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Bringing a child into the world is a blessing for many and most people look forward to welcoming their new bundle of joy into the world.

Expecting parents plan for sometimes years to have a baby.

There are baby showers, gender reveal parties, and decorating the nursery.

Sometimes during the birth process there are complications or mistakes that can change your new baby’s entire life and in turn change your future.

You hope you never need the help, but if you need a Las Vegas Nevada Birth injury lawyer we are here to answer any questions.

Preventable Birth Injuries

Preventable birth injuries can cause life changing devastation for a new family including financial uncertainty, long term challenges that can be challenging to the entire family.

Birthing injuries are more common than people think and can greatly range in the severity of the injuries.

If your baby was injured during the birthing process or before birth due to medical carelessness, neglectfulness, or an intentional act by a medical provider then legal action should be taken on behalf of the infant child to provide future care.

During the birthing process either by cesarean or vaginal there are chances of a healthy mom or baby being injured if mistakes are made during this process.

Medical mistakes can lead to severe injuries or even death in either the child or the new mother during the birth process.

We Have Been Helping Nevada Since 1980

The Richard Harris Law Firm has been representing clients in medical malpractice cases for years so we understand the uncertainty that medical mistakes can cause.

In the U.S 7 out of every 1000 babies born will suffer a birthing injury.

In most cases the injuries could be avoided if proper medical procedures were followed, we understand that sometimes accidents do happen but in most cases these injuries are avoidable.

The Richard Harris legal team has lawyers with experience in birthing injuries to represent our clients in all types of birthing injuries in Nevada.

We take pride in being the top Las Vegas Nevada birth injury law firm, and our track record speaks for itself.

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We Can Help With Birth Injury lawsuits

At any stage during pregnancy and the birth process there are chances for complications, you are after all carrying a human.

During pregnancy there are many tests performed to check the overall health of the fetus and the mother.

These tests can be invasive and if not performed correctly can cause harm to the mother or child.

Medical professionals who make mistakes or act negligently should be held accountable for their actions.

We will be looking at the common causes of birthing injuries and what you need to know about filing a birth injury lawsuit in Nevada against a negligent medical professional.

These are the most common birth injuries associated with legal action:

  1. Birth Hypoxia– This happens when the baby is deprived of oxygen to the brain before, during or after delivery. This is common when the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the baby’s neck or the mother is lacking oxygen due to another medical emergency. If these issues are not addressed immediately this can cause permanent brain damage to the infant or even to leave the baby in a vegetative state needing a lifetime of 24 hours a day care.

  2. Brachial Plexus– This extensive nerve area around the neck that controls much of the extended limb function can be damaged during the birthing process by tearing or stretching while trying  to get the baby out. This may cause injury even paralysis when these nerves are injured.

  3. Brain Damage– The most common brain damage to a newborn is when they are deprived of oxygen or the brain is damaged when the skull that has not fully formed is injured during the birthing process. Remember the birthing process is a traumatic event.

  4. Breech Birth Complications– Breech births are more common than you think, it is referring to the baby entering the birthing canal in the wrong position or feet first. All babies are born head first. Breech births can cause many complications to both mother and child. The mother could suffer a broken pelvis or severe blood loss, lack of oxygen, The baby could suffer fetal distress, cerebral palsy, seizures, and nerve damage.

  5. Cerebral Palsy– This is permanent brain damage that affects about 10,000 babies per year. 20% of adults that currently have Cerebral Palsy suffered a brain injury at birth, not before or after but during. Cerebral Palsy causes motor function deficiencies and other issues that last a lifetime.

  6. Incorrect medication or dosage– Since babies are so tiny finding the right dose for medication can be difficult and these mistakes are more common than you think. Even if the mother is given the wrong medication or the wrong dose of a medication during the pregnancy or birth process can cause severe injuries or even death to both the mother or child.

  7. Failure to perform a cesarean in time– After many hours in labor the baby still isn’t coming then it’s time to perform a cesarean section to have the baby removed safely. If the birthing process is not performed in a timely manner the bay could suffer distress from lack of oxygen or other serious complications.

  8. Fetal Death– let’s be clear, fetal death means that they have to deliver the baby even if it has passed on. Most fetal deaths are caused by medical negligence such as inadequate prenatal care, failure to treat conditions in the mother during pregnancy. Failure to address issues with the baby due to lack of prenatal care.

  9. Shoulder Dystocia- During the birth process the baby’s shoulder gets stuck in the birth canal. This can cause many forms of permanent damage to the baby including paralysis or permanent nerve damage. This can also cause broken bones for the mother or severe tearing during birth.


If you or your baby suffered any of the preventable injuries above or suffered from a spinal cord injury, nerve damage or any other injury, then call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.

We want to ensure that you get justice for you and your baby.

Injuries like these can be financially devastating and can require lifelong care for the child and the mother.

Our lawyers understand how difficult this time can be and how difficult it can be going forward.

We at The Richard Harris Law Firm can handle the difficult process of getting ongoing care for your child while you focus on the healing process.

what causes birth injuriesWhat Causes Birth Injuries

There are many causes of birth injuries some are accidental or genetic but sometimes medical errors can lead to malpractice.

These are some of the most common causes of birth injuries:

  • Delayed Birth actions

  • Deprived of Oxygen

  • Failing to monitor baby’s heart rate during the birth process

  • Failing to follow proper safety procedures

  • Failing to recognize medical issues in a newborn

  • Failing to recognize a need for a cesarean section

  • Failure to recognize fetal distress during the birthing process

  • Giving the wrong medication or improper doses of medications


Why You Need a Birth Injury Lawyer

Thousands of babies are born every year without any medical issues.

But for those who have experienced medical issues during childbirth or the baby was hurt during the delivery process (causing significant injury), then you need an advocate to help you get justice for your child.

The Richard Harris Law Firm can help you prove that the doctor or other medical staff acted in a negligent manner or made a mistake that was preventable or that a professional failed to meet the standard of care.

We can help you take action against the guilty party if you or your child was injured during the birth process in Nevada.

Who is Responsible for Birth Injuries in Nevada

In Nevada pointing blame for birthing trauma can be difficult and can depend on many factors.

This can include whether or not the error could have been avoided and the type of mistake that was made.

If the medical professional misdiagnosed or administered the wrong medication or failed to deliver the baby properly they may be liable for the injuries your baby has suffered due to negligence.

In many cases it’s not just the individual medical professional that can be held accountable for the injury but also the hospital or medical facility.

If the medical facility has improper equipment, or was not properly sanitized or cleaned and this caused the injury during the birthing process, then the hospital or facility can be held accountable as well.

To learn more about liability and malpractice lawsuits related to negligence and birth injury in Nevada contact our firm today.

We will work with the insurance companies and hospital administrators to get your child the care they will need and deserve.

If you or your child was injured during childbirth and think the medical staff is responsible call The Richard Harris Law firm today.


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