Three Tips for Supportive Actions You Can Take to Help Improve Your Attorney’s Chances for Success

These days there is hardly any predictability in the world. So when it comes to ensuring you have all the tools in place to maximize the work of your attorney in the pursuit of your legal victory, the best way to position yourself for success is to include all the right documentation.

Legal papers, documents supporting your case, witnesses, etc. all have the ability to strengthen your case and support your victory.

Here are some ways you can work with your attorney to provide the best, most effective information possible and, in turn, improve your chances for success:

Tip #1: Tell the Truth

Honesty is often underrated and, in terms of legal proceedings, is not only necessary but it is also a requirement.

Submitting inaccurate information to your attorney can not only aggravate your legal situation but it can also prove very costly to your case when the truth emerges. Therefore, not only will you have to deal with the legal ramifications of dishonesty, but you will also discredit yourself and your attorney if the opposing side uncovers your un-truth.

Tip #2: Give Accurate Contact Information

In addition to providing your attorney with any and every piece of support material you can muster, be sure to also submit your accurate, any-time-of-day contact information, including an emergency contact. Your legal representation may need to reach you at a critical moment, and without the ability to do so, you may miss out on some valuable information or a case-shifting opportunity. If any of your contact information changes, call your attorney immediately and update them so they have accurate information.

Tip #3: Don’t Talk About Your Case…ESPECIALLY NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Talking about your case without anyone, particularly from an emotional perspective can backfire on you. Even with your closest friends and family. What you say “can be used against you in a court of law.” It may be difficult to walk the needed path alone, however, as a client of Richard Harris Law Firm, you can take comfort in knowing your attorney is on your side and walking with you through every step. So until your case is closed and you’re popping champagne to celebrate, keep the details of your confidential meetings with your attorney to yourself.


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