This year, we all watched the world change in a matter of weeks. Our thriving cities turned into ghost towns when the threat of COVID -19 became too great to ignore. People from around the world sheltered at home to help throttle the spread of the deadly virus, allowing only first responders and other essential workers to perform their duties to keep our economy running. Businesses were forced to close or perform their tasks remotely.

Over the past few months, we learned a new meaning of “Just in Case®”.”

We protected our staff and lawyers, who remained dedicated to protecting the injured and accused, by transitioning to work from home, just in case. Our team showed their commitment by responding to our clients remotely and efficiently.

Though the courthouses were closed, we did everything possible to continue to serve our thousands of clients, handling court appearances and depositions via Zoom, negotiating with insurance companies, and achieving best-case resolutions. We knew that your “just in case” circumstances could not wait, so neither could we.

And on the lighter side, when the initial “stay-at-home” order was extended, we realized our annual party could not happen as before. While we would have loved to welcome you all to the dome, as we have every year for nearly 20 years, we threw our party at your home with a do-it-yourself Pandemic Party Pack, just in case.

Mask Up - Just In Case

Working remotely exposed inefficiencies, and we discovered better ways to do things. Job description boundaries disappeared as our teams stepped up and crossed over to help other teams. The pandemic also allowed us to rediscover what matters – our families, our friends, ourselves. The world will be better by treating each other with more compassion, dignity, and respect.

And while none of us are certain how long the threat of the novel coronavirus will affect our lives, I promise the law firm I began 40 years ago will adapt and do whatever it takes. After representing tens of thousands of injured people and their families for decades, I know “just in case” is never something you can plan for, but something the Richard Harris Law Firm stands for.

We are thankful for the ability to continue to serve you. Our clients believe in us and care enough about their loved ones to send them to us for help. As Nevada’s largest personal injury law firm for the people and one of the largest in the West, we deliver the best service and results possible. And while that may not look quite the same, it remains at the level our clients expect.



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