How can we help you?

Motor Vehicle
Accident Attorneys

The most common personal injury case. Our roads our busy and dangerous. Your accident was caused by a unique set of circumstances.

Social Security Disability

You’ve spent years of your life paying into the Social Security system. Now you’re disabled, and you’ve been denied benefits. That’s not fair.

Dangerous Drugs
& Products

Suffering an injury as a result of faulty or malfunctioning products should never happen–but it does.

We want to make sure our clients are treated fairly when they’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Workers’ Compensation

Suffering an injury is stressful enough. When you suffer an on-the-job injury or illness you have the added anxiety of how your injury could affect your job and how your employer is going to treat you.

Personal Injury

Dog Bites

If a dog owner’s negligence led to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical treatment, and pain and suffering.

Slip and Falls

Whether you’re a resident of Las Vegas or you’re here visiting, you deserve to have a safe experience wherever you go.

Wrongful Death

You don’t have to face the legal battle surrounding your loved one’s death alone. Hiring a lawyer who is sensitive to your family’s needs can reduce your stress through the legal process.

Medical Malpractice

If your healthcare provider makes a mistake, and his or her negligence or misconduct caused you harm, you may be entitled to compensation.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes don’t always have the staff, equipment, or resources required to meet every resident’s needs—but that’s never an excuse for negligence or abuse.

Aviation Accidents

Whether you or a family member was injured in a major airline accident or a private plane crash, we are ready to work on your case.