cement truck accident injury lawyer

Cement Truck Accident Attorney

With all the construction going on in Las Vegas cement trucks are a common sight.

Sharing the road with one of these concrete mixing trucks can be dangerous.

The truck combines cement, sand or gravel and water to form concrete.

A cement truck can leave behind a path of destruction if you crash with one.

When a standard sized cement truck is loaded it can be heavy.

Even when not carrying anything it can still weigh over 25,000 pounds.

That is a lot of weight to contend with.

You may have noticed the spinning barrel on the truck.

This can make the truck unstable. It is important to drive cautiously around a cement truck.

No matter how safe you drive accidents still can happen.

An accident with a cement truck has a high chance of injury.

If it happens due to the negligence of the truck driver than you may be entitled to compensation.

Getting injured by the fault of another can leave you with expenses.

You should not be responsible for these expenses if you were not to blame.

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Richard Harris Knows Nevada

It is important that you get the help of a knowledgeable and professional personal injury attorney.

We work on truck injury cases of all types including cement trucks.

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We understand what it takes to win.

Trying to fight the truck driver, trucking company, and their insurance can get complicated.

If you are injured getting yourself healed should be your main concern.

Let us worry about the legal battle while you get better.

Richard Harris works on a contingency basis.

We only get paid if you do. We have been helping clients in Nevada since 1980.

Our motivation is to protect your rights and get you the maximum compensation for all the damages.

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Types of Cement Truck Accidents

Getting in an accident with a cement truck happens more than you might think.

It is easy to imagine the damages that this massive truck can do.

Getting tangled up with a truck this big can surely cause serious injury.

Rollover – If a cement truck takes a turn to sharp or fast it can roll over. Sharing the road and seeing a cement truck flip over seems terrifying.

If the vehicle around the truck does not get out of the way in time they can be crushed.

A cement truck can roll over even at slow speeds. It is top heavy with weight. When there is loose gravel and dirt it can get off balanced.

This happens sometimes on the road or on the construction sites.

Head On Collision – Drivers of cement trucks may have a tough time seeing the other smaller vehicles around them.

Taking a wide turn can lead to a head on collision. Because it is more difficult to operate, steering and sight lines can be affected.

Trying to get the cement mixer back into the proper lane after a turn can be hard. Maneuvering a cement truck is no easy task.

Side Swipe – Since a cement truck driver sits up high seeing a person next to them can be difficult. Trucks all have blind spots and a cement truck is no exception.

Truckers may not always see what is next to them. This is incredibly dangerous when a cement truck decides to change lanes.

If a side swipe happens to a smaller passenger vehicle the results can be catastrophic.



Some Things to Know About Cement Mixing Trucks

  • Concrete is mixed in a rotating barrel.
  • The barrel keeps the concrete in liquid form.
  • Trucks can be either automatic or manual transmissions.
  • They are loaded in the same hole of the barrel that the concrete comes out.
  • A standard size truck holds 8-14 yards of product.
  • Front loading trucks are around 13 feet high.
  • Brand new 2023 truck costs around $250,000
  • The largest and loaded cement trucks can weigh over 60,000 lbs.




is a cement truck hard to drive

Is A Cement Truck Hard to Drive?

Getting behind the wheel of a full-sized cement truck can be hard.

This is why drivers need to have special training.

They need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

These heavy-duty commercial trucks can haul over 40,000 lbs. of concrete while it is mixing.

Having a skilled and properly trained cement truck driver is important.

The newer trucks have improved the safety features over the years.

This can be very helpful.

This all sounds great but not every cement truck driver is looking out for your safety.

If they cause an accident than they can be held liable.

If we can prove that the truck drivers actions were reckless or careless you could have a case.

We will look at all the details of the accident and even try to get the traffic camera accident footage.

Then we will do our best to put together a case that can win.

Richard Harris knows how to win!



Pursuing Damages After a Cement Truck Crash

There are often serious injuries when there is a cement truck involved in an accident.

Injuries can be life threatening and leave a person with permanent disabilities.

Protecting your rights and getting you the compensation that you deserve is vital.

Damages can be recovered for economic and non-economic costs of the collision.

There are many different forms of compensation we will be seeking.

Medical costs are one of them.

The cost of all the expenses that are incurred.

If there is treatment and expenses in the future than these will be included.

Losing a job means loss of income.

Lost wages will be considered now and in the future.

Emotional stress and trauma are often factors in an injury lawsuit.

Mental pain can be just as debilitating. Property damage and other factors will all be examined.


Trucking companies may also be held liable.

There may be more at fault than just the driver of the truck. If the cement truck was not properly maintained the trucking company may have responsibility as well.

Mechanical and manufacturer issues will be looked into.

Faulty parts and inadequate repairs may be the cause.

Hiring an unqualified driver is also negligence.

Our cement truck accident attorneys will leave no stone unturned.

We will find out the person or parties responsible for your misfortune.




Truck Driver Error

There are some common reasons why a cement truck driver causes an accident.

Distracted Driving – Keeping your eyes on the road is important. It is becoming more and more difficult for everyone. We all have been distracted by the phone. All it takes is a split second and an accident can happen. Truck drivers are often checking for the locations that they need to be. Looking at maps can take your focus. Eating, drinking, talking, and texting are all distractions.

Inexperience – It is vital for the safety of everyone that a cement truck driver have training. These trucks can be even more dangerous if drivers are not experienced. This is especially true when loading and unloading. Taking turns can be difficult if you are not used to driving a cement truck. It is important that drivers fully understand the truck they are driving.

Truck Maintenance – Not having the truck serviced correctly can be hazardous. Keeping the truck and mixer in good working order is crucial. The drivers safety and those sharing the road depends on this. Brakes, tires, steering, etc. must all be functioning properly.

Fatigue – When a truck driver is over worked bad things can happen. Drivers need to get the proper rest. Working too many hours or days in a row can cause driver error. There are rules that limit a truck driver’s hours. If we find that they are in violation of these regulations they can be held liable.

Work Zones – This is responsible for a large percentage of cement truck accidents. The streets can become confusing around construction sites. Workers waving flags and cement trucks maneuvering around can be dangerous. Traffic can build up and there is extra risk for an accident. Rear end and T-bone collisions are common in work zones. If cars and trucks are speeding and being reckless a crash can occur. Always slow down when approaching orange cones and construction sites.



Safety Tips When Driving Around Cement Trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has some safety tips that can help.

  1. Keep Your Patience – Never get to close to a cement mixer. Give it all the time and space it needs. Large trucks don’t operate the same way that regular vehicles do. Don’t be overly aggressive. Keep your distance and don’t create an accident because you are in a rush. It is not worth it.
  2. Pass Carefully – A cement truck may have blind spots that will make it hard to see. If passing get by quickly. Don’t hang out on the side of a cement truck. Do not assume that they see you.
  3. Lookout For Wide Turns – A cement truck will need to take up more of the road when it turns. The steering is much more difficult when taking a turn. Let it have the room it needs. Avoid an accident.