Integrity. Hard work. Compassion.

These are the principles Richard Harris has honored his entire life and continues to live by in his practice at the Richard Harris Law Firm. Growing up in Idaho as the third of five children, Rick (as he is better known) comes from a loving family, where both parents taught their children to aim high in life, and treat other people with respect and dignity.

Both sides of Rick’s family trace their roots to pioneers in the 1840’s and 1850’s, who walked across the American plains and settled in the Rocky Mountain west in search of religious and personal freedom, so hard work and perseverance have always been a part of his family’s spirit. Like his pioneer ancestors, Rick’s father moved the family to Nevada in 1968, on Rick’s 15th birthday, in search of better opportunities.

Rick’s father, a former World War II Naval Corpsman and schoolteacher, always encouraged him to be a lawyer, and follow in the footsteps of his great-great grandfather, a frontier judge. Rick lacked the self-confidence to pursue a legal career until he successfully completed a challenging church mission in England. Upon his return, Rick heeded his father’s advice and obtained a law degree. As his father always said, “Never be afraid of taking the hard road. It’s less crowded, but it leads to a bigger reward.

Once Rick took the hard road of law school, he excelled because he was never afraid to work harder than most students. He interned for the Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court, graduated near the top of his class, and took the California and Nevada bar exams in the same week, passing them both.

Rick’s first job out of law school was with criminal defense lawyer, and former Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman. He taught Rick to be passionate about the law and always love your clients. Rick opened the Richard Harris Law Firm 18 months after graduating from law school, and established the firm on the constant ideal that the client comes first. As his mother, a piano teacher, secretary and kindest and most compassionate person Rick has ever known, taught the family, “We respect everyone. Only then do we deserve respect.” Rick has created a law firm for the people. He shares the highest of highs and the lowest of lows with his injured clients, and makes sure he serves them and their interests to the best of his ability. Rick’s commitment to each client enables him to right the wrong and bring peace to their lives.

Rick’s parents instilled in him a love of hard work and compassion, and these traits show in his work every day. Rick Harris is well prepared to represent the people that need him most, the injured and those who have lost loved ones.

To learn more about Rick’s story and find out what drives his passion for the law, please view the video below. In the most competitive personal injury lawyer market in the country, what makes the Richard Harris Law Firm different? We care.


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