One of the more dreadful results of the COVID-19 pandemic is the number of people in Nursing Homes who have died due to the illness.  AARP reports that nationwide, 43,000 long term care residents and staff, have died due to COVID-19.  This is roughly one third of the total deaths due to COVID-19 in the U.S.  While this figure is alarming enough it is an understatement of the total Corona Virus deaths in Nursing Homes, since many states are not reporting that data publicly yet.

Nevada is a state that is reporting on a per Nursing Home basis and those reports can be found on the state’s Corona Virus Dashboard.  Even so some in Nevada believe that the reports within Nevada are also underreported.  The most recent results for state regulated facilities is show below:

State Regulated Facilities Sorted by Resident Deaths (results as of June 25, 2020)

CasesRecoveriesResident Deaths
The Heights of Summerlin (Clark County)1477528
Lakeside Health and Wellness (Washoe County)935727
College Park Rehabilitation Center (Clark County)61518
Horizon Health and Rehab (Clark County)75207
Silver Hills (Clark County)90886
Premier Health and Rehab (Clark County)66533
Life Care Center of South Las Vegas (Clark County)55452
Life Care Center of Las Vegas (Clark County)54231
Willow Springs (Washoe County)7030


Why has this debacle occurred?

Bad decisions on the part of policy makers, lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), slow ramp up for testing, lax enforcement of existing regulations, and untrained and unprepared Nursing Home Management have all contributed to this ghastly outcome.  In New York, for example, Governor Cuomo began to release hospitalized COVID-19 patients back into Nursing Homes which caused a new round of outbreaks among this most vulnerable population.

Nursing Homes house residents in a relatively confined space, with common areas where many residents gather, and many residents have pre-existing conditions which make them more vulnerable to the virus.  Many public policy administrators overestimated the degree of preparation of Nursing Home Mangers and Staff had undertaken before moving COVID exposed patients into nursing facilities and vastly underestimated the rampant spread of the disease in such facilities.

Who is liable?

The lawyers of The Richard Harris Law Firm are accepting cases for COVID-19 related Nursing Home Deaths now.  Our lawyers will investigate your claim and determine who are the liable parties on a case by cases basis.  We believe no one should lose a loved one due to neglect or negligence while receiving full time nursing care in a facility designated for that purpose.

The Richard Harris Law Firm sues Nursing Homes for Neglect and Negligence

Whether your loved one was abused or neglected; or if you have lost a family member to COVID-19 while a patient in a Nursing Home, you deserve answers.  Our lawyers are prepared to assist you as you seek to find out the causes of this terrible outcome.  We are evaluating cases of COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths now.  Whether your loved one was a resident of one of the nursing homes listed above or another facility in Nevada, if they died due to COVID-19 while a resident of a Nursing Home, call our office today to discuss your potential case at (702) 444-4444.

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