In 2009 nearly 11 million car accidents occurred across the United States. That figure is the highest recorded number, and it’s not likely to slow down given the country’s growing population. Car accidents happen for many reasons, however, driver error is the single largest cause of car accidents in the United States.

What Causes Driver Error?

There are many kinds of driver behavior that lead to driver error. Most of these behaviors center around the misconception that the human brain is adept at multitasking. This is not the case. In fact, scientific medical studies have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is physiologically impossible for the brain to perform two important tasks simultaneously. Instead, the brain switches back and forth between these two tasks very quickly. In doing so, it can’t possibly process all of the incoming information, so it has to pick and choose what to focus on. The result of this is that much of the crucial information your brain needs to obtain in order to adequately complete each task isn’t getting through.

If you’re trying to tap your head while tying your shoe, the fact that you’ll likely not be successful isn’t a big deal. But when you’re trying to text and drive, eat and drive, or do anything else while driving, the issue becomes a life and death matter.

In short, trying to do too many things at once while driving causes driver error, which leads to accidents, injuries, and even deaths.

Preventing Accidents on the Road

You can help prevent accidents on the road by making sure you don’t text and drive. While texting and driving is perhaps one of the more modern distractions, other things can also cause you to drive while distracted. Eating, looking at a map, scanning through the radio stations, plugging in or unplugging your phone, and other activities can, if engaged in while driving, cause you to have an accident. Even talking to other people in the car or driving when the car is extremely loud due to its occupants or music can be distracting. When you’re driving, your only focus should be on driving your vehicle to your destination in the safest manner possible without needless distractions. Your life and the lives of those on the road are more important than a message, a call, or a sip of coffee. If you do need to text, call, or check a map, pull over to do so, and then get back on the road and keep driving.


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