a medication because of a pleomorphic adenoma.”

There have also been scattered reports of patients having legitimate prescriptions and all required paperwork in order, but have been unable to have prescriptions filled at their local pharmacy. There is a concern that the complexities of the new law may drive pain sufferers to the black market, which is the opposite of the law’s objectives. Lawmakers are continuing a dialog with concerned doctors and adjustments may be made to the law as needed.

Richard Harris Law Firm is Nevada’s Premier Personal Injury Accident Attorney Firm

Our firm will be watching with interest as this new law goes into effect. Our concern is the wellbeing of our clients, and will work aggressively and diligently to obtain fair and just settlements for our client who have been injured by the negligence of others. If you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or work accident, call us today to discuss your case at (702) 444-4444.

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January 4, 2018

Xarelto Lawsuit Results in $28 Million Jury Verdict

A jury in Philadelphia has awarded a total of $28 million to Lynn Hartmann in her case against BayerAG and Johnson and Johnson (J&J), and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, over the false and misleading marketing…

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A jury in Philadelphia has awarded a total of $28 million to Lynn Hartmann in her case against BayerAG and Johnson and Johnson (J&J), and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, over the false and misleading marketing and failure to warn patients and doctors of the negative, and many times fatal, side effects of the drug Xarelto (rivaroxaban). Hartmann’s case maintained that she suffered severe gastrointestinal bleeding as a result of using Xarelto. The manufacturers have announced plans to appeal the verdict.

Federal level lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer, J&J, number over 19,000 as of December 2017, and have been consolidated into a Multi-District Litigation (MDL). While three previous trials resulted in findings for the drug manufacturer, the most recently concluded trial resulted in an award of $1.8 million for the plaintiff, with punitive damages against Bayer and J&J of $26 million.


Xalerto is an anticoagulant, used to reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes in patients prone to atrial fibrillation not due to a heart valve problem. It was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011, and was designed to replace the then dominant anticoagulant drug, Coumadin, or its trade name, warfarin.

Users of warfarin were required to obtain monthly medical evaluations to ensure the dosing was sufficient to be effective, and that bleeding risks were within a controlled range. Xarelto is being marketed on the premise that these monthly evaluations are not needed. In reality, there is no need for a monthly evaluation with Xarelto because there is no antidote for its effects.

All blood thinners increase the risk of bleeding. Taking Vitamin K, effectively providing an antidote to the anticoagulant effects of the drug, could reverse this effect of warfarin. Xarelto and other modern anticoagulants, such as Pradaxa, are in a class of drugs known as direct thrombic inhibitors. These modern medications have no antidote, which means if unexpected bleeding should occur, there’s no way to stop it.

Side Effects

Within months of Xarelto’s release, problems resulting from use of the drug became apparent. Lawsuits were filed by patients, or their surviving families, and stated no warning was given, either to the patients or their medical providers, that Xarelto could cause uncontrolled bleeding and that no antidote existed.

This is particularly dangerous with internal bleeding that may not be obvious, such as gastrointestinal (abdominal) and intracranial (brain) bleeding. Xarelto’s side effects may include nosebleeds, brain hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage, intracranial bleeding, abdominal and intestinal bleeding, and rectal bleeding.

Patients using the drug should seek immediate treatment for red, pink or brown urination; headaches, weakness, or dizziness; bright red or black, tarlike stool; heavier than normal menstrual bleeding; unusual bleeding of the gums; coughing up blood or blood clots; or frequent nose bleeds; wounds that won’t heal; among other symptoms. Talk to your doctor to obtain all the warning signs.

Controversial FDA approval

Central to the legal arguments in many of the cases is J&J’s use of the so-called Rocket AF study during the FDA approval process. This study found Xarelto was more or less equivalent to warfarin in the prevention of stroke and embolism, but it did not increase bleeding rates. Cases have questioned the statistical methodology used in the study, and have alleged the device used to measure the International Normalized Ratio (INR) was defective, and returned erroneous data which favored Xarelto.

Numerous studies since Xarelto’s approval have shown the risk of internal bleeding increases dramatically when using the drug. In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a study that found “anticoagulant drugs accounted for more emergency department visits for outpatient adverse effects than any other class of drugs,” and that these adverse events were severe, with nearly half of the ER visits resulting in further hospitalization.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a pharmaceutical watchdog agency, in their 2017 Annual Report found oral anticoagulants are the top risk for acute injuries of all drugs used in the United States.

Regulatory Action

In 2014, the FDA issued its strongest regulatory action against J&J and Bayer, requiring the manufacturers to include a “black box” warning on the labels of Xarelto warning patients of the increased risks associated with use of the drug.

The Richard Harris Law Firm is Your Xarelto Injury Lawyer

Our firm has been watching the increase in cases filed and the results of Xarelto cases with great concern. We believe there are obvious problems associated with the use of the drug. If you have been prescribed Xarelto and have suffered from the side effects, which include uncontrolled bleeding or complications with wound healing, call us today to discuss your case at (702) 444-4444.

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