Injured at T-Mobile Arena

t mobile arena injury accident

Going to an event at T-Mobile Arena can be a lot of fun.

You might be cheering on the Vegas Golden Knights or watching your favorite band perform.

With a capacity of 20,000, there is always a chance that an accident with injury can occur.

Some of the events can be more dangerous than others.

This arena has hosted boxing events, MMA fights, and the Billboard Music Awards.

When there are large enthusiastic crowds there is bound to be some kind of incident.

If you were injured at T-Mobile Arena while attending an event, call the Law Offices of Richard Harris.

We have been representing clients in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada since 1980.

Whether you are a local or a tourist getting injured due to negligence can happen.

Let us take a look at all the evidence of your accident.

You may be able to receive compensation if you were injured due to the fault of another.

Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will fight to get you the maximum compensation.


What Is the Premises Liability at T-Mobile Arena?

Under premises liability law T-Mobile Arena has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their guests at the arena.

Necessary precautions should be taken to provide a safe space.

Preventing accidents and potential dangers is critical.

Owners, operators, contractors, and event organizers can be held liable when this is not the case.

Premises liability law establishes obligations and compensation victims can receive if injured on the property.

Property owners and employees are not responsible for every injury.

However, there are certain situations where they can be held liable if someone is injured.



what to do after injury at t mobile arena


What To Do If Injured at T-Mobile Arena

If you were injured at T-Mobile Arena there are some important things to know.

These steps can help protect your health and your rights.

  • Medical Help – The first thing is to seek medical treatment for the injuries. A complete check of your health is the most important. Keep medical documentation of everything. This will be vital later if you decide to file a lawsuit.
  • Incident Report – Make sure that the incident is documented by the arena management in charge of the event. Security and staff need to be made aware of the injury.
  • Photos of SceneGetting photos and video of the scene can be a big help later. Pictures of the injury will be needed as well. If there is a hazard get a picture. This may be an object, a wet floor, etc.
  • Keep Records – This is vital to your case. Having the evidence and documentation of bills will be needed. Proof of when and where the injury occurred must be shown. Costs that were related to the injury can be recouped.
  • Don’t Sign Anything – T-Mobile security and management may try and get you to sign something. This could come back to bite you later.
  • Personal Injury LawyerCall Richard Harris for your free consultation.


Injuries That Happen at T-Mobile Arena

Torn Ligaments and Sprains – Twisted knees and ankles are common injuries. Walking up and down stairs can be dangerous. Especially if ankles are exposed in dress shoes or high heels. A slip-and-fall accident can easily cause an ankle or knee injury.

Broken Bones – Falling or colliding with someone or something can cause a bone to break. This will ruin a night out on the town. There are many ways that this injury can happen at a concert or other event.

Head Injury – A falling object can come off the upper deck and hit a person in the head. A slip or trip to the hard cement can do serious harm as well. Traumatic Brain Injury can be life-changing.

Overheating – Concerts that pack everyone in on the floor can create heat exhaustion. This can be serious if a person can’t catch their breath. Panic can often set in and make the situation more dangerous.

Cuts and Lacerations – Minor cuts may just need a Band-Aid. If there is a more severe cut there can be major bleeding. There may be a defective chair or object that caused harm.

Food Poisoning – There is always the possibility of eating tainted food. Employees serving the food must do so with all the proper health precautions. Inspections must be consistent and employees must have up-to-date health cards when serving food. Washing hands is vital to ensure customer safety.

Back and Neck Injury – Having a defective seat can cause injury. With thousands of seats to maintain there is always a chance for a defective part. Injury to the back and neck can be painful and long-lasting. Falling can cause this type of injury.


Accidents That Can Cause Injury at T-Mobile Arena

There are many ways that an injury can occur at an arena like T-Mobile.

Going to an event can have a lot of distractions.

Music pumping through the speakers and lights flashing is usually part of the experience.

Most often it can be a good time for all.

Unfortunately, there is usually some kind of injury somewhere on the property during these events.

Always stay alert when in this type of environment.

Slip, Trip, and Falls – A spilled beer or soft drink can make for a slippery floor. Maintenance crews must be on the lookout for these spills and clean them up. This is not always what happens. Bathrooms can have wet floors that can cause a slip and fall too. Improper lighting on the stairs can cause a trip. This can have devastating results.

Objects Falling – Debris can come from the balcony above and cause injury. Equipment or signage that comes loose can cause damage. A guest leaning over the balcony drops a phone hitting an unsuspecting patron. There are multiple ways that these types of injuries can occur.

Crowd Accidents – A raucous crowd can create danger for those around. Fights have been known to break out at sporting events. You can get caught up in a surging concert crowd and get injured. When there is pushing and shoving in the crowd there is always the chance of an injury.

Security Failures – If security at T-Mobile is inadequate risk of injury can be higher. Violence can quickly arise at events if security is not satisfactory. Guards and staff must be properly trained. Fights and disturbances can happen both inside and outside the arena property.

Over serving Guests – If employees are over serving alcohol to guests there can be problems. Bartenders and security need to handle these types of situations before problems occur. Drunk and belligerent behavior should be dealt with immediately.

Parking Areas – An accident can happen with shuttle buses, cars, and other vehicles. Vehicles must be able to enter and exit the parking garages safely. T-Mobile has a large parking garage and a lot of activity before and after events. The area needs to be properly monitored for guest safety.

Escalator Accidents – T-Mobile has a number of these. Accidents can occur if there is a malfunction. Getting clothing caught can cause a fall. Escalators are excellent for moving large crowds through the arena. They can also be dangerous.


Suing T-Mobile Arena

The Law Offices of Richard Harris are well aware of these challenges.

Our team of experienced Las Vegas lawyers understands how to file this type of lawsuit.

We also know how to win these cases.

  • Proving Negligence – It is necessary to show that the arena operators failed to provide a safe venue. Evidence will be needed that can establish liability. Our attorneys will look at all the evidence. We will investigate the facts and get substantial proof of the claim. This will be vital to winning the case.
  • Responsibility – In cases such as this there is often shared responsibility. We will then determine all parties involved in the accident. It can be outside contractors, owners, and/or employees that contributed to the injury.
  • Risk Factors – Large venues like T-Mobile will often argue that there is a certain amount of risk that guests assume. We will need to show that the injury was due to a dangerous factor that caused the injury.
  • Taking On Their Insurance – This will be difficult. Having an attorney on your side that will fight for you is important. T-Mobile will have all the financial resources to fight against you. Taking their insurance on by yourself is not recommended.


Lawsuits With Multiple Victims

Lawsuits with multiple injured victims can be complicated.

The amount of compensation to each victim can be different.

Every injury case is unique. Some injuries will be more serious than others.

Compensation will also vary from person to person.

Having an expert premises liability law attorney to guide you will be advantageous.

Anyone who was injured due to negligence has every right to seek compensation.

Some of the damages may include; medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.



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