Injured On a Sidewalk or Walkway In Las Vegas

injured on las vegas sidewalk

The biggest burden in these types of injury cases is proving who is responsible.

Everywhere you go in Las Vegas there are sidewalks and walkways.

Sidewalks and walkways can be on public or private property.

The majority of the sidewalks in Las Vegas are public.

These are seen on the side of public streets.

When it comes to walkways they are more often located on private property. Accidents and injuries happen on both of these.

With all the distractions around the city an injury on a sidewalk is just one misstep away.

There are laws and regulations that come into question in sidewalk injury cases. Having an experienced personal injury attorney is critical in these kinds of lawsuits.

Richard Harris understands these local laws. Some of the sidewalks throughout Las Vegas have some major traffic.

It is not uncommon for them to have cracks, or broken pieces these days.

The city is in constant construction which makes for an even higher risk. Sidewalks must be maintained on a regular basis.

Liability will depend on who is responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalk or walkway.


Richard Harris Knows Nevada

Our law offices have been serving clients in Nevada since 1980. That’s over 40 years! We have watched Las Vegas grow to where it is now.

When filing a lawsuit for a sidewalk or walkway injury it is important to prove liability.

The at fault party could be a private owner, property management company, or business owner.

It could also be the City of Las Vegas or any other municipality where the injury accident occurred.

No matter where it is we will find out who is liable.

We will hold the person or party responsible for the damages.

If you were injured on an unmaintained sidewalk in Las Vegas, call our laws offices today.

We have recovered Billions for our clients.

Our first consultation is always free.


Damages From a Sidewalk That Was Not Maintained

If the sidewalk was not maintained and injury occurs, we will find out who is responsible.

This is negligence and the liable party can be sued for damages.

Damages can add up fast.

The lawsuit amount will depend on various factors.

Medical Bills – Going to the hospital and dealing with doctors is expensive. We will seek damages for all the medical costs that are from the sidewalk accident. It is important to save all the receipts of all medical bills and expenses related to the injury. Serious injuries may need long term care. We will calculate any future medical expenses into the claim amount.

Lost WagesLosing even one paycheck can be financially devastating. Injury often comes with lost income. If your injury is minor this may not be much. If it is a serious injury, you may be out for weeks, months, or longer. If there is a major injury going back to work may be out of the question. Our lawyers will add up all the costs of wages lost.

Pain and Suffering – A unmaintained sidewalk accident injury can come with physical and mental anguish. We understand that any injury can be traumatic. No matter what the expenses are you should not be paying for them if they were caused by negligence. We will fight for you, protect your rights, and seek maximum compensation for all the damages.


If you win your case, you will be awarded money.

This is known as damages.

Some of the other types of damages that you can be awarded for include; loss of companionship, disfigurement, and disability.

Richard Harris knows how to win.

Our lawyers have won $ Billions for our clients over the years in Nevada.



pedestrian accident injury

Injured While Walking Around Las Vegas

This is an amazing city with so much to look at.

Walking around the strip can be a remarkable experience.

There are some dangers that come with walking.

Because of the size of the structures, they may appear much closer than they are.

First time visitors are always amazed by this. Locals can be taken by surprise as well.

Debris, cracked cement, and lack of warning signage can make for a dangerous walk.

Wearing the proper footwear can make a major difference.

High heels and flimsy dress shoes with no ankle support can be disastrous.

An accident on the sidewalk or walkway can happen at any time.

A slip, trip, and fall on a sidewalk can cause serious injury.

It is important to get medical attention and document the injury.

This way if you plan on filing a claim there is proof of the injury.


Injuries From a Sidewalk or Walkway Accident

Slip, trip, and fall injuries are the most common in these cases.

An injury to an unsuspecting person can be traumatic.

Every injury has it’s own set of circumstances.

We have seen all types of injuries from minor to major.

Head Trauma – Injuries to the head can be fatal. Falling down and hitting your head on the hard sidewalk can do some serious damage. Sidewalks and curbs are unforgiving. Traumatic Brain Injury can cause serious harm to the brain if it is severe enough. Queasiness, memory loss, dizziness, and headaches are all symptoms of TBI. Concussions must be monitored. It is important to have the treatment of medical professionals. Making a full recovery can take time. Nevada has seen a significant increase in TBI deaths according to the CDC.

Back and Neck – Any injury to the spine is serious. Neck and back injuries can be painful. They will also take time to heal. Depending on the severity will depend on how many trips to the doctor. If the spine is seriously harmed it can lead to paralysis. Losing feeling and movement in the limbs. This type of trauma will need long term medical care.

Soft Tissue – Torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments can be injured by turning or falling. Tripping on a cracked sidewalk can injure an ankle or knee. These types of injuries can heal on their own. In some cases, they will need surgery to repair the damage. This can leave you on crutches. Not good if you are working a job that requires you to stand or move around.


If you believe that negligence was involved in your injury, contact our law offices.

You can call, email, or just come on in.


Statute of Limitations in Las Vegas On Personal Injury Claims

Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada has a two (2) year statute of limitations.

This means that you must legally file your case within two (2) years from the time of the injury.

Injuries can take their toll on a person.

Concentrating on healing should be your main priority. Don’t hesitate call us today and let us get started on your case.

If you wait past the two (2) year time period you will not be able to receive compensation.


Settling The Sidewalk or Walkway Injury Case

This can happen at any time after the lawsuit is filed. An agreement can be made before it goes to trial or even during.

Our attorneys will provide you with all the information of your case.

Helping you understand your best options.

Settling the case means that you will agree on the financial terms and receive money.

In return you will drop the case. This happens all the time. Richard Harris has experienced negotiators that can help guide you.

Giving you legal advice and assessing all the facts of the case.


Tips If You Were Injured in A Sidewalk or Walkway Accident

It is vital to prove who is liable in any type of personal injury case.

This can be complicated when you are dealing with municipalities and private business owners.

However, there are some things that you can do that can help your case.

  1. Medical Attention – Getting medical care after an injury is important. A medical professional needs to check your injuries. In some cases, the pain is immediate. In other injuries the adrenaline can cover up the severity of the injury. The doctor will be able to assess the injuries. The sooner you receive treatment the better. Legally speaking you will need to show the proof that you were injured. This way you will have a record of the injury.
  2. Pictures – Getting pictures or video of the accident scene can be a big help to a personal injury lawsuit. This can be a great way to show the negligence. Sidewalks and walkways must be maintained in a reasonable manner. If there is an injury those responsible can be held liable.
  3. Witness Contact Info – If there is anyone that saw what occurred get their information. Having a written statement of someone that saw the accident can be helpful. A solid eyewitness can lead to winning the case.
  4. Keep Records – Any bills and receipts that prove the damages will be needed. This will be helpful in providing proof of the costs from the accident. Documentation is a vital component of any lawsuit.


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