What happens here, doesn’t always stay here

Let’s face it, Las Vegas is a town made for parties.  It’s pretty much the reason this oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert exists.  And we do it well.  We have a lot of people who come here to party, in fact in 2012, Las Vegas had nearly 40 million visitors.  That amounts to almost 110,000 visitors per day.  Movies have been made about it, we’ve had advertising campaigns promoting that what happens here stays here, and regardless of where you live the in U.S., Las Vegas means party time, in pretty much any way that can be defined.

Whether it’s a convention in town, the shows on the Strip, or the gambling, the clubs, or the great food, our town accommodates this influx of non-residents very well.  Most visitors move in and out of town efficiently, and with a minimum of incident.  But there’s always the possibility with that many people coming and going, that something may happen while here that’s less than pleasant.  There are the unfortunate few who through no fault of their own, end up being injured in Las Vegas.  Either something happens at a hotel where due to a design flaw, or lack of maintenance, or just plain happenstance, a visitor gets hurt.

People come to Vegas in their cars, in motorhomes, in tour busses, or by air.  While in Vegas, you may take a taxi to get around, if you don’t have your own wheels.  Any motor conveyance presents the opportunity for accidents, and unfortunately, they do occur.

Within hotels, guests slip on newly cleaned floors, or sometimes due to a leaky roof or ceiling.  Plumbing for the number of hotel rooms and rest rooms to accommodate 40 million people per year, sometimes leaks, and leaves a floor slippery.  Swimming pools present opportunities for accidents which cause injuries.

If you are one of the unfortunate folks who came to Las Vegas to have a good time and ended up injured, you need the expertise of an attorney who understands the laws governing premise liability, slip and falls, auto accidents, and knows how to obtain the best settlement for the victims of accidents.


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