Injured At a Department Store

An injury can happen to us anywhere.

It can happen even at your favorite department store.

If you are in a department store shopping and get hurt you may be entitled to compensation.

Getting an injury due to the negligence of another is unfortunate.

It is important to get the help of a personal injury lawyer.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris understand department store injury accidents.

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who is responsible for injury in department store

Who Is Responsible for An Injury at A Department Store?

Ross, Macy’s, and T.J. Maxx are just some of the many department stores in Las Vegas.

These stores can get busy and chaotic at times.

Every department store has a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for their customers.

Making sure that those shopping are not in danger.

Sounds simple but not so easy.

With so many products on the shelves the chance of some falling into the aisle is inevitable.

Department store employees must be on the lookout for products that fall.

If a store owner knows that there is a danger and does nothing about it, they can be held liable.

The store has a legal duty of care to uphold.

If there is a danger, they must handle it within a reasonable amount of time.



Store Areas Where an Accident Can Happen

It is not just the aisles that can be dangerous in department stores.

Anywhere on the property has its own set of risks.

  1. Store Aisles
  2. Walkways
  3. Dressing Rooms
  4. Restrooms
  5. Parking Lot
  6. Check Out
  7. Stairwells
  8. Elevators
  9. Escalators

Any one of these areas of the department store can be dangerous.

As a customer it is important to be aware of these dangers throughout the property.

This way you may be able to prevent an accident that causes injury.




how an injury in a department store can happen

How a Department Store Injury Can Occur

Just walking into a typical department store can be dangerous if the management doesn’t take care of things.

We’ve all been in an old store that feels like something could break at any moment.

Shelves – This is one of the most common reasons for an injury. Department stores have tons of products and shelving. Some of the products are heavy. Stack too many of them on top of each other and the shelf can become unstable. Customers often grab things off the shelves and create danger for the next person. Overloaded shelves can be incredibly unsafe. Management must know the limits of their shelves. Employees must be constantly checking shelves. They must be instructed on how to safely put products on the shelving. If not, a serious accident can easily take place.

Aisles – Products falling off the shelves land in the aisle. Most of the time a customer sees it and avoids an accident. This is not always the case. Injuries from tripping and falling on a product in the aisle happens. Customers have been severely injured in these types of scenarios.

Wet Floors – There are many ways that a floor can be wet in a department store. A liquid product falls to the floor. It can make the floor oily or wet. If the management or other employees do not handle this right away a slip and fall can happen. Department stores also have restrooms. These tend to get water on the floor. Sinks, faucets, and toilets can all cause wet floors. Broken and leaking pipes can make for a dangerous floor. Maintaining the safety of the department store is important. Employees must be constantly checking for these dangers. This can help lower the risk of an injury.

Poor Lighting – Lights that are not properly maintained can be the cause of an accident. There are many places where poor lighting can create a dangerous environment. Inside the store there are many areas. Aisles, bathrooms, and hallways can all be dangerous if the lights are out. The store management must replace bulbs in a timely manner. Lights out in the parking lots can cause a car or pedestrian accident. Stairwells and exits must have adequate lighting in order to keep customers safe.

Security – If there is not proper security at a department store there can be trouble. Lack of security can lead to an innocent person being injured. Security issues can lead to an injury in a parking lot or inside the store. Security guards must have training to be able to handle a variety of situations. If security is not doing their job then they can be held liable. Unfortunately, crime and violence are becoming more and more common at department stores in Las Vegas.



What To Do If Injured at a Department Store in Nevada?

If you are ever injured at a department store there are some things that you can do.

The severity of the injury may not be fully known at the time of the accident.

Gather as much information as possible so you can help protect your rights later.

It is important to try and remain calm and follow these steps.


Get Help – Let the store know that you were injured right away. Get the attention of the nearest employee that can get you help. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice if you have to. Unless you are in more danger try to stay in the spot where you were injured. If you have serious injuries moving can only hurt you more. This is especially true with spinal injuries and broken bones.

Medical Attention – It is important that you are looked at by a medical professional. If you plan on filing a lawsuit you must show that there was an injury. Going home hurt and trying to heal yourself is not advised. A trip to the ER may be needed. It is important to know the full extent of the injuries. This way there won’t be complications down the road.

Get Evidence – This is vital to your case. If you are seriously hurt then this may be difficult at the time. If you are able to gather evidence it will be highly valuable. Proving the negligence of a department store like the Burlington Coat Factory can be difficult. Getting proof will be needed to hold the store liable. You need to prove that there was a defective condition on the property. That the owner was also aware of it. It is also important to prove that you were not responsible for your own injury. Not every injury in a department store is the fault of the property owner or management. Showing proof of an unsafe condition on the property can help you win your case.

Witnesses Information – Having a witness validate your story is valuable. Try and get statements from witnesses after an accident. Get all their contact information so they can be reached later. They may be needed for further questioning. A good witness can be helpful in winning a case.

Pictures and Videos – This is important to show where and how an accident occurred. Get pictures of the scene. A picture is worth a lot. Seeing the defective item, wet floor or other hazard can go a long way in proving liability.

Medical Expenses and Records – This will have the evidence of the injuries. Any paperwork that has to do with the injury that resulted from the accident is vital. Medical reports and records will show proof of the injury and how much the bills are.

Call Richard Harris – Bring us all the information that you have after the accident. We will take a hard look at it. If we need to do further investigating, we will. Then we will work on putting together a winning case. We understand how to fight the big insurance companies and corporate lawyers. Your focus should be on healing. We will focus on protecting your rights and seeking the maximum compensation.




Damages from a Department Store Injury Accident

You have every right to seek financial damages from a department store injury.

The costs of injuries have skyrocketed.

The stress of all the expenses is enough to overwhelm anyone.

There is no reason that you should have to pay for these expenses if someone else was to blame.

Some of the damages we will be seeking include;

Medical Bills – A trip to the hospital in an ambulance may be just the beginning. Doctors visits, x-rays, treatment, medicine, therapy, and surgery can add up.

Emotional and Physical Pain and Suffering – The severity of the injury will have a lot to do with the physical pain. Emotional suffering may go on long after the injury.

Loss of Work – Most of us need our paychecks to pay our bills. Losing the ability to work will be part of the damages we will seek. If there is lost wages in the future they will be calculated as well.


Some of the other damages may also include; loss of consortium and long-term care from a permanent disability.

Richard Harris takes no upfront fees.

Our lawyers work on a contingency basis.

This means that we only get paid if you win your case.

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