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slip and fall accident at gas station in nevada


Slip and fall accidents at gas stations are more common than you may think.

If you have a motor vehicle than you probably go to a gas station on the average about once a week.

Most of the times we fill up and get back to our day.

Accidents do occur on gas station properties.

When a slip and fall happens, it can cause an injury.

If you had a slip and fall at a gas station and were injured, call the Law Offices of Richard Harris.

Having an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer on your side can be helpful. Injuries at a gas station will often fall under premises liability laws.

Under these laws you may be entitled to compensation.

Richard Harris are experts in premises liability law.

Having been in Nevada since 1980 our attorneys have helped victims recover from all types of injuries.

We understand how to win these types of cases. Injuries from slip and fall accidents at gas stations can be wide ranging.

Minor cuts and bruises to major Traumatic Brain Injury, bone breaks, and spinal injuries.


Gas Stations and Premises Liability Laws

A slip and fall at a gas station can happen in many ways.

It some cases it is due to the fault of another.

In other cases, the property may have a dangerous condition that caused the fall.

Premises liability law is for when a person is injured on someone else’s property.

In some instances, the property owner can be held liable for damages.

The law has specific things that must be proven in order to get compensated.

  • The defendant owns or occupied the property – this includes the owner and the tenant that may be on the property.
  • Negligence in care – if the property is not taken care of and injury occurs, they can be held liable. Anytime you own a business and invite customers on the property there is a reasonable standard. Providing a safe environment is important.
  • Injury was from the negligence – proving that the negligence was directly related to the injury. The gas station owner or occupier did not provide a safe environment for the guest.
  • Compensation – there must be actual damages from the injury in order to file a claim.


Gas Station Accidents Can Happen Outside or Inside

Gas stations can be held liable if they are not providing a safe environment for their customers.

Gas stations are everywhere in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada including Reno.

Pumps are pumping and accidents do happen regularly.

Accidents can happen outside by the pumps or inside the property.

There are many ways that a gas station can be found liable in the event of an injury.

  • Gas and oil spills – gas stations must maintain their properties. Spills can cause slip and falls. Owners and management can be held liable if an injury occurs. Properties must be maintained and spills cleaned up on a regular basis.
  • Floors – walking in and out of the place should not be dangerous. Cracked steps, potholes and other dangerous obstacles should be fixed. If repairs need time than proper signage should be displayed to customers.
  • Dangerous aisles – walking down the aisle of the gas station should be safe. Fallen items off shelves can cause a slip and fall. Boxes should be off the ground and not left to trip over.
  • Wet spills – inside the store there can be water leaks or spills. These should not be left unattended. Spillage from coffee, soda, or other liquids can do serious harm. Wet floors from mopping should have warning signage.
  • Lights – outside and inside lighting should be adequate. Bulbs should be replaced immediately. Lighting issues can cause serious damage. It can also lead to a security problem.
  • Assault and battery – There must be a certain amount of safety at gas stations. If there are security issues and injury the property can be held liable. Be aware of your surrounding when pumping gas.



Filing a Gas Station Injury Lawsuit

You have every right to sue if you were injured at a gas station when you weren’t at fault.

If there is proof that a safe environment was not provided.

If there are dangers they should be fixed.

There should be signage warning of the dangers. Gas stations have a legal responsibility.

Owners and employees must manage the property in a reasonable way.

Our personal injury team of lawyers will take a look at all the facts of your case.

If there is evidence that there was negligence or lack of care, we can file a claim.

Dealing with gas station properties can be complicated.

They will have their own attorneys that will fight for them.

We will first try to get compensation through negotiations.

If we need to go to court, we have highly trained trial attorneys.


Slip and Fall Injury Facts

The CDC recently reported that there are millions of slip and falls in the US every year.

These injuries can be serious and costly.

  • 1/5 of falls will come with serious injury.
  • Injuries include; Broken bones, TBI, hip fractures.
  • Falls are one of the most common reasons for TBI.
  • 95% of hip injuries are from falling.
  • Approximately 800,000 a year are hospitalized from slip and fall injuries.


Gas Station Injury Settlements

If you were injured due to the fault of another at a gas station, we will seek damages.

These financial damages will include; medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering to name a few.

We will seek the maximum compensation.

If the injury is a direct result of negligence, you should not be responsible for the costs.

Richard Harris will represent you. We will work on all the legal aspects of your case.

Trying to heal from injury and dealing with all the filings and legal process can be difficult on your own. We are here to help!

We are available 24/7. Our first consultation is always free.

Call today!


gas station injury accident


Injuries From a Gas Station Slip and Fall Accident

Gas station injuries can be traumatic.

We will be seeking damages for all medical costs.

If medical costs continue in the future these will be considered in the claim.

In serious injuries a person may need long term care.

  • Head trauma – in a gas station slip and fall accident you may never see it coming. This is why it can be so damaging. Slipping on oil by the pump or a spilled drink inside can cause serious harm. Hitting your head on the hard parking lot ground can cause TBI. This can be a long-lasting injury. Serious TBI can do damage that lasts a lifetime. Dizziness, loss of memory, and nausea are all symptoms of head trauma. Headaches and brain function issues can be devastating.
  • Bone fractures – there is always a chance of a bone break when you fall. If you are off balanced and you put out a hand or arm to brace yourself it can break. Wrists are common breaks in this type of fall. Legs can get in an awkward position and break. Ankles are also vulnerable. Breaks will need medical care. If they need surgery, it may take even longer to heal. Bone breaks will make it difficult to get back to work. This is especially true if the job has physical labor involved.
  • Cartilage and tendons – spraining an ankle in a pothole will do some damage. This is not only painful but will need healing time. Twisting a knee and tearing cartilage often needs surgery. Medical attention is needed. Rehabilitation for injuries will take time for a full recovery.


Gas Station Slip and Fall Lawsuit

In most cases the gas station responsible will put up a fight.

Writing you a check and going home is probably not going to happen.

Do not stress. Some of these steps we can help you with and guide you through.

Every case is unique.

Your case may not require all of these.

  • Pictures – Get the phone out. Take pics of anything and everything that can show the cause of the fall. Get pictures or video of the scene. Proof of spills, defects, or any evidence of the dangerous condition can be beneficial.
  • Witness Information – Get contact information of witnesses.
  • Medical Attention – Get medical help. You will need proof that you were injured.
  • Keep Receipts and Bills – Any medical bill or proof of an expense that was caused by the accident.
  • Demand Letter – Let the gas station know you are filing a claim.
  • Filing Claim – Officially filing a lawsuit with the court.
  • Discovery Process – Gather and share information related to your case.
  • Preliminary Motions – Discuss the evidence and the case in court.
  • Settlement Negotiations – This can be both formal or informal.
  • Trial – Court testimony, cross examinations, and jury arguments.


The Law Offices of Richard Harris know how to put together a case that can win.

We have won over $1.5 Billion for our clients in Nevada.

Having a knowledgeable gas station slip and fall personal injury attorney on your side will increase your chances of winning.

Contact us by phone, email, or come by the office.


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