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Everyone uses Lyft these days, especially in a tourist area like Las Vegas.

Las Vegas used to be a town that let everyone park for free but that no longer exists.

So people who come to town are less likely to rent a car, and have to pay to park every day.

That’s where Uber and Lyft come in, in most cases taking a ride share service is a less expensive option than renting a car or taking a taxi, for some reason taxis are still more expensive and less reliable than rideshare services.

With all these Lyft drivers out on the road the chances of accidents happening while in a Lyft are much greater.

However since Lyft is a rideshare service with a third party driver the fault in a Lyft accident becomes very confusing and hard to figure out.

Determining who is at fault in a Lyft accident and getting you the compensation you deserve after the accident is the job of The Richard Harris Law Firm.

If you were injured as a passenger in Lyft or as a Lyft driver, then call our Lyft accident lawyers today for help here in Las Vegas.


What to do After an Accident in a Lyft

First after any accident you should seek medical attention.

Even if you don’t think you need medical assistance it’s a good idea to go get checked out anyway for many reasons.

Medical bills can pile up and you don’t want to pay for those later on.

You may have injuries that you are unaware of.

Going forward when filing against Lyft or any other rideshare service you will have medical records for documentation of your injuries.

Second, report your accident to the police.

Many Lyft and rideshare passengers assume that Lyft or the Lyft driver will report the accident to the police.

Most of the time they will but to be sure you should make sure you as the passenger should make sure you give a statement to the appropriate authorities and make sure you do the same things you would do in a regular car accident.

For example taking photos or video where available.

Getting as much information as possible from witnesses, the Lyft driver, and the police.

Documenting anything you can like the weather, construction or any other outside factors that may have an affect on the accident and any case against Lyft.

Do What You Need to Do

In the beginning you should be your own investigator.

The third thing you need to do is notify Lyft.

This is extremely important and no matter what the Lyft drivers say, they will report the accident and for you not to worry about it.

You should never assume they will report the incident.

Always report the accident yourself either via the Lyft app or the website or by calling the Lyft critical response team.

This team responds to all Lyft accidents or any other incidents that happen while you are a passenger in a Lyft.

This includes all accidents, robberies and even assaults committed by drivers or passengers.


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Who Insures Lyft drivers

Understanding Lyft can be very confusing, who actually insures Lyft drivers at a certain time and who is ultimately responsible in a Lyft accident.

There are several scenarios that occur when someone is driving for Lyft and when someone is a passenger in a Lyft.

First is a Lyft driver, who is considered an independent contractor despite all the recent legal attempts by Lyft drivers.

Lyft does not employ drivers; they are independent contractors therefore they work for themselves technically.

If a Lyft driver who independently drives for Lyft is off the clock, meaning they are not using the Lyft app at the time and has no passengers or has not opened the app to work at the time of the accident, the drivers personal insurance will be covering the vehicle for any accidents.

Second, if the same driver has opened the Lyft app and is accepting passengers  but has not accepted any rides the driver’s personal insurance is still involved.

But Lyft’s contingent policy is also included.

This is why this is so confusing as to who do you go after when filing a claim against Lyft.

And Finally if a Lyft driver has accepted a ride and there are passengers in the car, the car is no longer a personal vehicle but rather a commercial vehicle even though again, Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors.

The vehicle since it is now considered a commercial vehicle is insured by Lyft’s commercial insurance if it is involved in an accident.

Understanding this insurance system can be difficult so having an experienced Lyft accident lawyer who knows the system is a good idea.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm for a free consultation.

We have been representing clients in Lyft accidents since Lyft began.


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Who is at Fault in a Lyft Accident

This is always a complex answer and that’s why you need to hire an attorney that specializes in accidents and other incidents when in a Lyft.

When accidents occur there can be many reasons they occur and determining who is at fault can be difficult.

Sometimes the Lyft driver is solely responsible for an auto accident but is Lyft responsable since  they were driving for Lyft at the time?

There is also the chance that the driver while driving for Lyft may have mechanical failure of the car that is a manufacturing defect by the manufacturer of the car.

So in this case is Lyft, the driver, or the car manufacturer at fault for the accident?

Now you can see how difficult it is to determine who is actually at fault in an accident when riding in a Lyft.

Before seeking any type of remedy via the court system the accident victim needs to determine the at fault parties, once that has been determined then you can seek damages from the court.

At Fault State

Nevada is an at fault state when it comes to accidents so you can seek a financial resolution from the at fault parties though either insurance or through a personal injury claim with the court.

When you seek a personal injury claim you’ll need a good attorney to navigate the court system for you.

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim after an accident involving Lyft you should call The Richard Harris Law Firm.

We can help you determine the right path and help you investigate who is actually at fault.

There is a statute of limitations in Nevada so don’t delay getting help.


Were you  Sexually Assaulted in a Lyft?

Accidents are not the only things that happen when riding in a Lyft or other rideshare service.

Recently there has a been a rise in sexual assaults reported among Lyft riders.

There are many reasons that this happens but as a victim of sexual assaults you have rights.

The reasons this can occur under the Lyft platforms includes-

  1. Hiring practices- Lyft only does a background check up to 7 years. So any criminal activity prior to the 7 years will not show up in a background check. They never actually interview drivers or interact with them on a personal level. All hiring is based on the driver’s driving record and car.
  2. Improper training- Lyft offers no real training regarding sexual harassment or driving since they are considered independent contractors they are not required to through the training that you get at a corporate job.
  3. Can’t verify information- When you sign up to driver Lyft you set up an account via the Lyft app. Lyft cannot verify that its actually the person setting up the account is the actual driver. A predator can create a fake account and Lyft would never be able to verify it.


Most assaults occur after a person has been incapacitated like after a night out of drinking when the victim is not fully aware.

So you order a Lyft after you’ve been drinking instead of driving because you think you’re doing the right thing.

People assume that since the information is on your phone that you will be safe but that isn’t always the case.

Since Lyft and other rideshare companies are fairly new the information available on sexual assults among Lyft drivers is limited.

If you have been assaulted by a Lyft driver you can seek damages above and beyond criminal charges.

You can also file civil charges against Lyft and the driver if you have been sexually assaulted in a Lyft.

These cases can be difficult since most occur while the victim is under the influence.

If you think you were assaulted in a Lyft ride you need to contact an attorney immediately.

The Richard Harris Law Firm will fight for your rights, after all you’ve been through you need someone on your side to help you navigate the difficult road ahead.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm today if you think you were the victim of sexual assault in a Lyft.


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