Sometimes, the best way to move forward is by having a vision of the end result you want to create. And sometimes that end result is something as simple as leaving a legacy; a history of experience that resonates so clearly with people that the idea is carried on into the future. We’re about leaving a legacy of caring; a legacy of truly being involved in our clients’ cases and making their success, our success.

Watch this video to learn more about the legacy of Richard Harris Law Firm.

Video Transcript:
I’ve been a lawyer for over 30 years and you would think that I would want to slow down a little bit; but that’s not the case. I still come to work every day and I enjoy working with my clients.

I have the great fortune to have my son, Josh Harris, work with me as an attorney and I can’t think of anything better than the fact that my son works with me in my law office where I’m able to work with him, mentor him, discuss issues with him. He helps me, I help him. We’re a great team.

You would think that I would want to walk away from my law firm since I have such a great lawyer in my son who works here, but it’s the opposite I can’t wait to get to work and enjoy another day with my son. You know, I was a hard-working father and when my son was growing up, I wasn’t always there. And I knew that I was a good provider and we did fun things together as a family when we would take long trips together. But the day-to-day as long as we were in town was filled with 12-16 hour days where I was at the office. So for me, it’s kind of make-up call. It’s kinda like I get a second chance where my son and my daughter, quite frankly, is also here working as a paralegal and my other son is a certified court interpreters. So every one my three kids are involved in some way with the law and that’s incredibly gratifying to me because I was not always there all the time for them and the fact that they are now with me gives me this tremendous second chance to remain close with them and do something together in the law that we all love.

I suppose one day I may have to pull back a little bit and not work so hard and I fortunately have my son and a lot of great lawyers who continue to do great work but I would think the thing I would want most about what my legacy would be or what people would say about me would be this, and that is: he cared, he cared. Because he cared enough, he worked hard for his clients and really gave of himself as much as he could to make sure he did a good job for those people that entrusted him with their case.

I can’t think of any better legacy than that. He cared.


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