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In many ways, Reno, Nevada, is a bicyclist’s paradise. If you ride for recreation, you can take your bike on nature trails, such as the Truckee River Bike Path, featuring desert, mountain, and waterfront scenery. If you use your bicycle on your commute, convenient bike lanes will take you to various locations around the city.

With the combination of motor vehicles and bikes on Nevada roads, the risk of bicycle accidents is always present. At Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm, we believe Reno bicycle accident victims should receive high-quality medical care and compensation. Our passionate attorneys rely on Nevada law to defeat profit-hungry insurance companies and drivers who want to deny accountability.

Scheduling a free legal consultation with us is the first step to protecting yourself after a bike accident. Call or text (702) 213-9779 as soon as possible to learn about your rights under Nevada law. A Reno bike accident representative is available 24/7 to take your call.

The Responsibilities of Reno Drivers

From improved health and finances to environmental benefits, the advantages of bicycle riding are undeniable. Yet, the 3 most vulnerable road users are motorcyclists, pedestrians, bicyclists and scooter moped riders.

Drivers who fail to observe the law pose grave danger to bike riders. In Reno, NV, bicyclists have the same rights as any other driver, but motorists share a large part of the responsibility for avoiding causing accidents by following the rules of the road.

Traffic guidelines for motorists include:

  • “Safe passing is the motorist’s responsibility” – Move to the left lane when passing cyclists, if possible; if not, you must keep at least 3 feet from bicycles and pedestrians
  • At intersections, yield to cyclists as you would another vehicle
  • A car can drive in a bike lane briefly to make a turn; the only other acceptable reason for a car to drive or park in these designated areas is for an emergency
  • Be courteous to inexperienced riders and children

Besides these special considerations for cyclists, all drivers have an essential duty to practice safe driving behavior and avoid causing injuries. If a driver is negligent, our experienced bicycle accident attorneys can take legal action on your behalf.

Please contact the Richard Harris Reno legal team if you suspect you were injured when a Nevada driver put you at increased risk. A bicycle accident attorney could win significant financial compensation for those involved in bicycle accidents. It all depends on the various contributing factors, such as the ones listed below.

Avoid distracted driving

Fact: From 2014 to 2018, an average of 13 distracted driving accident fatalities occurred each year.

When operating a motor vehicle, drivers must focus on the driving task at hand to prevent bike accidents. While motorists should scan the street for hazards, they should not allow themselves to get distracted by non-essential details, including billboards and scenic views. They should also avoid behaviors that could occupy their minds or hands (e.g. eating, using cellphones, or adjusting controls).

Follow traffic laws

Fact: Within a 5-year range, speeding crashes alone resulted in the death of 105 people statewide and injured many others.

Speeding, improper passing, and tailgating constitute reckless behavior that could lead to serious injury. Not every motorist will readily admit fault, but a bicycle accident lawyer can investigate and gather evidence to support your claim to compensation.

Avoid driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Fact: Fatalities involving drugs or alcohol claimed the lives of 90 people between 2011 and 2018.

A motorist cannot drive safely while impaired. A responsible bicycle accident attorney can determine whether or not illegal substances and prescription drugs led to:

  • Slow coordination
  • Impair judgment
  • Increase reaction time
  • Make people more aggressive and reckless
  • Cause dizziness, drowsiness, and other dangerous side effects

You could be entitled to receive significant compensation if an impaired driver caused your bike accident injuries. To learn what your case could be worth, request your free evaluation by clicking “Contact” on your screen and filling out the brief form.

How a Personal Injury Claim Can Increase Your Recovery

When bicycles share the road with vehicles, peaceful bike rides can turn into devastating bicycle accidents and severe injuries. Under the best of circumstances, bicycle accidents are stressful for all involved.

Your injuries might cause you pain and affect you emotionally. Missed work can add additional worry as shockingly high medical bills start to add up. And when a car accident fatally injures a loved one, the grief can seem overwhelming.

Far too often, Reno bicycle accident victims do not get what they deserve for their injuries. But you can maximize your financial compensation if you work with an experienced attorney.

The bicycle accident attorneys of Richard Harris Law Firm are passionate about using personal injury law to protect the rights of bicyclists like you. Get in touch today by calling or texting our bike accidents team at (702) 213-9779 today.



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