Water Park Injury Accidents

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Summers can get hot out here in the desert.

Going to a water park is a great way to beat the heat.

Kids and adults of all ages can cool down and enjoy the fun rides and activities.

The Las Vegas Valley has some of the best parks around.

Water parks can also be dangerous.

Accidents can happen, and injuries can be serious.

Kids especially love going down water slides.

When people are active around water, the risk of drowning or other injury is always there.

There are many ways that an accident can occur.

If you were injured at a water park in Nevada, you may be entitled to receive compensation for damages.

If you were injured at a water park, it is important to speak with an attorney.

A personal injury attorney that understands water park accident lawsuits.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris have been in Nevada since 1980.

We have a lot of experience with water park injury accidents.

Injuries at these parks are much more common than you may think.


Water Park Negligence and ‘Duty of Care’

Anytime a business invites guests to their property, they have a responsibility.

There is a duty to protect and reasonably provide a safe environment for guests and employees.

Water parks are no different.

There is some risk that the guest assumes when going to a water park.

However, those entering the property should not expect to be injured while there.

A business should have proper measures that will provide safety to those on the premises.

It is possible in Nevada to file a claim against a water park.

Filing a lawsuit against a water park for negligence will take an experienced attorney.

The water park does have an obligation to provide a reasonable duty of care.

If the water park did not provide this, then they are in breach of their obligation.

They can be held liable if the accident and injury that happened were a direct result of this.

When filing a claim, it is vital to have proof that there were damages caused by the injury.



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How Injuries Happen at a Water Park

Water parks have become much more than just going down a slide in the pool.

Water parks are built to give guests a thrill.

Most of the time, this is what happens.

In water parks, some of these rides can be intimidating.

Slides high up in the air can create some serious speed.

Water parks and pools can also get crowded.

Guests can sometimes get overly excited.

Be careful and stay alert to what’s around you.


It is better to play it safe than to get injured.

Drowning: This is always a risk at water parks across the country. Not all children are strong swimmers. If there is an injury in the water, a drowning incident can occur. Water slides and wave pools all have their dangers. If riders are reckless and do not obey the rules, they can put themselves and others in harm’s way. Large crowds and water in motion can cause an accident. Lifeguards can have a difficult time spotting a swimmer in duress in these conditions. Some riders will be faster than others going down the slide. A rider who is slow can get run into. If they do not get out of the way at the end of the ride, they can get hit in the pool.

Slips and Falls: There are many factors that can cause a person to slip and fall. This can easily happen on the wet floors of a water park. If the flooring is uneven and unmaintained, accidents can happen. There are often wet stairs to climb at water parks. Defective hand rails and equipment can cause a person to fall. People running around recklessly can lead to injuries. A hard fall on a slippery surface has the potential to do serious damage.

Contaminated Water: Germs and chemicals in the water can cause illness. The quality of the water at a water park is important. The health and safety of the guests are at risk if the water is contaminated. Chemicals are put in the water to kill germs and harmful bacteria. If the levels are too high, they can cause injury. Exposure to chemicals can cause injuries to the eyes and skin. Respiratory issues can occur from unsafe chemical levels.

Security and Staff: Water parks can get even more risky if the staff is careless or unprepared. Being ready for an emergency situation is the job of lifeguards. Security must also be well prepared and trained to handle large crowds at a water park. Reckless guests can cause serious injury to others enjoying a day at the park. If the water park is understaffed, serious problems can happen.

Food Poisoning: Water parks will also have restaurants and food options available. Hungry guests can grab some food and drinks throughout the day. Contaminated food can cause vomiting and nausea. In extreme cases, it can lead to kidney failure, respiratory problems, and even death. This is nothing to take lightly. This can have a severe effect on the elderly and children. Avoid drinking from fountains and swallowing the pool water. Wash your hands before you eat. Stay away from food that is under cooked. Water parks that serve food have a responsibility to serve food that is safe for consumption.

There may be challenges to proving liability for water park injuries.

Having Richard Harris on your side will increase your odds of winning your case.

Water park injury claims are often settled through negotiations.

We have attorneys who are highly trained negotiators.

In the cases that cannot be settled through negotiations, we have expert trial attorneys.

We are here to protect your rights.

We will do our best to get you the compensation that you deserve.


Water Parks Should Provide Reasonable Safety

Providing a safe environment at a water park is important.

There are many things that businesses must do in order to protect guests from harm.

  • Clean the pools on a regular basis.
  • Have properly trained and satisfactory amounts of security on staff.
  • Lighting must be adequate throughout the property.
  • Food preparation and safety standards need to be followed.
  • Safe amounts of chemicals in the pools.
  • Slides and other equipment must be regularly checked and maintained.
  • Providing emergency aid if an accident or injury occurs.
  • Clean up debris and spills, and have proper signage of hazards.
  • Make sure the rules of the pool are being obeyed.

Owners, management, and staff all have an obligation to make the water park safe for all.

If there is injury due to negligence, then they can be held liable.


Water Park Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Whether it is at Wet ‘n’ Wild, Cowabunga Bay, or any other water park, an injury can turn deadly.

You can seek a wrongful death lawsuit for the loss of a loved one.

If the fatality was due to the gross negligence of another, a lawsuit can be filed.

Disregarding the safety of guests at the water park can lead to catastrophic results.

Water park owners and employees can be held liable if they are negligent.

A lawsuit can be possible even after liability waivers are signed.

Contact Richard Harris if you have any questions concerning wrongful death lawsuits.

Our expert lawyers are here to help.


Water Park Safety Tips to Know

Water parks can be dangerous.

If you are not paying attention and being careless, you can find yourself injured.

Injuries can happen both inside and outside the pool.

Follow the rules: Accidents can happen on water slides and in wave pools. Make sure to read the signs and follow all the safety instructions provided.

Be cautious: If you are a beginner swimmer, getting injured can easily happen. Some of these rides are risky. Small children and novice swimmers should be on rides and slides that are appropriate for their swimming level.

Never drink the pool water: This can be dangerous. Germs and bacteria can cause serious health issues if ingested.

Don’t run around: Water parks can be exciting. The tendency to run from one pool to the next can get you in trouble. A slip and fall can put an end to a good time.



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