Golf Cart Accident Injury Lawyer

Nevada is home to some of the best and most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe are especially known for this.

Golf carts are not just used on golf courses.

All types of businesses use golf carts for many things.

Even though they may only go 15 mph they can still be dangerous.

When there is a golf cart accident a person can be severely wounded.

A crash can leave you with all types of injuries.

It is highly recommended that you retain a golf cart injury lawyer after an accident.

If you were injured in a golf cart accident, call the Law Offices of Richard Harris.

If the accident was due to negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our personal injury lawyers can help you recover the damages from the injury.

Having a golf cart accident injury attorney on your side is important.

This can make a big difference in winning your case.

We have been in Nevada helping clients since 1980.

The first consultation is always free.



injuries in a golf cart accident

Types of Injuries from A Golf Cart Accident

Injuries can be wide ranging.

Golf cart accidents can even be deadly.

Injuries happen to people of all genders and ages.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) study revealed that over 6,500 children and adolescents are injured nationwide every year.

  • Head Injury – Hitting your head in a golf cart crash can be damaging. If the injury is serious Traumatic Brain Injury can occur. Just like in a car your head can hit the steering wheel. Head injuries are common in rollover accidents.
  • Broken Bones – Arms, legs, hands, and feet can all be injured in a golf cart accident. Dangling limbs outside of the cart is dangerous.
  • Cuts and Bruises – A common injury in golf cart accidents. Get the proper medical attention in order to prevent complications later.



Causes Of Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts can be gas-powered or electric vehicles.

They provide the golfer with transportation around the course.

We tend to think of them just at golf courses but are everywhere.

Many other business and communities use golf carts too.

Golf carts are seen in retirement residences, parks, resorts, casinos, condos, and apartment complexes.

Security guards are often seen driving them on properties in Las Vegas.

There are many reasons why a golf cart accident can happen.

Hanging Out the Side – Don’t hang arms and legs outside of the cart. This can cause serious harm if they hit something.

Wet Terrain – Driving on wet grass can make the cart slide. Mud and uneven ground are always dangerous when driving.

Sharp Turning – Taking a quick turn in a golf cart is never recommended. A cart can flip over and injuries to the head and spine can be severe.

Lock the Brakes – This happens when a driver stops and jumps out of the cart. Make sure to lock the brakes so that the cart doesn’t take off.

Alcohol Related – Driving a cart intoxicated can be harmful. Bad judgement and slowed reactions can cause serious injury.

Speeding – Even though a golf cart is much slower than other vehicles it can still be dangerous. Driving too fast is always risky.

Driving Distracted – There is a chance for an accident when the driver of a golf cart is not paying attention. Put down the phone and drive safely.

Too Many Passengers – Overloading the golf cart with passengers is dangerous. Weight and number of passenger requirements are there for safety reasons.


Golf cart drivers can collide with other vehicles or pedestrians if not careful.

Some communities allow golf carts to drive around with cars and trucks.

Disobeying the rules of the road and other dangerous behaviors can cause accidents.

Be on the lookout at all times.

Getting in a golf cart accident can be devastating.

Drivers and passengers are both at high risk for an injury.

If you have been injured in a golf cart accident by the recklessness of another call Richard Harris.


Who Is Most at Risk in A Golf Cart Accident?

Golf carts are quickly becoming more and more popular in Nevada.

They are not just for golf courses anymore.

They may seem like a safe mode of transportation but are far from it.

They have the potential to cause a lot of harm to those involved in an accident.

  • Driver – The chances are that the driver will be injured if there is a wreck. There are custom carts that have some added safety features. However, most golf carts do not have seat belts or much protection.
  • Passengers – Like the driver the passenger is at high risk for injury. There is a chance of getting thrown out of the cart when there is a crash. If the accident is in a parking lot where other cars and trucks are it can be deadly.
  • Pedestrians – Getting hit by a golf cart can cause all kinds of damage. A pedestrian struck by a golf cart will most likely have injury. Getting run over by a golf cart can even be fatal. In the case of an elderly person or small child the results can be catastrophic.

A golf cart accident has a good chance that there will be serious harm.

Medical treatment will often be needed.

There will be cuts and bruises if the injuries are minor.

If they are major, they can be life altering.

Don’t take driving a golf cart for granted.

Drive with caution and stay safe.



compensation from a golf cart accident

Compensation From a Golf Cart Accident

If you were injured in a golf cart accident you may be entitled to receive compensation.

It is important to seek medical attention if you were injured.

These medical bills can add up quick. If the injury was because of the negligence of another you should be compensated.

A trip to the ER is often the first expense.

Doctor visits, medication, surgery, and therapy are just some of the other common costs of injury.

When injury occurs, there is often lost income.

Our attorneys will look at all the income that is lost now and in the future.

In severe injuries the victim may be unable to perform their duties and lose their job.

We will fight to get you paid for all the income lost due to the golf cart injury.

Pain and suffering are other damages that our attorneys will seek.

This will vary depending on the severity of the injury.

In some cases, there will be emotional trauma as well as the physical pain.

Who gets compensated will depend on the circumstances of the accident.

Cart operators, passengers, victims, and family members of a deceased victim can be eligible.

It is advantageous to have a personal injury attorney that understands how to put together a winning lawsuit.

At Richard Harris we understand how to fight the insurance companies.

Our attorneys have won $ Billions for our clients. A golf cart injury accident can be complicated. Let our expert attorneys get to work on your case.


Golf Cart Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident on a golf cart is one of the most dangerous.

A golf cart has a higher center of gravity than most vehicles.

This makes it vulnerable to this type of accident.

Hilly terrain and a sharp turn are a perfect combination for a rollover.

When a rollover accident occurs, there is more of a chance for serious injury.

There is also an increased chance for a fatality.

Head, neck, spine, and crushing injuries are the most common fatal injury types.


Defective Golf Carts

When golf carts are defective an accident can occur.

When there is a flawed product, the manufacturer can sometimes be held liable.

If faulty victims can often recover reimbursement.

This could include issues with the steering and braking systems.

There can be problems in the design, marketing, and a failure to warn of the danger of the product.

In order to receive compensation, there must be proof of the claim.

Here are some of the key factors.

  • The golf cart was unsafe when it was sold.
  • The product was used as it was intended.
  • There was injury and damages as a result of the product.
  • The person can be compensated for the damage they suffered.

Richard Harris is experienced and knowledgeable in product liability.

You may be entitled to receive monetary damages.

Don’t wait call today!


Nevada ‘Statute of Limitations’ on Personal Injury Lawsuits

It is recommended that if you were injured to come and speak with an attorney right away.

Waiting too long can make it harder to put together a winning case.

In the state of Nevada there is a two (2) year time ‘statute of limitations’ on personal injury cases.

This means that you must file a claim within two (2) years of the injury accident.

Waiting past this time will disqualify you from receiving any compensation. Contact the Law Offices of Richard Harris by phone, email, or walk in our office.



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