When you’ve been injured in an accident you should only be preoccupied with one thing: recovering from your injuries. Dealing with insurance companies and other liable parties should be the last thing on your mind at this time. Knowing that insurance companies’ goals are to pay the bare minimum, you need an advocate who will look after your needs, who knows the legal terrain, and who will claim and negotiate the highest possible compensation on your behalf. The following are the top reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer if you are injured in an accident:

  1. If there’s no settlement, you will not be charged a fee: We discussed fee arrangements previously. The Richard Harris Law Firm most often employs the contingency method, which places a higher responsibility on the lawyer to settle and demand the highest legal settlements, because their fee is directly linked to your settlement. If there’s no settlement, you won’t be charged a fee.
  2. Knowledge and Experience with the legal territory: The lawyers at the Richard Harris Law Firm deal with insurance companies and make thousands of claims a year. They know this area of the law and know what is and is not a legitimate claim. They know how the paperwork must be filed with each insurance company and the courts, and the best way to present your case in order to obtain the best settlement. They also know how to counter insurance company tactics which will often delay and minimize your claim.
  3. Your lawyer will properly investigate your claim: From obtaining police or accident reports to obtaining video evidence (if available) to investigating all areas of insurance coverage, to finding assets of adverse parties, the lawyers at the Richard Harris Law Firm will leave no stone unturned in building your case.
  4. We will collect, organize, present and negotiate your claim: A serious accident may result in significant medical treatment over a period of time, which may be confusing to you during your time of recovery. Our lawyers and case managers will obtain all documentation of medical treatment and billings, and will also consider pain and suffering, lost income, loss of consortium, and other important losses you suffered due to the accident and will organize the information to present a demand to all insurance and other entities which are liable in your accident. Once presented, our lawyers will negotiate with all parties to obtain a fair and equitable settlement for you.
  5. The Richard Harris Law Firm will pursue alternate dispute resolution methods: If negotiations with liable parties fails to yield a fair settlement for you, we are prepared to pursue alternate dispute resolution methods, short of a trial, to bring maximum pressure on negligent parties to settle fairly. Whether its mediation or arbitration, our lawyers know when these methods need to be employed to obtain the best settlement.
  6. We will take your case to trial: If all other negotiation methods fail, our lawyers will take your case to court. We are proud at the Richard Harris Law Firm to have some of the best litigators, with records of presenting cases before juries, and obtaining large settlements for our clients, and will not hesitate to present your case in a court of law. Our firm has assembled at talented team of paralegals and litigators who know how to organize and present evidence before a jury which is most likely to result in a positive outcome for you.
  7. Higher settlements are obtained when you are represented by an attorney: Research shows that accident victims who are represented by a lawyer receive higher settlements than individuals who represent themselves with insurance companies and other liable parties, even considering the attorney fee. Whether your case settles at the demand stage or requires the additional efforts of alternate dispute resolution methods, or even a trial, you are more likely to obtain a fair settlement when represented by the lawyers of the Richard Harris Law Firm than what you could obtain by yourself.

The Richard Harris Law Firm will aggressively represent you after an injury accident

Our firm has the knowledge, the talented lawyers, and the skills to properly represent you after you are injured due to the negligence of others. If you have been injured in an accident for which you were not at fault, the lawyers of the Richard Harris Law Firm are available to skillfully pursue your claim to obtain a fair settlement for you to compensate you for losses due to the accident. If you’ve been in an accident due to no fault of your own, and are considering hiring a lawyer to represent you, call our firm today to discuss your case at (702) 444-4444.


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