One week after landing her first legal job, Samantha Martin was in the courtroom representing a client. As a fierce advocate for her clients, being front and center in court was a natural fit for one of the most experienced trial attorneys at Richard Harris Law Firm.

“The courtroom is a stage, and I’m a natural performer,” said Samantha about her draw to the courtroom. “I don’t fear going to trial. Sometimes it’s the best way to get the best results for my clients, and that’s what I’m after.”

Samantha, a Las Vegas resident since the age of five, was led to practicing law as a merger of two passions: theater and the power of persuasion. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, she moved to Chicago to study law at Loyola University. After graduation and a few years of work in Chicago, Samantha sought warmer temperatures and decided it was time to bring her legal and courtroom talents back to Las Vegas. After a longtime friend recommended looking at Richard Harris Law Firm, Samantha interviewed and landed the job.

Since joining the firm in August 2013, Samantha has represented thousands of clients. “The thing I like most about personal injury law is the ability to meet, connect and help my clients. It’s one thing to meet them at their worst when they’re facing a hard time – probably one of the hardest in their lives – but it’s completely different and fulfilling at the end when I’m able to let them know that they’re going to get the resources they need to recover. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Samantha describes herself as a person who makes friends with everyone she interacts with. This explains why she maintains contact with her clients long after their cases have settled.

Outside of the office, Samantha enjoys time with her husband traveling as far and as often as possible.


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