We talk about trust a lot because we feel it is the most important thing in every relationship. It is the glue that holds everything together and we tremendously value the trust we have built with our clients.

Video Transcript:

Establishing Trust – I believe that trust is the foundation for every relationship. Trust does not come naturally and it is built upon ongoing  communications, it’s built upon answering questions, it’s built upon being absolutely truthful in those conversations. Our clients need to be truthful with us.

The lawyer, on the other hand, also needs to be absolutely truthful with the client about the facts of the accident, the liability assessment of the accident, what the potential value the case is, what the pitfalls are in a case, what the odds are of winning or losing. All these things come together to build the communication of trust and confidence between the lawyer and the client.

I believe, in the beginning and throughout the case, that expectations need to be realistic. I believe the lawyer needs to tell the client what the expectations are for how long the case is going to take, the potential value of that case, the difficulties that are going to be presented in that case, and what to expect throughout the entire process.



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