Sometimes we forget that our insurance companies aren’t really OUR insurance companies. They are here to perform a valuable service and, typically, do so very well, however, when it comes to file a claim, we often are reminded of the fact that we are not our insurance company’s top priority: they are.

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Las Vegas-based lawyer Richard Harris says some insurance companies take advantage of the anxiety and fear of accident victims.

“They give the impression to the public that folks who are involved in an accident are in good hands, or the insurance company is your good neighbor, and so on. And because of that public relations campaign, I think people who are injured in an accident believe in their heart of hearts that the insurance company is going to be fair with them.”

But Harris says don’t be mistaken—that’s generally not how it works.

“People need to get a lawyer so that they can have representation to advise them concerning all angles of their injury claim.”

Harris says accident victims deserve to have their cases managed appropriately to make sure they’re settled fully and fairly in a reasonable amount of time.

“Whereas, the insurance company wants to settle it quickly as possible, for as little money as possible.”

The online magazine, American Chronicle, reported in a December 4, 2008, article that lowballing, or undervaluing a claim, is the most profitable and common method used to manipulate claims payments. The article says insurance companies also commonly wrongfully deny or delay claims hoping the accident victims will eventually give up.

“It’s not a bad system. They’re not all cheaters, but what you have to understand is, here’s this big insurance company, and they’ve got all these resources to fight claims. And the folks who have been involved in an accident need to have someone on their side so that the adversarial process can work the way it’s supposed to be.”


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