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It seems like anywhere you go in Las Vegas you end up driving by a Burger King.

I can think of a number of them off the top of my head.

This is one of the largest fast-food franchise restaurants around.

As of 2023, there are approximately 6,800 locations across the US.

This adds up to a lot of customers every day. With so many people there are bound to be accidents.

Injuries can come from these accidents.

In some cases, there may be minor bumps and bruises.

Slip and fall injuries always have the potential to do serious harm.

If you or a loved one has been injured at a Burger King call Richard Harris.

Our team of expert personal injury lawyers can be a big help.

There are many ways that an injury can happen on a Burger King property.

Slip and fall accidents can happen inside the restaurant or outside.

If your injury was due to another’s negligence, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

At the Law Offices of Richard Harris, our first consultation is always free.



slip and fall accident at burger king restaurant

Slip and Fall Accident at Burger King

With the number of customers on the property every day a slip and fall eventually does happen.

The foot traffic can get extra busy during certain hours of the day or night.

Spilled Food and Drinks – Many customers at Burger King will get their order and sit down and eat it. Food and beverages will often fall on the floor. If management is not responding to these spills the floors can get slippery. Grease, water, and spilled drinks can cause a slip-and-fall accident that can do serious damage. Restaurants must provide customers with a safe environment. This means that spills must be cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time. Not having enough employees contributes to the danger.

Mopped Floor – The floors at Burger King should be mopped regularly. Anytime the floor is freshly mopped the restaurant must provide warning signage. This will let the customers know that the floor is wet and to avoid the area. This pertains to the restaurant floors and the bathrooms. If the slip and fall occurred because of lack of signage they can be held responsible.

Floor Clutter – When there is clutter and objects on the floor a customer can trip, slip, and fall. This could be a mop or bucket that was not put away properly. It could be trash that was left on the floor. Boxes or other items that are not supposed to be there can take a person off guard. This can be considered negligence.

Inadequate Lighting – This can be very dangerous to customers. Whether it is inside the BK or out in the parking lot lights must be working. When bulbs are out, they need to be replaced right away. Improper lighting is a common cause of slip-and-fall accidents.

Parking Lot Hazards – Many accidents can happen in the parking area. Potholes in the parking lot can create a hazardous situation. Cracked sidewalks can cause a fall. So can an oil slick that has not been cleaned up on the blacktop.



statute of limitations for injury at burger king

Time to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There is a limited amount of time when filing an injury lawsuit against Burger King.

When it comes to personal injury claims in Nevada there is a two (2) year statute of limitations.

This means that you have two (2) years from when the slip and fall injury occurred.

If you fail to file before the time allotted in most cases you will forfeit your right to receive compensation.

Richard Harris can help answer any questions that you have concerning your case.

The sooner we can get to work on your case the better.

If we need to gather evidence or speak with witnesses this will become more difficult as time goes on.


Common Injuries at Burger King

Hopefully, if you ever slip and fall at a Burger King you just get a minor bump or bruise.

Slip and fall accidents that are serious can leave a person with severe injuries.

The injury can even be fatal in worst-case scenarios.

If we can prove that Burger King was responsible for the injuries, we will seek damages.

Cuts and Bruises – Often a fall can cause this type of injury. If this is minor then this will heal up and life goes on. If the cut is deep there may be bleeding. More serious cuts may need stitches and a trip to the ER. There is always a chance of infection if the lacerations are not treated properly. Medical attention is always recommended.

Strains and Sprains – Injuring a muscle or tendons can be painful. Slipping and twisting the wrong way is often the reason for this kind of injury. A torn-up knee or Achilles will often need surgery to repair it. This will also take some time and rehabilitation to make a full recovery.

Bone Breaks – Broken bones and fractures are one of the more common injuries from a slip and fall. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) a hip fracture is one of the most serious breaks of all. This has the potential to create major health problems. It has also been linked to several deaths.

TBI – Falling and hitting your head at a Burger King can cause Traumatic Brain Injury. There have been cases where a customer lost their balance and hit their head on the table. No matter how it happens TBI can be a devastating injury. If the head is struck or shaken violently there can be long-lasting damage. In severe cases, it can be life-changing.

Spinal Injury – Slips and falls will usually occur when the person least expects it. Landing on the back and neck can cause many types of injuries. If the back is severely injured it can lead to paralysis. These types of injuries will need medical attention and therapy. This can be one of the hardest injuries to recover from.

Facial Injuries – Hitting the facial bones can be painful. A broken nose is common if you go down on the face. Teeth are also at risk if the mouth contacts the floor or another object. Scarring to the face can be traumatizing to a victim.

An accident at a Burger King can happen to anyone.

Slips and falls are most dangerous to the elderly.

Medical care and attention are always recommended if you were injured in any way at Burger King.

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How Can Richard Harris Help You?

If you or a loved one was injured due to the fault of another at a Burger King it is important to have an attorney.

Having an experienced lawyer who understands these types of cases is vital. We will help you put together your case.

Taking on large corporations like Burger King on your own can be challenging.

We will seek to get you the maximum compensation for all the damages.

To be compensated we will have to prove negligence.

Burger King will have their lawyers and insurance that will most likely put-up resistance to your claim.

If the property owner, manager, or employees are responsible for the injury we will fight for you.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris are well versed in premises liability law.

Slip and fall claims are often settled without going to court.

Having an attorney that can negotiate on your behalf will give you the best chance at winning.

Settling out of court is often the best way to go.

However, if the case cannot be settled through negotiations going to trial is always an option.

Richard Harris can guide and advise you through the process.

Our experienced trial attorneys will fight for you in court if necessary.


Damages From a Slip and Fall at a Burger King

We will seek compensation for all the damages from the injury accident.

This will include medical expenses.

Depending on the severity of the injuries will often determine the costs. An ambulance ride and a trip to the ER are often just the beginning.

Doctors visits, surgery, medication, and rehabilitation can also play a part in recovery.

Lost wages are common when a slip and fall injury occurs.

Getting injured will often take a person out of work.

This could be for a week or months depending on how badly you are hurt. Lost paychecks can be financially devastating.

Serious injuries may leave a victim unable to work in the future. Wages lost in the present and the future will all be calculated by our attorneys.

The lawsuit will reflect all lost wages. Pain and suffering are always considered when putting together a claim. Richard Harris knows how to get you paid for all these damages.

We have won Billions for our clients. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!



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