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If you are like many accident victims, you never saw trouble coming. You may have never thought that you would need to consult with a law firm. Yet, now you realize that you need legal advice.

Help is only a phone call away. During a free consultation with the team at Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm, together we can determine if you qualify to file a lawsuit and what your Logandale case could be worth. 

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How to File Personal Injury Claims in Nevada

Knowing you have rights is one thing, but taking advantage of them is another. Profit-hungry insurance companies could stand in the way of getting what you rightly deserve, so you need the assistance of a legal professional. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer on our team can help you:

  • Prepare paperwork with accuracy: Missing information or errors can cause big problems with your insurance claim. Even a valid claim could be denied. Personal injury attorneys, though, can prove to be invaluable by ensuring that your documents are correct before you turn them over to an insurance company. 
  • Submit paperwork to insurers on time: Collecting information, such as police reports and physician statements, can be frustrating and time-consuming. Injured people need time and relaxation, not unnecessary stress and extra errands, to heal properly. Allowing our legal team to manage your documentation can save you time and help restore your peace of mind. 
  • Meet Nevada state deadlines: Besides the pressure from insurance companies, each state has a statute of limitations for every legal action. If you wait too long to start a personal injury case, you could miss out on compensation. A personal injury attorney can let you know how much time you have left to file. 

If you decide to pursue justice for your personal injury, what can you expect? In the following section, let’s discuss what losses you might experience and how a personal injury claim can help you recover financially. 

Obtain Maximum Benefit From Your Personal Injury Claim

Many personal injury victims agree that their lives changed the day that their accidents occurred. When personal injury cases are successfully resolved by means of a settlement or court decision, the losses suffered in connection with the injury may be covered by the at-fault party or their insurance provider.

Medical bills

When you are severely injured, your medical expenses may continue to accumulate long after you leave the hospital. Prescriptions, rehabilitation, specialist visits, and other aftercare services may add to your initial medical debt. So where can you turn?

Consult a personal injury attorney with Richard Harris Law Firm to find out what results you could expect for your claim. For instance, in negotiating your settlement, your lawyer might be able to procure reimbursement for past medical bills and funds to cover future medical treatment associated with your injury.

Lost income

If you were employed when you got injured, you might need to take some time off work to recuperate and visit doctors for treatment. If someone else’s negligent behavior is what hurt you, a personal injury lawyer can pursue compensation for your lost wages.

Some accidents cause permanent disabilities. If your ability to earn money decreased after your injury, you could also be compensated for your lost earning potential. Our personal injury law professionals can also handle workers’ compensation claims for those disabled on the job.

Pain and suffering

Not all injuries can be seen from the outside. If constant pain and loss of mobility have affected the way you live, you could be eligible to receive pain and suffering damages. Your personal injury lawyer can explain how psychological injuries and pain could affect the amount your claim is worth and how to prove these damages.

Wrongful death damages

An unexpected loss is never easy to cope with, but some families must also face the unfortunate reality of preventable deaths. If this is your situation, a compassionate personal injury lawyer could pursue compensation for wrongful death.

Wrongful death compensation can help cover:

  • Medical expenses that your loved one incurred
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost economic support (i.e. wages and anticipated future income)
  • Pain and suffering of the victim before death
  • Loss of companionship and consortium (for couples)
  • Punitive damages for wrongdoing to deter similar acts by others

All personal injury cases are unique to themselves. You should consult with a professional who understands how Nevada law applies to your specific circumstances to understand your legal options. You can request a free consultation with the Richard Harris team by clicking on “Get Help Now” at the top of your screen. 

What to Expect During a Free Case Review 

At Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm, the initial consultation is always free and confidential. You will be able to share the details of your case, and your lawyer can let you know your legal options. 

Our full-service law firm represents injured people, pursuing justice for the following practice areas:

  • Car and truck accidents: Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in Nevada. If you have been in an accident in Clark County, you should get legal advice from an experienced lawyer. He or she can pursue maximum compensation for property damage and injuries while you concentrate on getting better.
  • Dangerous drugs and products: When purchasing a drug or product, you might expect that it will benefit your life in some way. So when a product injures you, you may feel as if your trust has been broken. Not only might reporting hazardous drugs and products give you a sense of justice, but this also could mean that the same dangerous items are completely taken off the market. 
  • Dog bites: In Nevada, each county has its own statutes. Clark County allows dog bite victims to bring civil actions against the owners of hostile dogs.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycle accident victims make up 19.2 percent of all Nevada motor vehicle fatalities. Figuring out who is to blame for a motor vehicle crash is not always clear without a professional evaluation. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact our law team anytime you have a major accident. 
  • Medical malpractice: Did your injuries happen while you were under the care of a healthcare worker? If you received treatment that seemed substandard, you could be entitled to medical malpractice compensation. 
  • Slip and fall injuries: If you got hurt away from home, the property owner could be liable for damages.
  • Social Security Disability: The Social Security Administration sometimes denies claims outright or else offers applicants less than they anticipated receiving. If you need to collect disability pay, our law firm can help you avoid obstacles and overcome challenges that you face.
  • Workers’ compensation claims: Nevada workers’ compensation insurance could provide funds for your medical treatment and lost wages if you were injured on the job. Family members might also qualify for death benefits if an employee loses his life in a work-related accident or from an occupational illness.

We Are Ready and Willing To Assist Logandale Residents

At Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm, our entire team values justice and community. For more than 40 years, we have been assisting Logandale residents facing legal issues. If you were in an accident or experienced an injury in some other way, you don’t have to handle it alone.

Would you like to work with a legal team that prioritizes your best interests? This is the policy at Richard Harris Law Firm, a full-service law firm that has even gone so far as to assemble a fleet of airplanes that is at our disposal; distance is no obstacle that we will let stand in the way of your compensation.

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