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When leaving the comfort of home in Indian Springs, Nevada, the possibility of experiencing a personal injury may be the last thing on your mind. Yet, despite your best efforts to be safe, an unexpected injury can occur anywhere, at any time. In fact, in 2016, there were 39.5 million physician office visits for unintentional injuries in the US. 

Often, it’s found that these incidents could have been avoided if the responsible party had not been negligent. If you or your loved one has suffered a life-changing injury, call Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm serving Indian Springs at (702) 745-8555 for a free consultation. Our passionate personal injury attorneys have been helping injured families throughout Nevada receive fair compensation for over 40 years.

Our Practice Areas of Personal Injury Law in Indian Springs, NV

Personal injury is an area of law that encompasses a broad variety of claims meant to benefit the injured victim. The intent is for the injured person to receive compensation for what was lost from the accident, and to discourage others from committing the same offense. This includes payment of compensatory damages and/or punitive damages to victims.

 There are several situations that fall under personal injury law. Our attorneys serving Indian Springs are experienced in handling a variety of cases, such as the following.

Premises liability and slip-and-falls

 Property owners and managers in Indian Springs, Nevada, have a legal responsibility to make sure that their properties are safe for all who visit. If an accident resulting in injury occurs due to neglect, the owner could be held liable. 

This applies to residential homes and business properties. Some of these include grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, hospitals, and even sidewalks or parking lots. 

Auto accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents frequently occur in the area of Indian Springs, Nevada. In Clark County, 245 people lost their lives in car crashes in 2018. 

Often, the cause of a car accident is a reckless driver. Common forms of recklessness while driving include using a cellphone, speeding, failing to yield, driving under the influence, and daydreaming

Motorcycle accidents

Statistics show that motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury than car passengers. In fact, in 2019, Nevada sadly saw 56 motorcyclists killed in collisions.

The causes of vehicle collisions can vary. Improper left-hand turns, opening car doors in the motorcycle’s path, and speeding are rather common. All too often, however, it’s discovered that these incidents occur because drivers fail to notice or show the same respect for motorcyclists as they do for other motorists on the road. 

Dog bites

More than 4.7 million people in the US are bitten by dogs every year. Children are the most vulnerable victims of dog bites due to their small size and naivety. In Nevada, there were 169 dog bite claims filed in 2019, which resulted in an average cost of $44,904 per claim.

Dog attacks can be frightening and may result in pain, suffering, and scarring – both physically and emotionally. These attacks often result in costly medical expenses. With the assistance of an attorney, a claim or lawsuit can be filed against the owner for any injuries of his or her dog’s infliction. 

Medical malpractice

When a medical professional or facility violates the standard of care, this is considered to be medical malpractice. Usually, the results of medical mistakes or negligence are serious life-changing injuries or even premature death to victims.

One report stated that, nationwide, medical errors result in more than 250,000 premature deaths annually. In 2020, Nevada had 323 adverse action reports filed against health care practitioners. 

Social Security Disability

A resident of Indian Springs may qualify for SSDI benefits if he or she is suffering from a mental or physical disability that interferes with a daily work routine. However, that individual may have a difficult time obtaining those benefits. 

In fact, in 2020, Nevada ranked 33rd in the nation for initial application approval. As such, having a personal injury lawyer assist with the process will go a long way. Some appeals even require legal representation by a personal injury lawyer for a court to determine eligibility. 

Wrongful death

When someone’s negligence results in the death of another, this constitutes wrongful death. Losing a loved one can be emotionally crushing. The loss may be especially compounded, though, when it could have been avoided. 

If you are unsure whether you may have an Indian Springs wrongful death case, come talk to the empathetic Richard Harris legal team. Wrongful death cases include a wide range of areas, such as bicycle accidents, construction accidents, product liability, and violent acts.

Contact Our Passionate Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Indian Springs, NV

When you experience a personal injury in Indian Springs, Nevada, the change in your circumstances may cause you to feel completely overwhelmed. The physical pain, the mounting medical expenses – coupled with the inability to return to work – may be causing you much distress. Don’t suffer alone. A lawyer can help with the process of seeking compensatory damages, and possibly punitive damages for your losses from the responsible party.

Your settlement amount can be maximized if you choose the right Indian Springs personal injury lawyer to fight for you. We are one of the highest-rated firms in Nevada. Our attorneys have successfully won over $1 billion dollars for our clients with their best interests in mind. Our lawyers serving Indian Springs have the knowledge and resources to help with filing a claim or lawsuit and any court procedures so that you’ll get a fair settlement for your losses. 

Keep in mind that the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Nevada is typically 2 years from the onset of injuries. So it’s wise to start the process of your claim right now by getting legal advice from a personal injury attorney with our firm.

Let an attorney with the legal team at Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm serving Indian Springs, Nevada, help you to get you compensation. Contact us today at (702) 745-8555 for a free consultation. You don’t pay us a cent unless we win your case!



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